Thursday, April 4, 2013

Watch Katie Today..

Genie, Kin..Finola, Tony and Kelly all pop up on the show along with Rick Springfield! Katie usually airs on ABC after GH in most east coast areas,  check your schedule! 
More great pics up on Tony Geary Dot Net FB page! 


  1. In case others can't find it: it's on my NBC affiliate here in Seattle.

  2. It was a great show, can't wait to see her 20/20 special. Oh boy, how a year can change. ABC actually celebrating GH? We certainly never thought that would happen a year ago but it makes it all that much sweeter now.

  3. I missed the Katie show! Is it posted on YouTube, anyone know?
    I'm VERY happy ABC is celebrating GH, if GH goes the way of AMC and OLTL, I will be SOL :(

  4. I sang the song with Jack Wagner too then immediately reround it and taped it on my phone so I could post it on FB . Since I am not spoiler free and know that Jack is not staying at GH I want Felicia to say no. I want Her to stay on General Hospital. If Jack was staying then I might want her to say yes eventually. Wish Jack would be given a contract.
    I was feeling it with Patrick and Sabrinia but figure Robin will put in an appearance shortly. I expect Dante and Anna to find her while looking for LuLu.


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