Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oh, it's FaiSPAWN!

That's what I'm calling Britt now.  :) FaiSPAWN!
That belly was GIANT for 3 months.
LORDY but then again, she's a spemination job, so who knows?! 
I have SO MUCH to write about this story but I think I'll save it for Sunday.

I loved Dr. Evil  dancing to "Jump" LMAO.  FUN stuff. 

Hey, when Molly was singing Kate Grahn, Nancy's daughter was on the guitar and that was her band.

Michael is getting dumped by Starr over the phone-- LMAO. Prospect PARK YOU MEANIES!! She's coming back as someone ELSE!!



  1. Loved today's show!!!!! The ending gave me chills. I thought for sure we would see Robin somewhere watching on TV.
    How is it that's Brit's belly is way bigger than Maxie's? That did not make much sense.
    Loved Epiphany with Monica and Tracy.
    Saw the wink Nancy Grahn gave her daughter... too cute.
    Poor Michael....
    Love, love, love the little girl who plays Emma, she is awesome!!!!!

  2. wow. a lot to say. thanks for this forum.

    is that Ty Treadway? I went to high school with him. Was in his Junior English class.

    I am glad I was not the only one who thought the belly was HUGE. I cant tell from the spoilers and online gossip if she is impregnated with Lulu/Dante hybrid or if she is faking it. IF she is faking it, my money is that little Emma will walk in one day and see her without the prosthetic or getting changed and call her on it and tell Patrick or Sabrina. Oh, out of the mouths of babes...

    I always felt that a villian should be someone you love to hate (or hate to love) but either way, you are enticed to tune in week after week (or day after day in this case) to see them succeed or fail. JR on Dallas and Alexis on Dynasty are prime examples. Britt and Dr. O are pathetic. There, I said it. They are as stale and listless as day old toast without the butter and boisenberry jam. They are both just dragging their scenes. Before Dr. O showed up, Britt at the very least had spunk (I hate spunk). But here, she is just phoning in the scenes like she is out of breath and at the last 20 yards of a 400 yard dash.


    I did like the "tune in tomorrow" segment. It looks like there are a few storylines that will pick back up and that will now go at a faster pace. And... XXXXXX sleeping with XXXXXXX? Wow. This is going to be one catfight to rival all the catfights on Dynasty. I cant wait.

    The ending was good. I still find it hard to believe that the ONLY tickets there were able to sell to the Nurses Ball were about 20-25 to the hospital staff and their families. If this were "real", They probably would have made about 2 grand tops. There were no other residents in PC that wanted to go to the ball? I mean, the mayor of the city wasn't even there. I know, it's fiction...

  3. I couldn't agree with delcodave more, Britt and Dr. O ARE pathetic. This is sad. What do they think will happen here? They need to take lessons from Faison, at least he got creative!
    And the whole you know who sleeping with you know what is kinda just sick!!!!

  4. Today's episode was so much fun! i hope they do another ball. I loved Molly and TJ (and Kate Grahn).

    Dr. Obrecht dancing around was hilarious. Who knew that woman has a sense of fun.

  5. I feel gypped. I wanted to see Liz and AJ perform. But their kiss was great.

    I find the whole Britt/Dr. O business really annoying, but I did enjoy Dr. O rocking out to Rick Springfield and to Jump. The actress seems to be really enjoying the chance to ham it up.

    Duke + Anna taking care of Emma was so sweet.

  6. Yes,that is Ty he was on OLTL

  7. The whole Brit preggers is stupid and confusing???
    Is she really pregnant??
    And if yes how the heck did she get so big over night.
    And if she's not, ummm.
    I kept talking to the screen saying Patrick take her some where and make her strip down and show him her stomache.
    Doesn't anyone at GH think its odd that yesterday she wasn't showing at all.
    Show me the bare tummy, that would've been my First demand.
    Because let's face it paternity tests in PC don't mean a thing!

  8. I was upset not to get to see Liz and AJ also! :(

  9. Karen!! FaiSPAWN! ROFL!

    Nurses ball: Epiphany, and her revelations! ROFL! Perfect! :) Dr O dancing ROFL! Poor Michael. Starr breaking up with him. :( Britch preggers!!! I thought she was lying at first, but then her mother gave her milk. So she IS preggers! Britch you slept with Mr Marbles didn't you?!!?! Mr Marbles is the father!!! Mr Marbles you are gonna be a daddy!!!! :) Today is the last day of the nurses ball. :( I thought Robin was going to show up during the nurses ball! What happened?!?! Quiz (AJ and Liz) kissing YAY! :) Great show today!

  10. Finally caught up on 4 days worth of GH that I hadn't been able to see...Gotta say that the Nurse's Ball was pretty good. Storylines rotated well throughout (although sometimes the writers have the characters do inexplicably dumb things like Frisco's overly public proposal, Brenda's waffling, the Richard Simmons(??!!!)/Lucy spat) and generally, I had fun watching it. The evil doc/Britch team up is actually kind of quirky and Brenda/Carly round 20 is also amusing in a bitchy kind of way.
    Would have a loved a Robin or Robert cameo somewhere in the mix, but all in all it was worthwhile.

  11. What a stupendous event! They really handled it all well. So enjoyable.

    Wasn't it implied that Britt's pregnancy was stolen from Maxie (well, Lulu, Dante) and perhaps was started before Maxie's current pregnancy. OK, that's pretty far-fetched but this who surrogate thing has been pretty far-fetched. Science has had little to do with it!

    Not fond of Richard Simmons who was always prone to overacting (he is so out there anyway), but he was needed--how else to get Lucy onstage undressed? Katherine Bell was the reason years ago, so someone was needed to create the reason now. Remember the time Lucy swung out of the curtain up-side-down in her lace scanties? Delicious.

    I thought as Frisco was talking about his humiliation that it was Felicia whom HE humiliated, not the other way around. He was so over-confident...

    I think Britt's mother is an excellent villainess.
    I really disliked Brenda and Carly's childish last stand and I am hoping Brenda doesn't come back again. I was never fond of her.

    There was a rumor both Jacks brothers would be back, and the evil doc mentioned him today, so maybe we will see Robin yet...

    I was hoping Olivia would have a sudden sighting of Robin or a clue premonition.

    Lovely show, lovely week.

  12. I so totally loved the nurses ball today!! And I LOVE LOOOVE that song at the end!! Love it so much that I purchased it off Itunes! :D

  13. I was also expecting Jerry Jax with Robin, Emily with Nic, Ric Lancing, Blackie Parrish. Then again May sweeps is coming up so....
    On a different note, did anyone see the new promo? What is Robert Kelker Kelly up to these days? I have a funny feeling Stavros Cassadine is still alive.

  14. I just do not get Brit's whole obsession with Patrick. I think she is pregnant because of the conversation with her mother. BUT why? Brit does not like children at all. It looks like she has no role model either, because he mother doesn't really like her. So what does having Patrick's baby get you? Do you think that Patrick is going to stay with either Sabrina or Brit AFTER Robin is found alive? It just don't get the point of ANY of this storyline.

    I was upset we did not get to see AJ and Liz perform. though the conversation and kiss was good.

    If Michael and Brenda end up in bed together THAT would be classic. She should get pregnant and give the child to the Q's to raise.

    I thought every scene with Richard Simmons in it was a waste of time.

    We are finally going to see Luke and Laura tomorrow!

    I did live Dr. O dancing and not being embarrassed by it at all.

  15. I have a question. In Max and Olivia's act, why was Olivia yelling? ROFL! Where was the microphone on her? Didn't she have one? ROFL!

  16. Dr. O dancing was hysterical. Loved yesterday's show except for the thoughtlessness of Britt's announcement with little Emma right there. Everyone really loves that little girl - she is just adorable. The whole Nurses Ball was beautifully done and a great testament to the one from the past. Could have done without R. Simmons. Lynn H. did a great job. That baby bump looked like seven months already - 3 months is virtually unnoticable.

  17. Worst. Nurse's Ball. Ever!

    The Simmons nonsense.

    The Frisco Diss.

    Molly singing.

    Bad, bad, bad.

  18. My objection to the Nurses' Ball is how few people were there--it looked like some tables from Kelly's, not like a large ballroom.

  19. I'm relieved we didn't have to listen to Starr sing...or Blair.

  20. I think that Britt is carrying Lulu and Dante's baby. She needed to get pregnant and had access to Lulu and Dante's embryos. I bet you anything that in the end Maxie and Spinelli get their baby along with Lulu and Dante,


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