Monday, April 22, 2013

Brenda Shocker....NOT

Say What!?

Oh wow, she didn't sleep with him.
worst kept secret Evah!! 

And BTW-- Ummmmmmm.... is Spin Danny's nanny now? 

Moment of Silence For Boston. 


  1. Little Lulu and AJ win the line of the day today!!! :)


    Little Lulu: I'm really tired David.

    ROFL! His name is DANTE! :)

    Airport: Oh oh! Olivia has balloons and a sign! ROFL! I didn't think that would be good!! Little Lulu will freak out and she did!!!

    Carly and AJ:

    AJ: What's in the bag? Medication for your latest STD?


    Kelly's: Thank you Brenda for admitting that you and Michael didn't sleep together! :)

    Maxie and Ellie's home: Spinny and baby Cheeto Awwwwwwwwwwwww! :) And boy Franco's daughter (Ellie) is so nosy!! Well, Like father like daughter. :)

  2. The look on Dante's face when she said David was high comedy. I am loving how nuLu is rattling his chain LOL.

    I second AJ's STD line - that is good stuff right there.

    I feel sorry for Brenda to a degree...Came back to Port Charles to announce her engagement to Jax and to celebrate Robin at the Nurse's Ball, and she leaves with her relationship destroyed and she didn't even really get to attend the Ball. I do like she was messing with Carly with such a catty scheme...Wish she would have kept her mouth shut and just let Carly and Sonny stew over it more. Oh well!

    TC says Nik is sticking around for awhile in town! That's cool with me, especially with Laura back too. She needs some familiar family to hang around with. Looking forward as well to seeing him interact with his 1st cousin, Alex Cassadine, if the rumors of Roger H playing that role are indeed true.


  3. The STD and David lines were no doubt priceless :) Anyone hoping we finally get a Sonny/Olivia pairing? Sonny and Brenda were greatness back in the day but, honestly for me the magic is gone and I'm not feeling it anymore.

  4. Re Brenda:
    I've never been able to have any respect for any woman who wanted to be with slimy Sonny. I'd hate Olivia to go that route. (Well, okay, I love Alexis, but she just had a sudden temporary moment of total stupidity and quickly recovered.)

    I hope they don't make the mistake with Lulu that they did with Starr--making her really unlikable for a few weeks just as she is starting. But she seems more confused that agressively angry, at least for now.

  5. Hopefully Nulu's line delivery is just her acting out of sorts and confused, and not a reflection of her real style.

  6. Brenda's secret was a joke. Who didn't know that she did not sleep with Michael? And now we get yet another goodbye scene between the sonny and Brenda.

    I wanted Olivia to have a vision when she saw Lulu - like a turnip or scrambled eggs or something.

    New Connie acts a little too much like Kate, No fun at all. This pining over Sonny is going to drive me crazy. Olivia needs a whirl at him.

    Maxie/Lulu/Dante baby thing is NONE of Ellie's business She is goingt o figure it out, and SHE will lie to everyone too about it.

    That baby is so cute and very good.

  7. Andrea says New Connie acts a little too much like Kate,
    But she sounds like Connie. :)

    This pining over Sonny is going to drive me crazy. Olivia needs a whirl at him.
    Yes stop pining over Sonny! UGH! Yeah it's Olivia and Sonny's turn. :)

  8. I actually like the new Connie and I am glad they are resurrecting Crimson and Maxie's old job. I for one am really glad Brenda pulled one over on Carly, but I did hate to see Michael in such turmoil. Snarly deserved it, though. Wouldn't mind seeing Olivia w/Sonny, not that I would wish him on anyone. So glad Nik is staying around - Tyler looks fantastic! And the STD and David lines were great!

  9. "I wanted Olivia to have a vision when she saw Lulu - like a turnip or scrambled eggs or something."


    Andrea that gave me such a good laugh this morning. I was expecting her to have some kind of vision too, but nothing as creative as your idea. lol

  10. No it wasn't a shocker Brenda didn't sleep with Michael but I do love that she got one on Carly!


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