Friday, May 10, 2013

The Chew

 20130510 0702(19)

Tracy sitting with the thug guys---- heh. One of which looks JUST like the NuMorgan kid. Just sayin'  Kills me NuMorgan is in college. He gets beat up.

Sam and Carly-- working together?!

Rafe and the Group Home Bullies! Hahaaa. whoops.  Oh did this!! Molly's all "where's the text?? Like OMG"!!

Tracy talks to Eddie... ah.  His ghost or something knocks out the guards!!  Nikolas tries to get Elizabeth on his side as she steals cookies from the Chew's greenroom.



  1. Did the Chew stuff all happen on GH, or do I have to watch "The Chew" to see any of it? Like were JE and SK on the Chew as guests also?

  2. question-Don't most hotel rooms have phones? Doesn't Tracy have a cell phone? I guess calling the police wasn't an option.

  3. I thought about that--why didn't she JUST CALL SECURITY!!

  4. She could have called hotel security but Nikolas likely would have taken care of that little detail.

    JE has been brillant lately.

  5. NYC hotel: Oh dear!!! Nik!!! ROFL! Keeping Tracy in his room with his henchman so that she can't leave! ROFL! Oh please writers let Tracy and Nik have a fling!!!!! :) What?!!? Tracy crying?!!?! WHAT THE?!! Tracy stop crying! You are Tracy Quartermaine!!! Stop whining to your daddy and stop crying! Use your imagination on how to escape! Hmm Edward knocked out the henchman?!!? Hmmm nahhhhhhhhhhh. :) Oh Tracy thinks it's her daddy too ROFL! It must have been Luke. :)

    The chew: Oh come on Liz!! Eat some snacks!!! :) No not grapes!!! Oh taking some cookies okay! :) Nik tells her he will win her over. Oh Nik STOP! Did you have to say it that way?! In a sexy way?! You are going to make my head explode! Stop being so sexy! I can't take it!!

    Ava Jerome's home: Huh?!?! Morgan why are you acting so cool and macho to your brother?! STOP IT! OH! Bad men beat him up!!! This just got interesting. :)

    Sam's home: Sounds like Kelly Monaco has a cold. Rafe wearing sunglasses in the apartment ROFL!

    Kelly's: You see TJ?! I told you that hitting Rafe was a mistake!! Now Molly is ticked off at you! Love the Anna and Duke scene! Anna LOVES pickle Lila and Duke doesn't know how to tweet! ROFL! That's funny, cus in real life, Ian Buchanan knows how to tweet ROFL!


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