Friday, May 24, 2013

Haunted Star: 8PM

For...the double false face switcheroonie or will it be the Faux false face fiasco of a backswitch? 


  1. Michael's home: So let me get this straight Kiki, you can go through Michael's stuff, but he can't go through your purse? And then you whine to Morgan about it? Come on don't whine to Morgan! Tell Michael off! :) Kiki wins the line of the day today!!!

    Kiki: You never know what you are gonna find in there. You can find a pack of gum, or maybe a tampon.

    ROFL! KIki you are awesome, but don't start whining to Morgan! I love your fiestiness! :) Oh and they have sex on the couch yuck! The bed isn't good enough anymore? ROFL!

    Q home: Oh Tracy isn't gonna tell AJ who she told about the sex romp he had with Carly! ROFL!

    Kelly's: Nik is soooooooooooo inlove with Liz! I guess he isn't inlove with Emily anymore! YAY! :)

    Gym: Oh Carly! Sonny didn't want to know about Morgan having sex with his girlfriend on Michael's bed! ROFL!

    The hospital: Hmmmm sooooooooooooo Lulu married Stavros! :) Did they have a honeymoon also?

    Sam's home: WHAT THE!?!?! Lookalike Todd texted everyone a picture of Jason?!!?!?!! WHAT IS GOING ON?!!?!! How did he get everyone's phone number?!?!! What did he see on the disk?!!?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *head explodes*

  2. Did anybody see the preview for the next GH?! Lookalike Todd was touching Jason's name plate!!!! :0

  3. I'm trying to decide if I care about any of this stuff enough to watch anymore.

    I was SO happy with the show all year and now suddenly nothing seems right, nothing makes me feel good about the show. If Luke and Laura are really over then I am done also. I wanted thru all those nasty dark Guza days for Genie to come back so I could see L&L together again. Now it looks like I wasted a great deal of time, years in fact. I really dislike him with Tracy and have from the beginning. It always seemed wrong. Still does. I suppose Laura and Scott will now leave town. E.N.D.

    And I really liked the 3 OLTLers on GH, but now that's been torn up, a year thrown away. And the bring-backs are awful so far. Really nasty that this young girl who we've watched since she was a child is now an obnoxious girl having sex all over the place.

    And then AJ bedding Carly--that really blew the redeemed AJ for me. Yeah, the two fight well, but did they have to write sex for them? Why???

    And do I care who Todd turns out to be--nope. If he can't be Todd, who was a delight, or someone much like Todd, then I don't care. I can't get into Lulu's problems so far with this Lulu. (Nobody's fault, just bad.) And I feel Spinelli's stuff isn't much of a story, nor is Britt's. I'd like an Anna story with some meat on it, but we haven't seen her for weeks.

    So I have to ask myself: is this worth watching anymore?

  4. I feel the complete opposite of Soaplover. All these shake ups have done just that- shaken the place up. It was soooo stale and boring before RC and FV. It was unfortunate that the OLTL three couldn't be used anymore but that brings a whole new level of excitement and story telling to the canvas. I cant wait to see how it all unfolds.
    The nuLulu stuff is boring to me though. I'm sure I'm in the minority here but I found it boring before nuLulu too.
    I am so glad that Jane Elliot is getting so much screen time even if it involves a fiasco of a relish story (which I was fine with until they went on the Chew).
    Again, anytime Lucy is on, I will watch, LH is fabulous!!!!!!!

  5. huh? huh? :) I guess part of it was Faison/Duke?

  6. he was CARESSING that name plate.

  7. kdmask said...he was CARESSING that name plate.
    ROFL! Yes he was!!! Lookalike Todd is in love with Jason!!!! :)

  8. Lets never revisit the ugly niz affair. Ewww.



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