Friday, April 26, 2013

Today's Show?


Hmmm. Was glad to see Anna and Duke.

Paddy's still moping around. Britt looks about 7 months PG.  GEESH! You can't just walk around asking for a termination at that point. It's even stupid to entertain.

Sorry girl at Crimson. Connie fired you. Gwen, what a name.

Ellie, I so don't care about the baby info.

JOHNNY Z!! It's his last showing, pick up an SID to see his exit interview. :( WAH


  1. Gwen's a great name *grin* (as my name is Gwen). Haven't seen today yet...getting there. At least he's not just disappearing into the ether, and we get a little Johnny.

  2. Sorry, but i realllly do not like the new LuLu.
    The relish story is so boring.
    Right about Brit looking too pregnant for an abortion.
    Too bad all the OLTL people had to leave. Although i must say i did not like the vampire story.
    I may stop watching gh altogether.

  3. Ratings are soaring, so most people like what's going on. And I think the new Lulu is great! She's a spunky little spitfire and a great actress. They are taking the character into a "Jason-like" direction, which will help the actress to make the character her own. I'm actually watching GH every day now (unlike the past five years or so). Of course, I don't like everything about it, but it is so much better than before.

  4. I hate how they ate writing Patrick!
    The man is Blind if he can't see Exactly what Brit is doing.
    This man was a player, he has known all types of women. One would think he would see what Brit is up to.
    That is what irritates me
    I think it would be much more exciting to see a character do something Unexpected!
    We all Know where this SL is going, how about for once, write something that would shock us.
    That is really my only complaint about the show
    Overall I'm enjoying it.
    Loving the fact that Nik is back!
    Loving his scenes with Elizabeth.
    What fun!
    Enjoying her scenes with AJ also.
    As for the NuLu.
    I like her.
    No she isn't really Lulu to me yet, but maybe with time.
    I do think the actress is good.

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  6. I'm ok with the NuLu so far because I feel really invested in most of the GH story lines at this point, with or without the actors. She's doing fine, and since they're mixing her about and not just having a million scenes with her and Dante, I feel they're easing us into her style, which I appreciate. I do, however, miss JMB and am mourning a little for poor Dante (I think DZ is slaying it, btw!!) so I have the Lante song "You Came Around" on endless repeat on my iPod.

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  8. Dominic Zamprogna has, in a short period of time (one month?), managed to become just as annoying and painful to watch as Cameron Mathison and even Kamar de los Reyes when they were at their worst!

    These guys never brought it down (the over-the-top dramatics and always appearing angry at the world) and totally ruined all scenes they were in.

    And the same is now true of any scenes involving Mr. Angry Man, Dante!

  9. The ratings were soaring because of the 50th anniversary stories; they will drop soon because these are lousy stories.

    I cannot stand Sabrina; she was unique before. Now she's a cookie-cutter character. And since I know that Robin is still alive, I cringe when Patrick kisses ANYONE.

    New Lulu is lame. I didn't even care about the old Lulu.

    I hope there are better tales on the horizon.

  10. You know what I can't stand? All of these negative, bitter whiners because the show is not perfect. It's 1000 percent better than when the old regime was in charge. The nature of soaps is that they ebb and flow and constantly change. Of course the 50th anniversary was a highlight. If you're going to compare everything else against that from now on, you will be forever disappointed. Enjoy that the show is still on the air and better than its been in a decade. But if you want to wallow in bitterness and negativity, then go ahead and continue to live in your little dark hole.

  11. Actually the show was good today. :)

    The hospital: I can't believe Ellie made a copy of Maxie's file!! Ellie you are not going to like what you find out!!! So throw the copy away!!!! I can't believe she lied to Spinny!!!

    Metrocourt: Sabrina raided Taylor Swift's closet! :) Cute dress. Carly all nice to Sabrina? Wow! :) Too bad Patrick had to cancel his date with Sabrina.

    Patrick's home: Britch is playing victim!!! Come on Patrick wake up!! She is manipulating you! I'm glad Felix confronted her. :)

    Crimson: Gweneth is the new Maxie! ROFL! And she sucks!! Where did Connie get this woman? Oh here comes 80 year old Maxie! Finally she shows up! Maxie has something to eat for Connie for breakfast but it's dinner now?!! HUH?! 80 year old Maxie was THAT late? Damn!

    New Maxie: Oh you're pregnant?

    Me: Uh are you blind?!!? Do you need glasses sweetie?

    Oh baby Spinny kicked awww! :)

    Duke and Anna: Anna's shirt makes her look pregnant. Anna is all if you do something bad, I am going to have to arrest you. Is this foreplay? ROFL!

    Johnny: JOHNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! YAY! What's going on baby? What's the secret?

  12. Ellie needs to be slapped. WHY does she care about this Lulu/dante/maxie thing? It is NOT her problem. Now Miss nosey body STEALS a file just so she can find out what is going on? Ellie deserves what she finds out. Now how long is she going to have that flash drive in her pocket, without looking at it? like the weeks Olivia carried around the pee stick?

    Like Nulu willing to give her a chance. Letting her ease into the role was a smart move.

    Anna and Duke were boring.

    Sabrina is looking a little too put together now. All her spunk went away with the glasses and frizz. She seams to have no personality now.

  13. I liked how Maxie kept referring to Gwyneth as New Maxie.

    I like the NuLu (haha good name!) She is a good actress and will do well. Everyone just needs to get used to her.

  14. I don't love every single storyline but we are soooo much better off with Ron and Frank than we ever were with Guza etc. The show had become background noise for me, now I watch every day.

  15. More Tyler Christopher please!! How hot is he? Don't care who else is on as long as he's in the scene tats and all. Smokin'!

    The show is fun and much lighter with the comedic characters of Milo, Felix, Max, even AJ, etc.

    The relish story has to get movin along. Just sayin

  16. My question is, why hasn't Patrick demanded a paternity test???

  17. @Tawna, we all know that if and/or when they get around to the paternity test that Britta or her mother will have tampered with the results.

    This show is 500x better than it was two years ago but still, every once in a while, gets trapped under stupid clichets like mistaken baby-daddy storylines (sigh).

  18. I am so not a fan of Sabrina I find her too whiny and self centered. I now fast foward scenes with Patrick because of her. I loveLiz and AJ hoping the breakup is short term. I do love TC and his tatts but want AJ to win for once. He has been the scape goat all his life and he deserves a chance. Love Nululu so mu h potential.

  19. Well at least we still have some of the pre-Valentini viewers with us--they haven't forgotten their habit of complaining about everything on the show, from unavoidable recasts to storylines they don't like.

    When I find myself a little disappointed in something GH, I make myself recall the show under Guza and Co. when I pretty much hated everything every day, when I felt more depressed when it was over than when it began. I did a lot of complaining and then finally gave up. No one was listening, at least not at ABC. I even became convinced TPTB were contriving to make it fail so they could get rid of it. Why else kill off all the viewer faves and focus the whole show on one sleazy, tired, tedious crime lord?

    Well, now we have humor, a bit of love-in-the-afternoon, surprises and fun twists and stories spread among the whole cast. Even Milo has a story!

    Okay, yes, I miss Julie terribly. I felt she was the perfect casting for Laura's daughter. But I'll give NuLu a chance. I miss Sabrina's glasses--they belonged on her and she is just another pretty girl without them, but still, Patrick must move on so I'll give the girl a chance. (I mean, what's wrong with glasses, lots of us have worn then all our lives!)

    I love that they have made a real effort to redeem AJ without taking away all his 'screw-up' tendencies.

    What made Luke such a great character over the years was that he could be wrong, he could make mistakes, he could be a jerk sometimes, but without losing his appeal. Because he was also a romantic and he always made an effort and he wasn't afraid of hard work, and he loved with his whole heart. (Yes, I'm talking about Luke Spencer--just not the Guza Luke!) Fallible characters are easier to identify with. They seem real.

    I just read that Kevin might not be able to come back and that is really disappointing, but it isn't always the writers who control these things--sometimes it's the fates....and life, and schedules.
    They are keeping Lucy around so we can cheer that!

  20. RE Zak: people are entitled to their opinion.


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