Friday, April 12, 2013

Flea-Mac Wedding!

Yeah!! SO Glad they are getting married!! (I got home at 2:22)

Olivia and Sonny--Here's hoping Lisa LoCiccero gets a fabulous story. 

"I was just briefed on your family history...isn't he dead"? says Anna to Alexis! Anna, weren't YOU dead a couple times too? LOL  
Alexis "HELENA IS DEAD? A nuclear bomb couldn't take her out... she's too evil to die"!! 

 "I would have to see her cold, lifeless shriveled up old body..and then I wouldn't even believe it" 

Luke knocks out Stavros. They find LULU but Luke doesn't kill Stavvy-and we wakes up. They trap him in the Space CHAMBER (circa 2001). Lulu of course,  has a NuFace. Everyone thinks she's dead. Oh ye of little faith.
Lasha turns the chamber o n Stavros. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



  1. I rush my ass home and NO ONE comments? :stompingfoot:

  2. I loved the show today! I was wondering why Dante didn't use Helena's hand to open the door to Lulu's confinement chamber.I loved Laura's anger with Stavros, finally! No one messes with a Mom's child and escapes her wrath :)! Like Liz, Nik and Alexis scene. Enjoyed Monica and AJ discussing his relationship with Liz. Even enjoyed Olivia /Sonny scene.

  3. I Can't each till 9. Was new lulu on on? I'm nervous about the recast

  4. Q home: Monica wants AJ and Liz to get married and have babies!!! ROFL! Too funny. :)

    The hospital: Wait AJ don't go!! It's just like when you and Carly kissed, and Liz saw you two! Looks are deceiving!! Talk to Liz and tell her you saw her and Nik hugging!

    Cassadine Island: Oh look! NuLulu! :) She is from Y&R and still is!!! Is she going to be on both soaps?!!?! Dante stop using your fingerprint to try to open doors!!! Go get "dead" Helena and use her finger! Stavros crying! :( Let me take care of you honey! :) Man he should have been with Milo and the gang at the nurses ball stripping! :)

    Olivia and Sonny: Olivia and her psychic vision!!!!

    Anna's office: Anna was great today! Talking to Alexis and then talking to Olivia and Sonny. :)

    Mac and Maxie: Great scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    The line of the day goes to Sonny!

    Sonny: What is it with these people, why can't they just die?


  5. Liz & AJ or Liz & Nik... I just can't decide!

  6. Didn't finish watching yet, but HAD to say, Karen, I work late (Thank G-d for DVR), usually until 8 or 9--we are not deserting you!! So far, from what I've watched ITA about Helena's fingerprints--I totally was thinking that Dante should use hers.

  7. I LOVED Laura's snarl at the end when she broke the controls. ( I still think they should have put a stake through Helena's heart though because I tend to agree with Alexis on this one.)

    I also liked Luke's little mock bullet sounds when he locked Stavros in and aimed the gun at

    I enjoyed Anna's talk with Olivia and Sonny. I also loved her remark about Ethan when she said he was safe on board the cruise ship and probably heading for the casino already to work the tables. lol

    It was also great to see some family discussions between AJ and Monica and Mac and Maxie today too. These type of connections have been missing for so long from this show.

    Poor AJ. I felt so sorry for him at the end. It's too bad he couldn't have seen Elizabeth's face. lol She looked stunned when Nicholas wanted a hug.

  8. Ahhhhhh. I'm going out of town next week with very limited internet access.....AGAHHH!HH! This show is just the BEST right now. AJ/Liz/Nik...I'm hooked already. Michael/Brenda mess looks like great fun. Cassadine craziness is actually interesting for once. And as everyone's pointed out, the dialogue is amazing...quippy, funny, honest, very real for a soap.

    Anyhow, you people are all very nice to think Dante should have used Helena's finger to open the chamber. I thought the same thing, only one step further: I kept yelling "cut her finger off and use it" at my TV. :) That way they wouldn't have to drag dead bodies to every secret room in the house.

  9. Loved Dead Hells' look on her face on the table.

    Most blogs spoil that the Flea-Mac wedding is a no-go and that Frisco returns to save Maxi when she gives birth and wins Flea back.

  10. Cosmoetica says Most blogs spoil that the Flea-Mac wedding is a no-go and that Frisco returns to save Maxi when she gives birth and wins Flea back.
    Hmmm save Maxie from what?

  11. Laura has found her backbone!! Thank you Ron and Frank.

    If Helena is "dead" and Stavros is frozen, what Cassadine is going to come out of the woodwork to revive them?

    I like that they are letting us get used to new Lulu's face- it is a nice way to ease us into a recast.

    AJ is going to go off the deep end making assumptions about Liz. Nick sort of launched himself at her - a little grabby.

    Maxie and Mac were great.

  12. Thank you, Carey. I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking about cutting fingers off. lol

  13. Yeah, count me in on the finger cutting.
    Anyone else notice not only was Nik hugging Liz but, looked like he was kissing her neck, strange scene.

  14. Avalonn said...Anyone else notice not only was Nik hugging Liz but, looked like he was kissing her neck, strange scene.
    Yeah it did look like he was kissing her neck. He was snuggling her. Yes very strange scene.


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