Saturday, April 13, 2013

Paley Center GH 50th Anniversary Event

I spy with my little eye...

Kim McCollough!!


  1. It was a great panel. Jane E. told more great stories. John Beradino, David Lewis, Anna Lee, Norma Connolly, Emily McLaughlin, Shell Kepler and Rosalind Cash were all remembered. Chad Deull (sitting in front row with the audience as were other GHers) told how he couldn't whip his pants off properly in the NB number. Jane E. BEGGED Frank V. not to make Tracy dance with Monica and Epiphany. He did anyway.

    Oh, and the secret script code names! Faison was "Bob" in scripts. Ethan was "Solomon", Bobbie was "Betty" etc. LOL

    Should be up on Hulu and the Paley Center site soon.

  2. Both Kristina Wagner and Kelly Monaco were ill and didn't attend.

  3. Unknown says Jane E. BEGGED Frank V. not to make Tracy dance with Monica and Epiphany. He did anyway.
    ROFL! Why did she not want Tracy to dance with Monica and Piffy? :)

  4. Maye she thinks she can't dance or hates dancing. I know I have no sense of rhythm and I would hate to have to dance on stage.

  5. Jane said Tracy would never dance at the NB like that, especially with Monica & Epiphany, saying it was out of character and begged FV not to make her do it.

    So many cool bits of info came out last night's panel.

    Genie Francis said playing a grieving mother was the most difficult for her as an actress and said she simply would never do that again. Finola kinda backed her up on this but said the material she was given (Robin's death) was so good and the story so well thought out that she was game.

    KM spoke of being 15 or 16 and not fully understanding what HIV and AIDS were and how huge a story it would be. She was just glad to be challenged with something new.

    Maurice B said Michael Sutton (Stone) was really green as an actor when he began but as his AIDS storyline progressed he grew as an actor and by the end of the story he was an Emmy nominee. MB was proud of that.

    Tony G spoke of how kind John Beradino was to him when Luke first broke out as a popular character. He said instead of being bitter that his screen time was being diminished by newer, younger actors, John was gracious and supportive to Tony. Tony said he has taken that with him and that whenever a new, younger actor comes on board he tries to be as kind and supportive.

    Frank V said he had Becky Herbst make the call to Rachel Ames about returning for the 50th anniversary episode and said they are open to having Audrey visit again.

    And on the return of so many 80s-era vets, Ron Carlivati said he kept asking Frank V for approval on having certain characters back and Frank kept saying "yes". Ron figured he'd be told "no" at some point but was never turned down.

    I heard the video of the panel will probably be posted later next week.


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