Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy 50th to our Beloved General Hospital!

See Alberta's complete cast/set photos up there on the tab -- it's a great album. I've had the honor to meet Nancy Lee Grahn, Dom, Lisa LoCicero, Vanessa Marcil, Maurice,  Steve Burton, Billy Warlock and Ronnie Marmo. The cast, crew and fans of GH over the years has been the BEST. Here's to ANOTHER 50 years!

What is your ALL TIME FAVE GH episode? I've thought long and hard about this one and I guess it has to be Laura and Luke reunited at the Mayor's Mansion. I think it gave me the most goosebumps of all. So many to choose from though!! Watching the marathon all weekend made me realize how I miss the earlier shows -- and the shows before everyone started getting killed off or just plain forgotten. The Cassadine Ball made me swooooon!! 

We survived the year, and it's been wonderful. Thank you to the new regime for bringing back our beloved GH Nurses Ball, vets and putting life back into the show! ABC better not dare touch it!! 


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  2. The Luke/Laura reunion on the Mayor's mansion lawn is classic, no doubt! I remember watching that live as a kid and when he screamed "LAURA" I just about fell out!

    I always liked the action stuff: Luke, Laura, and Scorpio taking over Mikko's Ice Machine, the Aztec Princess storyline, the Promethus Disc, etc.

    Quite honestly though, the biggest WTH "I can't believe I just saw that!!!" moment on GH for me was when Grant Putnam came to kidnap little Robin Scorpio and grabs the hair of their nanny/housekeeper Filomina and smashes it into a table, breaking her neck which was immediately followed by a judo fight with Anna Devane. Totally badass scene that I didn't see coming at all!!!
    Here's that scene:

    Runner-ups include: Edward Q faking his heart attack for Tracy, Scotty Baldwin catching the flowers at the Luke/Laura wedding and Luke leaping off the balcony to get in a fist-fight with him, Felica finding out from Bobbi that BJ's heart saved Maxie, the many scenes of Robert, Anna, and Sean (and Tiff sometimes too) wargaming out a plan to take on the bad guys, the reveal of Bert Ramsey as mobster Mr. B...

    Good times!


  3. I loved all of the BJ heart transplant episodes. Robert & Anna's outdoor wedding. Bobbie finding out that Carly was her daughter right after Carly gave birth. And my favorite montage (even though it was under Guza) - the Amazing Grace one when Brenda returned and saw Sonny.

  4. I would have to say the Nurse's Ball episode when Robin gave her speech and Jason carried her off the stage.

    That visual link of Robin's words - "please don't be afraid to get too close...don't make us invisible aswell"...and then Jason carrying her off stage
    For me it meant that it was ok to get near someone with HIV.
    Such a powerful scene and episode.

    I always liked how they handled such an important social issue.

    Cannot Thank you enough Karen, for all the hard work and wonderful years you have given us, the GH community. Wish you all the best!

  5. For a happy episode mine's definitely L&L2's "wedding" in the little chapel. Sigh. I thought it was so beautiful.

    And for sad: all the episodes after the fire that "killed" Lucky. Especially the one with Luke and Laura at the morgue. ;( I had to take a few days off work during that week because I was a disaster.

    And I still wish they'd done a storyline following up on whose body that was in the fire. I would have loved to have seen his parents come to get revenge for his senseless murder....

  6. For personal reasons, Robins speech at the nurses ball as to be the number one for me.

    But for over all sheer enjoyment, I am going with Sean and Tiffany's wedding. I do not know how Sharon Wyatt was able to keep a straight face during that entire ceremony. What an actress. When I still watch it on youtube, I cant help but crack up every time.

    At one point, GH was very good at mixing both drama AND comic relief.

  7. I have so many favorites over the years...Luk/Laura and Beechers Corners, BJ's death and Felicia finding out it was her heart, Stone's dying..ned and Lois...Dominque and scott, etc. I'm excited for this week :)

  8. The first thought I had was Luke and Jennifer Smith's wedding on the boat. Scotty, having found out about Laura's rape, beats Luke senseless and knocks him overboard. As everyone is searching for Luke's body, he pops out of the water to grab Laura's ankle as she walks down the pier. It was the moment when GH changed forever from just another soap to something daring and adventurous. That night Luke and Laura would dance through Wyndham's Department Store and I would be hooked forever.

  9. It's hard to choose just one! But I agree with the L&L wedding; BJ dying; Anna seeing Robyn as a little girl after being apart....and I will add Emma seeing her Mama when they are reunited, hopefully soon!

  10. BJ's death and Felicia finding out her heart saved Maxie was the most emotional for me.

    Favorite whole episode was Frisco and Felicia's wedding. But I loved any episode with Anna, Robert, Frisco, Sean and Tiffany working their WSB magic.

  11. Runner up oldies but goodies:
    Bert Ramsey and Grant Putnam reveals.

    Luke/Laura and Lucky on the run.

    Supporting actors I miss:
    Tom Hardy
    Jimmie Lee Holt
    Decker--remember that weird quirky guy that was with Felicia for awhile?
    Lee (I can't remember his last name but he and his wife were friends with the Hardys)

  12. FriscoDances: You are talking about Lee and Gail Baldwin, who are Scotty Baldwin's parents

  13. I started watching in the middle of the ice princess stories, so I love them, but my favorite is the time when Elizabeth found Jason in the snow and helped him at her studio. I've always thought they had the best story that was never told!

  14. Oldschool: I'm one of the few who liked the Burt Ramsey as Mr. Big tale, but his reveal was rather anticlimactic. He just turned around midway in an episode, sitting in a chair, talking to Angus McKay. When you say reveal, are you meaning when Robert found out, at the party, or that scene in the chair. The chair scene was just so anticlimactic.

    My all time fave scene is 1993 and the Bill and Sly Eckert talk on life that went a whole episode. Best father-son talk I've ever seen on tv. Even Tony Geary said it was his all time fave scene on GH, and Bill is a character he much preferred over Luke.

  15. Blogger FriscoDances said...

    Runner up oldies but goodies:
    Bert Ramsey and Grant Putnam reveals.


    FRisco, same q I asked Oldschool re: Burt Ramsey.

    And which Grant P. reveal?: Grant A as a DVX agent? The real Grant P's first appearance? His second reveal as The Snowman? There were many 'Grant reveals.'

  16. As a dedicated L&L fan, I have many favorite scenes. I tend to remember scenes rather than episodes. And I agree with Louise Weston about the yacht fight. It had seemed Luke would die--and right about then ABC broke in with some breaking news and that set the switchboards on fire! ABC quickly found out what viewers thought was important!

    Before that there was the scene where Luke lets the air out of Scott's tires while singing 'Red Sails in the Sunset', so he could go out on Jennifer's boat alone with Laura--and that scene there when he got Laura to finally admit she had wanted him...he was a real sob, but it cemented his need to pursue her.

    A couple years later, Luke is hiding from assassins and he is at a homeless shelter on the docks. When Slick brings Laura to see him, she is ready to run into his arms. 'Careful, Baby, I'm not alone in these clothes,' he says, scratching at his dirty bum's outfit. Then they have a touching discussion alone that I'll always remember...

    Loved the day Luke discovered Laura was the ELQ receptionist. And the day Edward and Alex hired Luke and gave him an office.

    Loved Robert's arrival on GH. Very impressive. He shows up in Luke's shabby little apartment, threatens him with a gun and knocks him on the head. Later Luke shows up in Robert's penthouse apartment with a gun and that was a real male pissin' contest.

    Loved when Lesley decided to finally go out and try to forget the divorce, and she gets tipsy at the Disco and Rick brings her home and it gets tender.

    Loved when Lesley had a date with adorable Burt Ramsey and later Rick shows up and then Tony Cassadine, all giving her more male attention than she'd had for ages--and more witty exchanges among the beaus...

    Have to admit--I hated the notion that Burt Ramsey, one of my favorite GH characters, was supposed to be Mr Big, after Bob had done such a droll and skillful many years playing the straight-arrow cop. It really wasn't the actor.

    I have too many favorite scenes so I'd better stop.

  17. The reveal of Ramsey as Mr Big in the chair messed with me because they cut away for a local news break right before they revealed his face. I had to call my cousin on the West Coast to find out over the phone it was Ramsey and it stunned me.

    When Robert found out too though it was pretty damn intense...Tristan really sold that scene



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