Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Franco-Feta Fiesta!!


ahahah. Straight up recast, bitches!! Here we go...Franco with new hair and ears. But..he's Franco. Not NewFace..Just Franco.

Lauren will be his little "Kiki"



I know you got 'em!


  1. I don't know why Roger agreed to this. Poor career choice imo

    And what's next?

    Either Franco or AJ aren't going to be Qs if they want Michael and 'Kiki' together.

    Admittedly I haven't watched any of this but I don't intend to. Boycott is back on.

  2. He may be a baby switch like, not a real Q after all..Heather could have been lying, but he IS the Franco they recognize. Like he was the one at MOMA lol

  3. Ugh. Say it ain't so. I am however, holding on to hope as RH is brillant.

    In other news, Dante is moving in to a direction that is hard to watch.

  4. I don't care how brilliant RH is. I'm finished.

    Franco is so sorry he psychologically raped Sam. And no doubt he'll be sorry his actions led to Michael's rape. And just in case we were finding all this just a little too nauseating, they interspersed the scenes with Lulu telling us about her coerced rape.

    Who writes this crap and thinks it'll be acceptable to anyone? That's not my idea of love in the afternoon and I won't be watching this show any more.

  5. So I was wrong, it ain't Jason. I thought if I said it enough it would be true. Instead, I like Di and Carrie, am DONE with GH. Don't care anymore. Soaps can go away forever. First Santa Barbara, then Another World then Passions, though I didn't really watch that one) then All my kids...screw em!
    Okay, yeah I'm bitter. But FRANCO?!? Franco? No. Done.
    I'm gonna go watch all my FRIENDS DVD seasons instead.

  6. OMG Watched the whole show. LOVED IT. I love it. Wow, and I thought I'd hate it. :) LOVE RH Diaper Genie

  7. Noth thrilled with the Franco news at all but love RH and am holding out hope for the best. Interesting theory of the day posted on another website by a viewer.

    Franco is really Heather's son...would definitely explain the cray cray. And leave the door open for Michael and Kiki.

  8. I'm not giving up on my GH!!!! I truly believe this is not a black and white thing. There is more to this, there has to be. We know they can't be Quartermaines because Kristen Alderson's character will be paired with Chad Duell and fans won't really get over them as kissing cousins. As for Franco, there must be a twist. What it is exactly? Only Ron C knows! Patience fellow GH fans, patience. We've been through much much worse....Guza anyone? Also again, Roger Howarth will be paired back with Laura Wright and Carly would never have anything to do with the Franco we all know!!

  9. Ron picked the storyline and character I hated the most over the years of dismal Guza as a way to use RH. Loathed Franco. Even took my hate out on the actor--I never want to see James Franco in ANYthing after the GH disaster. I sure don't want Roger to go the same way...

    And breaking up Luke and Laura? What's with that? WHY??? Is it because they didn't sign Genie up to a full contract and she and Kin are leaving together? Are we supposed to believe Laura could EVER be happy with Scotty after her years with Luke? Or that he 'fits' with Tracy? Sheeze...

    I am not rushing to the VCR to see 'my show' now. In fact I am so unhappy and frustrated with it that I may just skip soap watching for awhile.

    I cannot imagine what Ron and Frank were thinking!!
    I hate the character Kirsten is now--a mouthy little slut. That's an insult to her years as Starr.

    I can't get interested in Michael Easton as this weird doctor, either. I really liked John McBain, so why couldn't they simply make him an FBI agent or some kind of law and order guy. He was excellent that way...

    And Finola IS on contract so why aren't they using her? She could practically carry this show if they gave her more to do. And loyal as I am to Geary, this is just a terrible mishandling by TPTB and they are doing him a great injustice lately.

    There is just not much I want to see now--if anything. Lulu isn't Lulu, but I could stand to see her in sessions with Kevin just to see Kevin. Don't have any interest in Britt or Patrick or Sabrina or even Maxie. No longer care about any of it.

    Sad, sad.

  10. I hear y'all - hate to admit it but GH has gone off the rails since the Nurse's Ball wrapped up. I know it's not all "Cartini's" fault (the Prospect Park fiasco really knocked them off balance with the forced recasts), but they picked three awful characters for the OLTL trio. Franco was mildly interesting due to the novelty of James Franco being in the part, but only for the short term. RH is brillance (and in my mind the heir apparent to daytime best actor once Geary retires) but Franco does NOT have long term appeal. Just awful!
    Ditto nuMcBain and nuStarr...just not feeling it at all.
    Booo and very frustrated!


  11. I am going to give it some time. Hopefully, RH as Franco from the past is not all that there is. Hopefully there is a BIG reveal and it will be awesome. I can't imagine that RH would agree to play Franco without a really great story planned. Let's wait and see! Plus, it does have us all talking and speculating so Ron is doing something right!

  12. Karen, to paraphrase your blog: "Oh nooooooooooooo!! . . .!" NOT FRANCO!! I HATE him, I also can't even look at the actor who played him. I KNEW that bringing back the OLTL 3 as other characters made no sense, and was hoping against hope that it wouldn't be as awful as I anticipated, but, of course, it is, there is no way I can think of that it could work.

    If Franco is a serial killer, why doesn't someone just call the cops? Also, why is everyone telling him personal stuff, like Maxie is carrying Dante and Lulu's baby--what, he's their friend who's been away and they want him to be up to speed? WHY would they reveal stuff to him, or believe ANYTHING he might have to say about Jason, etc. For once, Sonny was right, just blow him away and throw him overboard, everyone thinks he's dead anyway.

    Nulu sleeping w/Stavros--yeech!! So she will have to do EVERYTHING he says or he will kill her family? How long can she keep that up, and why would she even trust him to keep his word?

    Of course, I will not stop watching, but today's show made me feel sick. . . .

  13. Haunted Star: OH NO HE IS FRANCO HE IS FRANCO HE IS FRANCO!!!!!! *twitches profusely* Oh wait! He doesn't act like Franco! He acts like Todd and he is so funny! :) *twitching subsides* I think I will call him Todd. Or new Todd. Or Frodd. :) New Todd wins the line of the day! Actually it's a Tie! Maxie and new Todd.

    New Todd: When did you let yourself go?

    Maxie: I'm pregnant not fat!

    ROFL! And then new Todd says that Liz is HOT ROFL! OH Franco didn't rape Sam! Good! Oh oh Carly! Why did you have to ask him what about what you did to Michael! Now AJ wants to know!! I don't think Sam knows does she?

    Q home: Poor Luke!!!!!!!!!! :( Monica isn't there ROFL!

    The hospital: Hey the hot doctor Rashi is back YAY! :) Luke you be a good patient!!!

    Lante home: Zzzzzzzzzzz. Oh the flashback of Lulu, Stavros, and Helena!!! YAY! Ohh so Lulu and Stavvy got "married: by Helena! ROFL! Helena has the bible! ROFL! And it didn't burst into flames in her hands ROFL! Time to kiss the bride. Woah when Stavvy grabbed Lulu's head, I thought he was going to devour her! Like eat her face and head up! ROFL! OH time for the marriage bed!!!

    Kiki and mama: Ummmmmm. HELLO! You two are at the pier!!! That's a dangerous place to be!!!

    1. You are too funny AND you captured what I felt about that Eppy brilliantly!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Sonya says: "Helena has the bible! ROFL! And it didn't burst into flames in her hands"

    You gave me my only laugh of the day regarding the show, Sonya.

    I see I'm not the only one who thought Dr. Rashi was cute. Let him be everyone's doctor now. lol

  15. Di said...You gave me my only laugh of the day regarding the show, Sonya.
    Hahaha oh good I'm glad. :)

    I see I'm not the only one who thought Dr. Rashi was cute. Let him be everyone's doctor now. lol
    He is so yummy! They need to show him more! :) And yes be everyone's doctor now hahaha!

  16. I was just hoping that no matter WHO RH turned out to be that GH would find a way for him and Carly to still be together..that's shot to hell now :(

  17. RH is brillance (and in my mind the heir apparent to daytime best actor once Geary retires)


    That horse left the stable years ago. Geary's a good actor, Howarth is great.

  18. I was just hoping that no matter WHO RH turned out to be that GH would find a way for him and Carly to still be together..that's shot to hell now :(


    Why? Carly's slep w worse thasn Franco- a mass murdering rapist in Sonny, a mass murderer in Jason, and an arms dealing murderer in Alkazar.

  19. As Franco said he loves games and illusions.

    Somehow, I think he will be able to disprove everything that he is been accused of doing and we will find out he isnt so bad. He just lashed out because no one wanted him.

    I hope so, love to watch RH work.

  20. Yes, I guess they're going to make Franco a good guy now, or at least conficted, like they did with all the evil guys and gals that they decided were too popular w/the fans to kill off.

    I guess this is the month when Grandmas have the power to marry people--let's see, first Leslie, then Helena, maybe Monica can marry AJ and Liz, or Tracy can marry herself to Luke!

  21. I have to say I found yesterday's show horribly written, acted and just plain painful to watch. I can't stand RKK's Stavros - more a caricature than a real character, although it was nice to see Helena.

  22. I have to say I Love Roger Howarth...I also wish that he would have been cast as a different character..Maybe he will grow on us.
    When Constance Towers first took over Elizabeth Taylor's role, I bet a lot of people were not accepting of the recast. But, we did not have the internet the way we do today to air our grievances.


  24. Love it. I'll take RH any way I can get him.

  25. YUK. I've gotten to where I can watch the show in about 15 min now becaues FF through so much of it. Todd/Carly and Michael/Starr were two of the few storylines I watched. I think all I care about now is the Maxie/Lulu/Dante/Spinelli arc and maybe the Patrick/Sabrina one if that goes anywhere. I had such high hopes for this new team. Now just YUK!

  26. Karen Im glad u didnt stop your blog.. and althought i dont respond often, i read all the time.. so, Im reading everyones comment.. I dont hate RH as Franco, he reminds me of Todd a little.. I dont like Kiki at all and I dont like Silas.. I like the nu LULU she is a gret actress and will make lulu her own.. lets give her time.. and iknow this is crazy.. but is it possible they made these three actors into disposable characters that they can get rid of quickly if Prospect Park drops making OLTL ? Just a thought..

  27. Does anyone else get the feeling that Guza has snuck back into the writers' room and is altering scripts to his old design? Yesterday smacked of a Guza episode--all darkness and menace and downbeat and Sonny waving a gun around. Even the dialogue seemed Guza-like.

    We waited for YEARs to get rid of the seemingly endless violence and misery that was Guza, and now it is back. Maybe he is holding Ron C hostage while he takes over. But Frank should have noticed by now that this is no way to win back a real GH fan.


  28. Hated the whole Franco storyline. Not like this one any better. It is a shame to use RH this way. He is acting like Todd in a Franco suit. You can see that they are trying to redeem him a little - to no avail. I think it was a mistake to bring the character back. Writers should learn to let bad storylines die, not try to fix them. What next are the writing team going to bring back Casey the Alien?

    I agree with Roseanne, I think that all these new characters are disposable, because they are betting that OLTL goes under and they can bring the old characters back. Kill ne Franco off again, find out that Kiki is not really his daughter, no use for her. Send Silas off with Rafe to start a new life no one will miss them... all gone in one day. The next bring back Todd, Mcbain and Starr like nothing has happened.

    Like NuLulu, but I was never a big JMB fan, so I was glad to see the recast.

    But I hate to say it but I am starting to FF through GH a lot these days. It been slow.

  29. I love what's going on. It makes it exciting and the vets are acting their hearts out! Love it!

  30. The soap is dying. That was evident today.

  31. I enjoyed today's show! Righting past wrongs. The mob boss and hitman were made into hero's under Guzas reign. How could they make these bad guys good? By bringing in a sick serial killer that was Franco....the bad twin. I mean the hitman had to be the better guy, the good twin. I was not a fan of Franco of yesterday, but I am a fan of Roger Howarth and in keeping an open mind that this can be turned around. So, Franco is the ultimate sheeze disturber, this is something that can make sense. It's a soap! If the Cassadines can freeze the world and come back to life and we are to accept Casey the alien came from Lumina then I can accept Franco the sheeze disturber! If GH was cancelled then what else would ya'll have to bitch about :) I've been watching now for 30 years, I ain't giving up that easily!!! Oh, and I LOVED crazy eyed Stavros. And I'm sure him and Hells are still alive, I hope!!! I want to see them grace the screen again!! Sorry, long post I know.

  32. I too would've liked to see RH as someone other than Franco but people need to chill. If GH is still on in 3 years and TPTB are intent on making Franco more likeable, I'm sure that all of the reasons why you hate Franco now will be a faint memory.

    If anyone can turn Franco into a character that people will love to watch, it's RH. OLTL fans probably never imagined they would enjoy watching Todd Manning as much as they did when the show ended after the gang rape he orchestrated.



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