Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Caress That Marker..

Oh..Faux Todd..caresssss that Jason Morgan name!! caresssssss. Then he lays in the coffin-- alllll cozy.  
It's gotta Be Franco. A pure recast..no new face because they recognize him. I hope it's someone different. Like Heather switched babies somehow LOL.

Sonny and Dante are looking more and more alike to me!! Maybe it's just the power of suggestion.

Kirsten Storms is looking so good and healthy.  Wow. Maybe she took nutrition to heart playing a pregnant lady!! Or Brandon is having a wonderful effect on her!

Luke apologizing to Tracy!! Ack! so nice. "We'll always be family".

I SO DON'T CARE what happened to NuLu.  I wish she would have died when Julie left and Dante would have fallen for Maxie.


  1. Karen,
    Brandon who ? is good for Kristen?

  2. Karen, give Lulu a chance. She's a great actress!

  3. Karen, give Lulu a chance. She's a great actress!

  4. Dar,

    Kirsten Storms (Maxie) is dating Brandon Barash (Johnny Z).

    And I agree with Karen, Kirsten looks MUCH healthier. She was much too thin before, but now she positively glows! Good for her! And him.

  5. Brandon Barash is good for KIRSTEN did I get it wrong?

    I like the NuLu ACTRESS.she's good, I just hate this story.

  6. KS dating BB????? Now that is goody gossip!

  7. I wish for once someone that means something would die on a soap. Recasts are ok sometimes but, not always. They should have found Jason's body for example. Or, yes kill Lulu so we could really mourn her. I feel the same about Robin. The audience needs closure so we can all move on too!!! Now, if Roger is Franco I'm not 100% against it, reason being its a story that needs major fixing and I believe Ron C can fix this mess. Providing there's a damn good twist involved of course!

  8. I got Kirsten's name wrong. Sorry. I didn't know she was with Brandon Barash. I also agree she looks much healthier.

  9. There has to be a twist. I have been watching soaps since I was in the womb and Franco is beyond redemption. One of the worst villians in soap history.

    NuLu has zero chemistry with Dante and a bad storyline doesn't help. Here's hoping some Stavros flashbacks with an Helena cameo juice up that storyline.

    Where is Anna? For the love of God, give her a storyline.

  10. "Now, if Roger is Franco I'm not 100% against it, reason being its a story that needs major fixing and I believe Ron C can fix this mess."

    There's no way they can fix Franco in my mind. Apart from the fact that he was a serial killer, he either raped Sam, or let Sam ad Jason think she'd been raped, while her husband watched. And the sick freak arranged for Michael, a teenager, to be raped in prison too. And now he invites him to a party to relive the event no doubt!

    That is unfixable in my mind.

    There's stories that need fixing, and then there's just plain sick sh..! IMHO

    1. You forgot the rest....providing there's a DAMN GOOD TWIST. A rapest clearly can be redeemed on GH. Luke Spencer and Todd Manning. A serial killer, not so much. There has to be much, much more to this, that's what I'm trying to say. I hated the Franco character. But, willing to see how this plays out. I'm a new Roger Howarth fan. James Franco's over the top over acting stint was horrible!

  11. Noooo Franco! He is NOT redeemable!

  12. I hated Franco and do not like that Ron and Frank resurrected him. The whole Franco storyline was awful and I do not think they can do anything to redeem it. I like Roger fun not psychotic. They should have has Roger be Jason who woke up thinking it was right after the car crash and didn't remember anything of Sonny and Carly.

    I like NuLulu and the new storyline. I just wish they would get ON with it.

    I agree Kirsten looks fabulous.

    Luke and Tracy has a few nice scenes...But off Luke goes for months. I hope Tracy has a great new love interest by the time he gets back.

  13. Q crypt: Lookalike Todd is in that box!!! And the way he is laying in the box and smiling, reminds me of Franco!!!! And he got out of the box so easily!! He is strong!!!! :) Like the hulk. :) Well he wins the line of the day!

    Lookalike Todd: No wonder you were so quiet, everyone is your family talks to much.


    Q home: Well well well! Luke apologizes. Good job Luke! :) Oh and he has the piece of paper of what was in the dictionary of what apology means! ROFL! I love how Tracy talks to him about his drinking! And I love that they are good friends and family. :) OH OH LUKE IS DOWN! :'(

    Michael's home: No Morgan!!! Don't start gambling again!!! Learn your lesson the first time!!! MIKE COME HOME! WHERE ARE YOU?!!?! Are you still in rehab? Come home and talk to Morgan!

    Lante home: Zzzzzzzzzzz. She remembers getting married to Stavros. Love the flashback! We get to see him again! :)

    Haunted Star: Carly!!! Leave Lulu alone!!! Oh oh it's 8:00!!!!

    Carly: It's you!!

    Me: WHO!?!!?! WHO IS IT WHO!?!? I sound like a damn owl!

    Come on!!!! Someone say his name for crying out loud!!! Who is he?!! Is he Franco?!!?!! It's Franco isn't he?!!?! I can't take this anymore!!!!!!!!!! *starts twitching*

    The previews: They show lookalike Todd with his arms spread out! Just like Franco!!!! *twitches*

  14. I was hoping that AJ would notice that the slab of the coffin was askew and that he'd push it on properly so that nuTodd couldn't get out. muyhaha ( My evil side is picturing that smug look erased as he gasped for air in the now airtight tomb.) hahahahahaha


    *hugs twitchy Sonya* Is that better?

  15. Di said...*hugs twitchy Sonya* Is that better?
    ROFL! Yes thank you! :)

  16. I wish she would have died when Julie left and Dante would have fallen for Maxie.


    Wow, you really hate Sonny's boy to wish Maxi on him.

  17. Carly should have been saying "it's you" because he looked like Todd, and not Franco. Just as I was starting to tolerate KA as Star, now she is worse than ever as Kiki. I want to see more Anna, too, and I hope with all these new additions, like MW, she doesn't get pushed onto the back burner indefinitely. Kirsten looks great! Loved the Tracey/Luke scenes.

  18. I'm sticking by my first instinct. He's Jason. I think he is going to "remember" being a Quartermaine instead of mob hit man and changed his look so mobsters won't know who he is. I'm telling you, they are bringing him in to go up against AJ, face it Tracy is getting old...someone has to come in and make the Q name a big deal again. Why is he weird toward Sam? Because he still feels terrible about bringing Mob into her life and Franco. I think the whole old Jason picture thing is just him looking at his old face. As many have already said: FRANCO is unredeemable. But I've been wrong before and trying to predict soaps is like herding cats.

  19. If he was Jason why would the spoilers say a madman seeks forgiveness from the town he terrorized — but a vengeful mob boss takes matters into his own hands? They'd all be happy to see Jason.

    Unless that spoiler has nothing to do with Jason and everything to do with Jerry and the return of Robin.

  20. Just can't warm up to nuLulu. Perhaps she's a good actress, but GH is usually so dead on with their casting. I just think they've missed the mark with this one.
    However, LOVE how they're setting up for Todd/Starr to be Franco/Kiki. Clever keeping that duo as father/daughter. Love it!


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