Monday, May 20, 2013

Leslie is Wiccan

Sooooo... she's A Wiccan priestess.

LAUREN Catherine Jerome.
There you have it.
Kiki be Lauren!

I don't think Leslie really married them. 

Lucy slapped Luke...hard. Like she'd be second best. 
"I want...I've dreamed what every woman wants, true love."

I don't like LULU. I wish she'd just leave.

20130518 0958(16)
OMG..but ROGER H was totally playing FRANCO. I so saw his smile, mouth grin, the works. Maybe I'm crazy but he's got that FACE down pat. Roger playing Franco--playing...Franco. 
Question is: Is he really Franco Nuface or is it a red herring?


  1. Why am I the only one who thinks Todd is Todd? Franco is long gone.

  2. ok..but watch his smiles/actions with Heather.

  3. I agree that Leslie probably did not marry them. Wiccan? and became licensed over the internet? That wreaks of tricking Scotty.

    Spenser is adorable but I like the old Cam.

    Luke tried to get back with Tracy now that Laura is married to Scott. Shot down COLD and told him OFF! She wants true love - Luke is incredulous. Good for you Tracy! Stopped being used by Luke.

    I do not like this new RH character. I like him reckless and funny. Not a sociopath. And if he is Franco - why is he on haunted Star talking to Lulu?
    I think that they do not know what they want to do with him and are just trying to confuse us.

    If this "Kiki" is Lauren Frank, wouldn't Michael and her be first cousins? Their fathers being half brothers and all. (It would be like Molly and Morgan dating).
    I am betting that this is the red herring and someone else turns out to be "Lauren Frank" (Maybe Ellie?!?!).

  4. Andrea, I'm totally with you. I think the writer's will take us on a long journey before revealing Lauren Frank and who "The Man" is. (RH's character is called "The Man" during the closing credits so I think we should all just call him that.) CarTini is notorious for surprises. I also think Michael Easton as Silas Clay is "acting" a little too much like Stephen Clay/Caleb to make people wonder who he really is. Remember that Stephen's ring glowed in the morgue while that long-haired mortician was there.... I like storied that unfold slowly and make me care and twist and turn, I DON'T like things being pushed on dumb Britt!

    As for the California anyone can officiate a wedding, they just need a certificate from the state. It's usually good for 72 hours and only good for the couple stated on the certificate. Not sure about NY, but being a Wiccan priestess wouldn't give you a legal right. Nor would being an internet-ordained minister. But this is a soap so who knows!

  5. Well welcome back Karen!!!! :)

    Heather and ??????????: Well, so this confirms it doesn't it? That this look alike Todd is really Franco! UGH! I hate this UGH! I mean he acts like Franco!!! UGH UGH UGH! Crap!!!

    Luke and Tracy: What a fantastic brilliant scene with Jane Elliot!!!! BRAVO!!! *Standing O* She better win an emmy!!!!! Aww Tracy. :( You did have a soul mate! It was Joe JR!! Damn why did you have to be killed off!!!! :'( LUKE IT'S NEVER TOO LATE FOR A SOUL MATE!!! I love you Luke, but shut the hell up and stop being a jerk to Tracy!!! You are not upset because of Scotty calling you an old coot! You are upset because you love Laura and are upset that she and Scotty are getting married!!

    Wyndemere: Lesley married Scotty and Laura! ROFL! Or maybe she didn't marry them Karen? ROFL! The AJ, NIk, and Liz scene with the cake was funny! ROFL! The kids were adorable!!!

    Sam and Spinny: Spinny is still upset that Luke bested him hahahahaha!

    Kiki and her mother: OH! Kiki IS Lauren Frank ROFL!

    Morgan and Carly: What the?!!?! Morgan tells him mother to stop!?!?! SHUT THE HELL UP AND SIT DOWN BOY! Someone please kick his ass!!!

  6. Karen: Tracy- not Lucy- slapped Luke.

    I was hoping RH wd be the real Jason Q, as spoiled on other sites, but he's got Franco's shoes, skin tight pants, and Franco's mannerisms down pat, plus he has something Todd did not w Heather, plus Todd is in Llanview online, and PP won't allow .
    him on GH.

    Nulu has made the character watchable again. JMB was a zombie by comparison.

    Lesley lied, I bet. They're not married, the Luke and Laura apologists would hemorrhage.

    RH and KA as father and daughter again?

  7. BOOOOOO on all the recasts of the OLTL characters. Franco and Franco's daughter? What kind of long term potential does that have? THAT IS WEAK SAUCE! BOOOOOOOO And Dr. Morley is weak too. Pretty bummed about all of that although it is cool to have RH back in any fashion


  8. The stories are just getting started with the return of KA, RH, and ME so I'll withhold judgement for now as I feel the writers had a very hard task of putting them back on canvas in new roles.

    I love NuLu and the storyline just wish they'd pick up the pace and get rid of Milo's constant interference. Milo helping NuLu is one thing, trying to take advantage of her is another and very out of character for sweet Milo.

    Luke and Tracy scenes were amazing. Jane Elliot better use that scene for her Emmy reel. Top notch!

    Leslie is Wiccan! Hilarious! She's definitely not legit. Can't wait for this to play out down the road. Priceless! Go Leslie!!

  9. I like the new characters, just wish Kiki and Michael weren't related, kindof gross. Don't care who RH plays, I think he is great and as long as he is on a show that hasn't been cut to twice a week, I'm happy. (Yes, I know he is still on OLTL, I'm just mad at this new schedule)I just want to see him more rather than less.
    I also think Jane Elliot was brilliant in her scenes!

  10. Jane was fantastic! I cried. I only pick the most heartbreaking couples to ship. I hope Luke comes to his senses and woos her like she deserves. Luke can do romance when he's inclined. Otherwise, I'm glad Tracy took a stand.


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