Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Morning Meeting

The TV Show is canned (MMM) but here I am using it to help me help YOU tell me about GH last week.

Um... what? 
 20130514 1439(8)
 20130514 1438(3)

I found this: I know his name is Silas...but is he "Nurse Betty"  #2 ?  What kind of Doctor is he? 

I had to attend a funeral in I was out of the country and really have no idea what happened last week. When I went on twitter, I saw all the PP sheeze and that OLTL and AMC were going 2 days a week each. Sooooooooo,  hmmmm. Will that make you watch them more or less? I'm not sure yet. I was watching OLTL daily and trying to binge on AMC on the weekend. 

Any way, this week will be catch up on TV and work so, bear with me, ok? I'll try to get some scoops up when I go thru my GIANT stack o' email!!

Oh, yeah..what was this all about? Captin' Luke?
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  1. Karen, welcome back, sorry for your loss.

    The return of the OLTL actors is so weird and convoluted--it really is off-putting. So, not only is McNostrils one of the strangest-looking people in the world (and I don't mean that in a bad way, he just has strong, unusual features), but there are THREE of him? What?

    As for the rest of the week, it's a jumble in my head, I'm sure lots of folks will be happy to fill you in.

    Take your time catching up, you'll get there eventually, enjoy this nice, warm weather.

  2. It's a disaster Karen. DISASTER! They would have been better off to forget about the OLTL actors than to do what they have. It the worst thing I've ever seen - and I've seen a lot of bad stuff.

  3. Is Silas a dorky guy?
    Why was Luke in the captain hat?

  4. Gosh, Double A, I almost felt better after reading your post even if I disagree here and there. It's nice to read a positive reaction when so much of what we read is not.

    Don't get too thrilled about Luke and Tracy (my least favorite pairing). Think back to when Laura had her breakdown. That's when Luke started drinking every day. He tore up his club, threw money away at Kelly's. He seemed never to be without a glass in his hand and he had easy booze access with his casino.
    When she returned briefly, he stopped. When she once again faded into catatonia, he was drinking again. Losing her broke his heart. He has tried to stay distanced from her, except thru the kids, because he doesn't trust her recovery and he is afraid she will once again break down. He could not go thru it again and survive. But he is losing her anyway and the boozing is back.....

    As for Tracy--a friend who cares, but Luke has always been all about Laura. I never believed for a second that he could EVER fall for Tracy. She's pretty cynical as he is, and she digs him in certain ways, but romance? No.

    I, too, am glad to see Kevin back and I hope he joins GH staff as psychologist (Lord knows they need one!)
    I really liked McBain and am very disappointed there, and am trying to hold my opinion on nuTodd for now. The show was so up and down this past week..

  5. Luke had his captain's hat on because he was bringing the boat back to Port Charles.

    Silas seemed to be a bit of a anti social character. It's hard for me to wrap my head around the character.

    You can read a complete week summary here, day by day.

  6. Welcome Back, Karen. Sorry for your loss, as well.

    My question for all of you is this: Do you think OLTL still sounds & feels the same? I know soaps get new writers all of the time, and the transitions are usually ok. Some people on the net have been complaining OL is not "acting" how it used to. I only started watching when RH returned from his time on ATWT, so I don't have the history with the show to comment. I do like the reboot. Thanks!

  7. Welcome Back, Karen. Sorry for your loss!

    Here's an update!
    This week we met Silas Clay who appears to be an ER doc in NYC. He seems cold, distant, and uncaring. But I'm sure there's some soapy-reason for it. I have a feeling Michael Easton is playing him that way just in case he may still be Caleb/Stephen Clay. He hasn't heard from his brother in more that 10 years. ANYWHO...We met him because everyone on the Chew got sick from the "Hellish Relish" and had to go to the hospital. Carly and Sam were also there, because they were looking for Michael and Morgan. Morgan had been beaten up so Michael took him there to get checked out. That's how Sam and Silas met. Sonny and Shawn eventually saved the day with Morgan and Michael vs. the "thugs". He paid them off and generally threatened them. I wasn't crazy about "Kiki" but I love KA so I'm happy she's still in the mix. I didn't think I was crazy about NuMorgan either until his scene with MB! Then I thought he showed some good chops and range, and a bit of the more sensitive, emotional Morgan came through. So I'm withholding judgement for a while. I'd like to see him with Laura W for sure.

    In PC--yes the Falconari girls were funny holding a bad guy hostage and eating pizza. Leslie and Spencer came home, and you should go watch all the scenes with Spencer, as he's an amazing little guy and I'm in total love with him! Luke brought the Haunted Star back and Dante and NuLu had some more faked flashbacks, then a nice scene together at the pre-Scotty/Laura wedding at Weirdamere. :) NuLu: "That's the guy my mom is gonna marry. Is it weird that I don't like him already?" Dante: "It would be weird if you did!" LOL

    Let's see: Mac wouldn't serve Luke, which sent Luke off to Tracy. Mac gave Flea a a peanut bowl. Kevin and Lucy made out. Milo never wore a shirt. Britt is moving in with Patrick because she's having a complicated pregnancy and needs assistance. TJ sucker-punched Rafe so Molly is gonna go to prom with Rafe instead. Tracy overheard CarJ talk about their one night stand and is now blackmailing AJ with it...that's she'll tell Elizabeth if he doesn't give her ELQ.

    The closing credits list RH's role as "The Man". He apparently poisoned the relish to tank ELQ so he could take over.

    PHEW!! There you go, in a nutshell. The scene of the week was any scene with Spencer in it! The prop of the week was the pizza at Crimson!

  8. OH about the OLTL/AMC thing: I've been watching OLTL daily and loving it. I watched the first week of AMC but none after that because 1) wasn't that big a fan before and 2) I'm just not that into it. I'm currently in braces and as part of my process I'm doing some speech therapy. It's about 30-minutes, 3x a day, so I have a 30-minute period in the morning where it's nice to have something on the "tv" to watch while I do my ST exercises. That's been OLTL. So, I guess now I will watch both shows since I really just need to kill that half-hour before work. I wish it were ALL OLTL, but I'll play their game for now. I like the new set-up. It's fast, it's fun, it's campy. I'm into it.


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