Tuesday, April 16, 2013


"I'm an internist" lol... ;) Katie was pretty fun. I liked it. "Get your skinny ass outta my hospital" Says Epiphany..then its' SPONGE BATH TIME for the PRINCE! ahahahaa. 

I so wish JMB was doing this Lulu thing, it's so hard to put a Nuface on when they are all forgetful and we're supposed to care.  SHE'S TINY! wow...
I think Lulu "married" Stavros and we'll see it in flashbacks, I bet that's the photo that was tweeted.
Just deducing. 

Heather!! "Franco the Dictator? Franco the Body Builder? Franco the Artist"?? 

Tracy is is going to start a new company "TAQ" !! 


  1. Kelly's:

    AJ: There's a hot dog stand at pier 52. Hey Tracy, why don't you go down there and take a long walk off it.

    ROFL! I thought that AJ won the line of the day, but he didn't!!!! :) Someone else won it. :) Wait Tracy!! Your father didn't name ELQ because of his name!!! ELQ stood for, Edward Lila Quartermaine! I can't believe you forgot!!! TAQ ROFL!

    The hospital:

    Felix: Oh Patrick, my breasts are so sore. Just look at them.

    ROFL! Felix won the line of the day!!! That was perfect!! Katie Couric ROFL! I thought at first she was a bad lady to try to kill Nik, but then I was thinking she is a reporter. HA! SHE IS A REPORTER! :) Piffy kicked her out ROFL! Britch is manipulating Patrick!!!! Oh Patrick I will get an abortion because you don't want the baby. UGH!

    Spinny and Heather:

    Heather: Why don't you tell me what you want you dweeb?

    ROFL! Great Spinny and Heather scene! No Spinny don't get close to her!!!!

    Sonny's place: WOW CONNIE BROKE UP WITH SONNY YAY!!! :) Awww don't worry Sonny. There is always Brenda right? :) Well, just as soon as you find out that Brenda and Michael didn't have sex. :)

    Cassadine Island: Teeny Tiny Lulu has amnesia and thinks she is married to Stavros! And she doesn't want to go home!!! ROFL! Great scene. :)

  2. I laughed myself silly at that line from Felix, and the hand gestures that accompanied it.

    And little Lulu did a great job today. She's a good actress.

    I'm also very weary of Heather inching in on Spinelli there. Look out, Spinelli!!!!

  3. Felix was a riot

    Actually I thought that ELQ did stand for Edward Lewis Quartermaine.

    Lulu was great.

    Lets hope that Sonny thinks of someone other than himself and leaves Connie alone. He looked good with Olivia, let them do that pairing.

    AJ and Tracy made me laugh. They play off each other so well.

  4. Andrea said...Actually I thought that ELQ did stand for Edward Lewis Quartermaine.
    No. It was mentioned more than once on the show that it's Edward Lila Quartermaine. :) I always loved it. :)

  5. ELQ's origins have been redone many times. Originally, Edward's father started it and it was for HIS initials, and OUR Edward was a Jr. They retconned it to be HIS initials, then for the L to be Lila.

    Karen- I think it's wise to have the newby take over as an amnesiac, as this will lessen the comparisons to JMB and any differences can be ascribed to the brainwashing.

    She is a munchkin.

  6. I LOVE Felix. He is the best addition to the show in a long time. His friendship with Sabrina is so authentic. I just love them.


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