Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Disconnect

New Zealand Wubber Tawna found this for me and took a pic!!

Well, you are left to your own devices this week as I really wasn't much into GH at all. I watched OLTL online every morning (short, sweet and FUN!!) and the Jodi Arias trial. I plan on binging on AMC this weekend.  I so love the shorter format. I always did like the soaps better when they were only 30 minutes.

Are you liking any story that's on GH right now?  There are a few moments here and there but I'm feeling REALLY disconnected lately. 

Your mission is to PICK The Scene of the Week. I will post which ever gets the most Sunday Night.

Any good props I should know about--OTHER than that dang relish jar?!


  1. Karen, I vote for the AJ & Carly sex-fiasco aftermath as scene of the week. AJ is at the MetroCourt talking to Carly at the front desk and Carly keeps using the hand sanitizer. Fun & Funny!!

    I liked a lot this week, I'm loving the show. I loved Patrick catching Sabrina snarking at Britt-- Sabrina needs to remember Patrick will fight for the under dog! Loved Nic making the pass at Liz and her immediately wanting to clear things up with AJ. LOVED Laura beign a real mother to Nic! I missed the bets this week: Luke and Scott, but loved Monica & Tracy!

    Belinda Clark-Ache

    1. That was probably the best stuff all week, loved it!

  2. Thanks, Belinda..I'm going through one of my transitions with GH right now!

  3. should the Hand Sanitizer get prop of the week? :)

  4. I am loving AJ and carlys crazy relationship! Sean and Laura are killing it! My vote is definitely for the sanitizer! Lol

  5. should the Hand Sanitizer get prop of the week? :)


    Pickle-Eddy jar is the prop of the week, just for the look on Nik's face when he hadda explain that Edward was not warm and fuzzy like Lila.

  6. The only standout scene for me this week was the Carly/AJ kiss. For some reason I seem to like them together...and I don't even like Carly! But I didn't like the kiss enough to rush home and watch them hit the sheets the next day. In fact, I skipped the whole rest of the week if that tells you anything. I'm waiting to FEEL something when I watch. I just don't care about most of these characters. Honesty, the vets are the only characters that have earned a place in my heart...and MAYBE Maxie/Spinelli. And if Anna doesn't get a story worthy of her kick-ass character and history soon, I quit *shaking fist*! The only thing spoilers are reporting about Anna is that she's going to teach Duke about the internet! SERIOUSLY? I refuse to watch the greatest soap opera heroine ever go down that way! Can you tell I'm annoyed with the show right now? I sound just a little bitter! LOL!

  7. I didn't see the sanitizer scene...maybe I'll go back and watch it! Sounds funny...I say give it prop of the week! :)

  8. My vote would be Aj and Carly sex..It was hilarious. I watched AJ slap that glass of booze out of her hand at least 3x. They are excellent together. The entire escapade was note worthy down to Monica catching them doing it. It was freakin awesome.

  9. I'm enjoying the show. I only wish the pace would be faster and dialogue less repetitive. It seems like we had a whole week or more of characters saying the same lines over and over.

    The AJ/Carly stuff was hilarious! I love their intensity, their disgust of each other, their passion. It's pure soapy goodness! I hope they continue on with it because just thinking of how many people would freak out if they were together...Sonny....ohhhh yes, more please!

    I didn't like Liz and Nik together before because the writers completely botched it but there is no denying they have amazing chemistry. I didn't think I could be on board for it but I'm finding myself being sucked in and I like it! I think I like it even more because Laura doesn't like it!

    The Lante storyline I'm liking but not the repetitive dialogue. I am definitely seeing that NuLu and Dom do have chemistry together so that was a nice surprise. I just wish they'd move this storyline forward a little faster. Milo's involvement is annoyingly fun.

    Britch. Ughhh. Sabrina. Ughhh. Poor Patrick.

    Maxie/Ellie - good stuff.

    I don't mind the relish stuff. I think it's funny and it's keeping Tracy involved and onscreen.

    Looking forward to getting Michael Easton, Roger Howarth and even Kristen Alderson back. Can't wait to see how this is going to play out.

    1. I am just not feeling Nik and Liz. AJ and Carly on the other hand, likey. So over Ellie. They need to move that along and the NuLu s/l. I see they have some chemistry too, but move it along, stat! The 10th is what I'm looking forward too.

  10. Definitely the Hand Sanitizer scene for prop of the week!! So freaking funny!!!

  11. Nothing really stands out, but I did love the thumbs up Monica gave AJ for bedding "Liz". LOL! Loved OLTL! The moment I saw Vicki, I teared up, and seeing Victor, it was awesome!!

  12. Karen!! So glad I'm not the only one watching the Jodi Arias trial. Back in January I had back problems and was stuck on the couch a full day and got sucked in big time! It's been really cutting into my soap viewing. LOL I have hours of Y and R recorded, but have kept up with GH.

  13. Carly and AJ were great. They are awesome together. Hand sanitizer gets my vote!

    I am tired of all the flash backs, stuff that happened yesterday we see again. Why?

    I agree they need to move the story along a little faster.

    If Brit's baby bump is this big at a little over three months along they will have to put a giant beach ball under her shirt by the end.

    We learned that Dante and Lulu fertilized three eggs and two were frozen. So when Miss stick my nose is someone else's business Ellie looks Do you think they both will be there????

    They need to move this Dante and Lulu story along. and the relish thing.

    Is sure doesn't seem like sweeps right now.

  14. I would also vote for the Carly/AJ metrocourt scene, but do want to give honorable mention to the confrontation between Ellie and Maxie. I'm not fond of that storyline, but both actresses were terrific in that scene. I'm hoping against hope that Ellie turns out to be Lauren Frank, because I think the actress would do a great job in Quartermaine scenes.

  15. Carly with the hand sanitizer was hilarious! I completely agree!

    But I think that Monica and AJ were too harsh on Carly as being a bad person; Elizabeth had 3 kids by 3 different men and she cheated on Lucky. She might not be a bad person, but she's no innocent. I think that they were way too hard on Carly.

    And AJ...please lay off the botox. If his eyebrows go any higher then he will look like Joan Rivers' long lost son.

  16. ITA--AJ, Carly AND Monica!! Hilarious!! Priceless!! And, please, the hand sanitizer wins, hands down!!

    Honorable mention: Ellie and Maxie.

    Honorable mention prop: Britch's ginormous 4-month pregnancy stomach!!

  17. I vote for the hand sanitizer too. :) I love the new AMC and OLTL but also loving GH still. Don't forget Ron and Frank were there for us when we needed them:) Also watching the Jodi Arias trial, think it' right up there with the longest trials ever

  18. Agreed with all- the hand sanitizer wins the prop. The scenes with Carly and AJ were out of this world. Love them together.

    It was nice to see Johnny this week with Olivia- sigh. This Morgan story could be interesting too.

    I'm over the relish already move it on.

    Nik is hot so keep him around somehow. Yum. Scenes with Laura were nice to see

    Agreed Ellie and Maxie scenes deserve honorable mention. Will be interesting to see there is one less embryo because Britt implanted herself...

    NuLuLu is coming along and COLEMAN!!! YAY

  19. We are all onboard with AJ/Carly, the hand sanitizer.
    But, a scene that really stood out for me was Olivia and Johnny at prison. Also, when the prison guard came in and told Johnny that visiting hours were over and his facial expression just seemed to have a little more meaning, considering the fact that this was probably Brandon B's last scene. Loved Lisa L. and Brandon B. every moment.

  20. I totally agree with the hand sanitizer! I could watch the AJ/Carly scenes over and over. A little too much nosy Ellie for me - none of her business and Maxie should get her fired. Very sad but glad that Johnny had his last scene with Olivia. Too bad they wrote him into a corner and couldn't keep him.


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