Thursday, May 9, 2013

Naked Nikolas Day

Well, Miss Arias got what she deserved. The trial was the MOST WILD thing I've ever seen...or read about. (and I read/watch a LOT of True Crime).

On to today! 

GH is plugging along! If you look at Twitter, the Lante fans are  NOT happy about the tampering of their flashbacks. NOT my favorite things at all.--- I like my memories in tact. Then again, I wouldn't recast either. I'm not a recaster. AnyHOO--speaking of:


So what do you think? He looks NOTHING like Carly or Sonny--  and his acting? Still out on that one.  I so HOPE Ava is sleeping with him lol, that would be EPIC!!  He did have some sexy IMs with her.

Luke and Spin..I LIKE!! SpLuke! They are Martin/Lewis.

Nikolas spent the whole show 1/2 Naked.  Goodness!!  He was quite the show today. AJ was all flobbin on the floor with a panic attack. could have had hot sex with Nikolas and you choose THAT? Um. NO

Carly has a new livingroom..that French Bee yellow is gone. NuGeek Woodrow (FOS of Spinelli)  was on, helping track NuMorgan.


  1. I read some really interesting rumours on another site. Please take these with a giant boulder of salt..

    1. Morgan't girlfriend is the daughter of Eva Jerome, she's also Lauren Frank and she will be played by KA upon her return.

    Roger Howarth could turn up as the REAL Franco (twin thing?) or as the REAL Jason Morgan.

    ME is a Clay, relative to Rafe, who is also involved with Ava Jerome.

    The character of Kristina Davis may be recast.

    True or not they are some fascinating and interesting choices. Don't know how it will play out but I'm definitely intrigued.

  2. I read those rumors as well. I also read that casting call is out for Lucy's step daughter and Sean & Tiff's daughter.
    Right now, GH is grossing me out. And its May sweeps.

    ON to the GOOD STUFF
    Did you see the latest with Arias trial? Been postponed until next Wednesday. Waiting to find out why, I hope its because her attorneys want off the case. She arranged for that interview after the verdict yesterday, thinking she was escaping 1st degree. I think realization set in with Jodee today. I am sure by tomorrow she will be back to her crazy self.

  3. Arwen thanks.. I'm behind on rumors!

  4. Interview with Jodi Arias DEB! She's a NUT! God!! I bet her attorneys are some pissed. She probably refused to come to court and made herself sick or something to get out of it!

  5. My only take on the NuMorgan is I think he looks more like the older sibling than Michael! As for the Dante/Lulu stuff, the 'flashbacks' are always a little odd when they are repeated with a new face. While I know she left the role willingly, part of me hopes that if JMB should ever choose to return, they could arrange it that the 'real' Lulu was held captive by the Cassadines all along. Create a new character with her own memories for Emme, than Milo can FINALLY get the girl, because I like those two together.
    Still wondering if there was a tie between the 'poser' Lauren and Ellie, because they were very similar. Awaiting the return of KA, ME, and RH... while I had never watched OLTL, I had gotten used to the Llanview transplants in PC, and was really enjoying them. I know the board was divided on that but my view all along has been that if keeps our soaps alive, I'm all for it. Which reminds me, when get free time this weekend, I need to check out Hulu. :)

  6. I think Nikolas and Tracy have the greatest chemistry on the show! I love them together. Is that wrong?

  7. Carly's home: Captain Morgan! ROFL! Sex messages from him and Jeromearoundtheworld! ROFL! Eww Carly don't read anymore!

    Eva Jerome's home: I enjoyed having you?!!?! Did Morgan and Ava have sex?!?!! Is she a cougar? :)

    Sonny's office: Oh Olivia! You doth protest too much! :) I think you have feelings for Sonny! :)

    NYC hotel: Pretty dress Liz is wearing! Now that winter is over, time for her to get a tan! :) Poor Nik can't even have clothes on! ROFL! Tracy can't even look at Nik's hot bod! ROFL! Can Tracy and Nik have a fling please? :) While AJ was upset in the room, I was out loud saying calm down AJ! Cus I didn't want him to get a panic attack! But too late!!!! Spinny trying to give him chest compressions and mouth to mouth ROFL! That cracked me up! ROFL! Breath AJ breath!!! I wonder what is behind these panic attacks! What happened to you while you were gone AJ?!!?! I liked the Tracy and Luke scene. Those sunglasses of Luke's make him look like a hippie! :)

  8. Zak--Nothing wrong with that at all. I don't know...maybe it's because he's frikkin sexy with his clothes off (OK, he's also frikkin sexy with his clothes on) but I think Tyler rocked his scenes today. I kept rewinding to watch him deliver quite a few lines more than once. Pretty Emmy-worthy stuff....not the story line per se, but he's got me 100% invested in Nicolas right now. Thought SK did great as AJ today too. Oh, and Spin and Luke were a hoot. I'd love Spin to get some "cool" lessons from Luke and become a more savvy PI. :) You could tell Spin was more envious than jealous. Nice scene for sure.

  9. I don't know Karen, this girl is a NUT JOB. I think the show is just beginning. Stay tuned........

  10. Wasn't Nikolas shot in the chest or something? He has no bullet wound! Miracle hospital strikes again. Also He has spent the better part of his return in his underwear, buy him some clothes already!
    GH is really dull right now, it's as if they wrote all the way up to the nurses ball thinking there would be no more episodes to follow. May sweeps definitely happened in April this year.

  11. I do not think Jodi Arias should get the death penalty, because it is waaaay too easy for her. I think she should get a lifetime "time out" so she can sit in the little cell and think about what she did!!

  12. Roger Howarth could turn up as the REAL Franco (twin thing?) or as the REAL Jason Morgan.


    He's been rumored as a Cassadine-Q heir, but most have him tabbed to be Ava Jerome's brother or lover- the new head of the Jerome Crime Family.

  13. Mmm, Nik has certainly been a pleasure to watch this week. Becky looked gorgeous yesterday. As much as I always loved L & L, Luke and Tracy are so perfect together. NuMorgan doesn't look like Carly or Sonny and sorry but I don't find him very appealing - being superficial I know but time will tell. I like Maura W. - really good actress. Liked Luke in those glasses.

  14. Oh and the Spinny and Luke scenes were awesome!!! I loved it! :)

  15. LOVE4Dogs.........I have to disagree. Should she only get life she will continue to try to dictate from prison. Look how she arranged that interview 20 minutes after the guilty verdict was read. That was a set up. She thought she wasn't going to get 1st degree and she wanted to throw it in everyone's face. Well she had a few minutes of sanity yesterday, and she couldn't handle it. That is why court was cancelled. She will be back to her games next week, if not sooner. She is a NUT job like I have never seen before.
    Casey Anthony is EVIL. This girl is sick sick sick

  16. Kristina Davis needs never be recast again. Unless they de-sorased her. LOL Now THAT might be entertaining. ;-P

  17. What I think is funny, is that Morgan was born onscreen in 2003, Cameron was 2004 & Molly was 2005. So now Molly is 15, Morgan is in college & Cam is still 9 or 10??


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