Monday, May 6, 2013


OMG, go to TV Source Magazine and SEE WHAT'S COMING...or what went. LMAO 

Here we go ... they are off to "NYC" to "the Chew" and to Find Lauren Franco!! 

DON'T care about Patrick or the baby.  WOW she faked that diagnosis.  WOW. So hard to do. 

Lulu remembered a fake flashback with I can't STAND. ugh HATE!! 

VOTE FOR Ingo tonight if you are so inclined. He was in the bottom two this last week. Can't let the soaps not represent!! 


  1. Wow, I really like Kristen's new hair, but what on earth have they done to poor Michael Easton?!?! =(

  2. I'll give RC the benefit of the doubt but there is A LOT of doubt about this.

  3. Well I for one can't believe that Michael Easton cut his hair, but to be honest, in my opinion, it's the only way he'd be half way believable as a new character. If he'd come back looking exactly the same I would have turned it off.

  4. I can get invested in KA as Serena, because Serena's the daughter of some legacy characters, and with Scotty and Lucy as parents I can only assume she'll be quirky and smart-alecky, and that's a type KA can pull off pretty well! (And yes, I like her hair darker.)

    I can also get invested in ME as someone new, especially if he's a family member of Rafe's and that allows him to interact with Livvie (er, I mean Sam). I thought ME was the only actor that Rafe was ever half decent in a scene with. Also, I grew up with ME as Caleb/Stephen Clay, then as John, so I guess I'm more open to him in other roles.

    However....RH! I don't care how you cut your hair, I just CAN NOT imagine you as any one but Todd. And you not being Todd on OLTL will leave a big hole in the show (not to mention my heart). RH is such a tremendous actor...he can do comedy, drama, campiness, supporting bits. He's just a gem, and Todd was one of the most complex and well-rounded characters in soap history. Unless this new character gets to develop some depth immediately, I'm just not sure how I'm gonna feel. I know RH was on another soap for a while... Did anyone see him there? How does he do in other roles? Also, can we try pairing him with Elizabeth because I think they would be super hot together. and then I'd get invested a little quicker. I wasn't such a fan of Todd with Carly.

  5. I'm excited to see that RH and ME are going to be back soon. Hair grows back have no worries, I'm sure they will be looking normal soon.

    Never trust a test result at GH.

    Can we please get over the relish wars?

    Lulu - Is a flashback really fake when they just redid the scene with her in it instead of JMB? I don't know if the ones today were real, but the one with Lulu and Dante meeting at the bar was spot on down to the wardrobe, hair style and the songs playing on the jukebox.

    Scott - Laura will always pick Luke please stop being pathetic.

  6. carryn,
    I wasn't an OLTL viewer but RH was on Dawson's Creek for a while and I didn't care for him at all. He was supposed to be this incredibly attractive professor and he did nothing for me.
    I really did like him as Todd on GH. It's a shame he couldn't continue

  7. The hospital: Ohhh so Britch has what Kate Mittleton has!! I'm still suspicious. Either Britch did something to the results or her mother did. AH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BRITCH MESSED WITH THE RESULTS I KNEW IT! :) Quiz (AJ and LIz) are going to NYC YAY! :)

    Tracy and Luke: Luke quit calling Tracy spanky! You two are not a couple anymore! Stop it!!!

    Milo's home: *Pushes Lulu off of Milo's back while he is exercising and sits on his back* :) Nik and Lulu scene LOVE IT! Oh a flashback of when Lulu and Dante first saw the ultrasound of their baby. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Scotty and Laura: Oh boy! Scotty I don't think Laura wants to marry you! :)

    Liz's home: Oh when Nik talked to Liz and touched her cheek, that was sexy! :) Liz is cute with that yellow dress! :)


  8. the character names of the 3 OLTL transplants have been revealed.

    here is the link below (obvious spoiler)

    1. Hmmmm...thanks Delcodave. Maybe RC and FV can right the wrong that was James Franco. His stint was a sick joke for those of us that love GH!!!

  9. Is it just me or is this AJ/Liz thing forced? I really don't see the chemistry. Especially after the AJ/Carly scenes. I think Liz should be paired with RH or ME.
    I also could care less about all the baby drama. I love Patrick but this story is dumb. Britt is an OB/Gyn afterall and is acting like she is clueless. Give Maxie and Spinelli their baby,since its hard to have Nululu invested in this story. Put her back with Milo and be done.
    The show is really starting to bore me.
    Give Lucy more airtime and I will be a happy girl!

  10. Oh and I forgot About this relish story, I so don't care!!!!!!!!
    Even though I love Tracy>

  11. Karen, they were not fake flashbacks, just restaged scenes already seen. It would be silly to have Nulu recall herself w a diff face.

    All the flashbacks were 'real' scenes from prior years, just redone w the new Rylan actress.

  12. Holy crap. Is today's show just a dream? Ellie spilling all to Spinelli, who picks Maxie?! Molly telling TJ that Rafe kissed her?! Luke and Laura making out?!!!!

    I thought for sure that Ellie was having a nightmare! But everything else!

  13. OK. Ellie was dreaming. Predictable. I would have liked it better if she wasn't (except for her getting shot part). I was hoping they were going the less predictable route here.

  14. Ok so I know this is totally off base... but I kind of like an AJ/Carly pairing...they really have a good chemistry...

  15. i saw somewhere that RH would be coming back possibly as Jason or something to do with jason.. which could be why his name has been popping up a lot lately..

    they did dye RHs hair blond...


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