Thursday, May 23, 2013

Well. Well Well.


Who saw FauxTodd looking at the family photo!? 




  1. Ugh. Just ugh. I tend to hold out hope as I watched through the Guza years but, Franco may seal the deal and I finally walk away from GH.

  2. Franco was my least favorite character ever on GH.

    So I am not happy.

    NuTodd in Sam's apartment looking through the pictures. Creepy.

    Some stuff with Patrick and his girls that I do not care about.

    Maxie/Ellie/Spin Yawn

    really a ZZZZZ day.

  3. I can only HOPE it's a ruse..because if HE IS can they "out" him without his ass going to jail?

  4. What if he's Jason? I mean, that body was never found either...
    Whoever he turns out to be, I don't like him for Sam!
    Spin/Ellie/Maxie bORING. Get on with it already, yes spine lil it's your kid. Dum dum da dum...((throwing rice))
    BRING BACK ROBIN! So she can kick Brit ass! Which means Santiago will need a shoulder, how about Donte? Since lulu can't seem to Renner her HOT husband!

  5. Um, remember, lulu can't remember...

  6. From left field maybe he's the real Jason. Who knows what went on when those babies were born. Maybe the Jason we knew, wasn't. Heather knows, that's for sure.

    The old Jason, the real Jason, Jerry Jacks, just not Franco please. I'm full of wacky theories today.

  7. OMG...not Jason because he wouldn't have gone in and held hands with Heather.

    But...Lord. No accent LOL

  8. I think hes Franco. And I think its stupid!

  9. Hopefully, if he is Franco, Ron C. Can fix the mess that JFP, James Franco and Guza created. I won't write this off yet. I love Roger Howarth, he's fun to watch. James Franco on GH was a disappointing joke!!!

  10. If he was Jason, they wouldn't show the pictures of Steve Burton!

  11. Sam's home: Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Lookalike Todd is in love with Jason!!!! And what is with that disk?!!?!! I love Steve Burton's blue eyes. :)

    Kelly's: Gee Sam, first you want Doc Silas to go see Rafe, and now you don't? What the hell?!!? And why does Doc Silas want Rafe so badly!?!?! Doc Silas what are you up to!?!?!

    Q home: Uh no Nik and Tracy! AJ did NOT cheat on Liz!!! They weren't even a couple at the time!

    The hospital: Britch is in a wheelchair! ROFL ROFL! Ha ha Britch you get to stay with Sabrina! :) Oh Maxie's hair! Did she get a haircut? I love her hair! :) Poor El's for not being the new lab manager! :( Spinny popping the balloons! ROFL!

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  13. Sara@iSass said...What if he's Jason? I mean, that body was never found either...
    Hmmm what if lookalike Todd is Jason? But if he IS Jason, why did he take a picture of himself, and not of Sam? :) Franco is obsessed with Jason, so yeah I could see him take a picture of Jason!!

  14. what if old Todd is Jason after having plastic surgery and he's pissed that everyone stopped looking for him.

  15. WHY would they take a good and popular actor such as Roger, and turn him into a psycho serial killer? That would be writing him into a corner right out of the starting gate and a terrible waste of a hard-won actor.

    I Loathed Franco and that whole storyline and I'm sure I was not alone in that opinion or emotion.

    So surely Ron would not DO this. Surely there is another answer as to who our Roger is playing...


  16. Why not Franco?If anyone can take a character who was never meant to be liked, and make him a hit? It's RH. He started out as a rapist who wasn't supposed to be a large role, or one that people loved. I say, give RH the chance, and let him run. If he sucks after more than a couple of weeks...then I'll be sad. LOL. I'm still waiting for the "Sweeps" part of the month though.

  17. But what if he's the "real" Jason as in the babies were switched and the "Jason" we"ve known all this time, the one that died, was not even a Quartermaine but some other baby. And the real Jason was handed off to someone else. He doesn't have to be that Jason. Maybe there were There's been 3 McBains running around, why not?

    I keep looking at Todd's new color/haircut and thinking to myself, what character would wear that haircut? lmao..


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