Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Great Piece On Ingo in Glamour Mag

Glamour visited Dancing with the Stars last night and has a great interview up on the site. Hit the link--there's also a nice video up as well. 

OK, a little backstory here. After hearing—during the live taping, no less—that Ingo was celebrating his 42nd birthday, I darted off to the nearby Sprinkles cupcakes at The Grove to pick him up a birthday treat. And how about this coincidence: Because it was Earth Day, Sprinkles had vanilla cupcakes with surfer-surfboard decorations on them. As many of you know, Ingo is an avid surfer in Hawaii. So, bingo!


  1. Happy Birthday, Ingo!!

    Wish you were back on GH as your handsome, clever, witty, corporate raider! Give Tracy and AJ a surprise--swoop in and grab ELQ while they are busy battling!

    We all miss you. Dancing isn't your thing. Acting is.

  2. Happy Birthday Ingo!
    Peanut stole your thunder tonight on DWTS!


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