Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A GH Starbucks Moment...

You know my barista and I discuss GH now and again, right? Today he sees me and says: Hey..GIRL! What in the living FK happened on GH?

I said, which part?

He goes: Let's see, I turn it on, Laura's marrying Scotty, Starr has a twin and I don't know WHAT TODD is doing. 

I said: Did you see McBain yet?

He says: No, why?

I said: Don't ask.

LOL, I tried to do the fast OLTL/PP explanation but people were piling up behind me.  He looked at me like I was 



And, you know what? I sounded it. 

There are people out there with no desire to read soap sites--or magazines. They tune into their soap like any other day and and EVERYTHING is... well... sideways.

I can't imagine what I'd be thinking if I didn't know about the character/actor/switching. 


  1. Poor Karen! ROFL! You are not insane! ROFL!

    Michael's home: Kiki taking off the shirt! ROFL! Man she is so rude!!! ROFL! Love her!!! I want that Lila Q relish shirt!!! Michael wins the line of the day!!!

    Michael: Mom, meet Morgan's girlfriend Kiki. They just had sex in my bed

    ROFL! That cracked me up! I laughed so hard! Kiki can stay but Morgan has to go now!!!!

    Carly: You are having sex now?


    Pier: The Caleb Morley experience?!?!!? WHAT?! ROFL! That flag that Lucy has says tour on it ROFL! OH Sirus and lookalike Todd!! Awesome! :)

    Kelly's: I thought Lucy was going to stab Silus with that flag! ROFL! Oh Doc knows about Silus cool! Those poor people in her tour ROFL! Doc and Dante talking. Awesome.

    Sam's home: Sam bashing Silus! ROFL! He is SOOOOO under her skin! :)

    Q home: Ava and Tracy! Awesome!!!! I want more! :)

    Haunted Star: Lulu and lookalike Todd scene. This is very interesting. He wants to PARTAY! And wants to invite everyone! :) I didn't know AJ was Carly's best friend ROFL! Dante and Lulu scene zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Where is Milo?

  2. I am almost hating the show right now. If Todd turns out to be a resurrected Franco I will have to take the show off my DVR. Of all the stories I've hated in the past, the Franco debacle was the worst. Dispised that character. And WHY would they turn our funny, messed up Roger H into a vile serial killer? They might as well write him off.

    I can't make up my mind about Silas--hate the name. I was so very fond of McBain and long to see him again. But as a cop, not a doctor.

    As for Kiki...WHY did they take nice little actress KA and make her obnoxious, rude, spiteful, scheming and totally unlikable. She doesn't have to be THAT different from Starr.

    I suspect Scotty and Laura will find Lesley pulled a fast one and was not authorized to marry anyone. I certainly hope so. Hate that story also. I also am not happy with new Lulu yet. I may get used to this pale wispy little girl, but right now she is not Lulu.

    Happy that Kevin is back, but little else is making me happy right now. I was SO enthusiastic about Ron & Frank's resurrection of GH--and now I want to cry.

  3. If the whole PP thing hadn't happened and the character switch not needed--I may be ok. GH right now is way too bloated for my liking.

    When "Fauxtodd" reveals himself who even knows if he'll give the right name? Could all be another ruse

  4. Karen, I too wonder if it is a ruse. Especially after reading this on another site:

    This week, a madman seeks forgiveness from the town he terrorized — but a vengeful mob boss takes matters into his own hands.

    This caption was beneath a photo of several of the invited guests of our Nottod. And it got me thinking...did Franco terrorrize the town? Or just specific individuals?

    I don't recall him terrorizing the whole town. But, you know who has? You know who would be a mind blowing choice for our beloved RH to play? Jerry Jacks!!

    I know, it's way out there and I am probably wrong but that is the thought that popped into my head. What do you guys think?

    1. Arwen,
      Yes Please!!
      Make him Jerry Jax!
      Not Franco.
      There is no redeeming Franco, not even RH can pull that off.
      Loving the idea of JJax, though.

  5. Jerry jacks was one of my original guesses for Todd to play. He did terrorize the town and he'd have a lot of people to apologize too. And as evil as he was, I'd find him way more acceptable than Franco. That "rape or nonrape" of Sam with Jason watching was irredeemable in my eyes.

    I just don't know how Jerry could reveal himself as he's most definitely a wanted man.

  6. LOL I've been having that same conversation with the girl at 7/11 while everyone else looks at us like we're nuts :)


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