Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I love Lisa LoCicero.. and I thought there was a huge story with Olivia and Sonny-- and they missed the boat. IF Brenda's not staying-- (and who the hell knows) I would like this. She's tough and wouldn't take any sheeze. Plus, her kid's a cop. Why not.?


  1. I totally agree, why not? Olivia is not a weak "yes" kind of woman. I, like many I think, have Sonny burnout". New life desperately needs to be injected into this character and there really is so much potential!!!

  2. I agree, too. I think Olivia is great for Sonny. She tames him without being a shrew about it (ahem...paging Carly). And they have an awesome son together. I love this pairing!

  3. Sonny and Olivia? SURE!!! :)

    The hospital: Poor little Lulu!!! Aww Lulu your husband David loves you!! ROFL! Oh look Laura hasn't burned that ugly bow shirt yet. :) Scotty vs Luke LOVE IT!

    Scotty: Let's get things straight Spencer. You keep your hands off of Laura.


    Luke: Our daughter just survived the unimaginable you garden gnome.


    The floating rib: Milo is the king of one liners today! He won today! :)

    Milo: Clean plate. From your ears to God's lips. You're into what? Who's George?

    ROFL! I love you Milo. :) Love the Connie and Milo scenes today. Oh look who comes in! Little Lulu!!!! :) Sabrina's shirt today was cute.

    The airport: Gee Brenda you forgot all about Jax huh? Then you blame Carly for ruining your life? NO that is all YOU! Sonny and Brenda scene was actually really good. Sonny isn't going with her rats. Well he actually made a good point. Maybe someday they will be together. For the right reasons. And they aren't rebounding.

    That end scene with Michael at Kelly's flashing back to what Brenda said about drinking the coffee, and then Brenda on the plane drinking coffee, was strange. I thought for a second Michael was going to remember having sex with Brenda and that she was telling the truth! But nope.

  4. Brenda - the way she is written is still kind of a mess. Despite that she was supposed to be engaged to Jax she threw herself at Sonny this time around and frankly deserved what she got. Hell, in the end she was pretty much still unrepentant that she did it! ugh!!!
    I did enjoy her messing with Carly and the sheer laughable soapiness of her sleeping with Michael, but all in all this was not a good trip to PC for the character.

    Love the Luke vs. Scotty stuff...These two guys go so way back that their repartee is effortless and always fun.

    There was some weird editing in this episode, but for the most part it was watchable all the way through.


  5. I laughed, too, when Scotty had the gall to say to Luke, 'And keep your hands off Laura'!! Like Luke hadn't had his hands on her and her heart for lo these 30 years! And I loved the Garden Gnome remark. Scotty does kinda remind me of one--sort of the battle of the gnome and the giant.

    Loved the look Luke gave baby Scotty when Scott was trying to pretend he was family and gathering all together for Lulu, and said something like,'how about you, Luke?' That look was a killer.

  6. Would love to see Olivia and Sonny together. That would get Con/Kates goat.

    I'm so tired of Brenda, she loves Sonny, won't stay with him. Carly was 100% right to do what she did and tattle on her to Jax.

    Dante give Lulu some space, you are just freaking her out and pushing her away.

    Scotty, like Jax, needs to learn his lesson.... She does love you. She loves someone else and just with you when the love of her life is not around. When the bride does not want to set a wedding date it is very telling.

    I guess it is going to be shirtless Wednesday.

  7. Olivia needs to go- from the psychic nonsense to the potshots at Frisco, her welcome is worn out. Bye-bye to both Falconeri girls.

  8. From what I read, the Sonny/Brenda/Jax bit was such a mess because Ingo couldn't stay long and they had to re-write. I hate to see Michael with that dumb looking frown back on his face. At least when Starr was there he had a different and attractive personna.


  9. I think folks here forgot how evil Carly has been to her so Go Brenda!! I was glad Brenda wasn't taking any of Carly's crap this time. As for Jax, please I don't feel sorry for him. He took Carly back over and over when she cheated with Sonny. Sorry Sonny, Jax and Carly are all hypocrites and have done far worse than Brenda.

    I loved having Brenda back, even with lame Michael story because she shook things up. The Sonny and Brenda scenes were so good. Hope the rumors of her coming back this summer are true.


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