Wednesday, May 8, 2013

OMG..Real Life Rapper On OLTL --The Franco Connection

This is DELICIOUS. IF you've watched OLTL, you've seen "Jamie Franko"-- played by real life songster Riff Rafe. He's done pissed at James Franco!

Go read it and laugh on Slate Magazine!!


  1. I can't help myself but I'm kind of obsessed with this guy now!

  2. Hmm well, I guess I will put my GH thoughts from yesterday here. :)

    Spinny and ????????: Oh look it's Ellie! Oh no wait, it's not Ellie. It's Lauren Frank! Oh no wait! No it's not! Luke punked Spinny ROFL! Who the hell is this woman? Ellie's twin sis? :) And this woman's apartment,looks like Ellie and Maxie's apartment!!! :)

    Luke and Ava Jerome: Love the scene! :) And oh look it's Morgan! :) What is HE doing there, and how do he and Ava know each other?!!?

    Liz and Nik: What a hot manipulator ROFL! They are so hot together. Keep your shirt off forever Nik! :)

    Tracy and AJ: Trust her AJ! She swore on her parents lives that she does not have pickle Tracy anymore. She is telling the truth! ROFL!

    AJ and Liz: AJ can't stop thinking about his hot sex with Carly! ROFL! OH he was gonna tell Liz the truth!!

    Alexis and Sam: Who is watching Sam?!!?!! Hmmmm.


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