Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Surgery: A Stitch In Time

What a week...!! Singing...Dancing.. Scrubs on PARADE!!  Get your tap shoes out and let's celebrate...

What MORE Can be said?? We've been gushing all week. Too fun. And we have Frank and Ron to thank. In ONE YEAR they've done more for this show  than anyone in over a decade.  Thank GOODNESS they came in when they did!! 

Sonny said it for ALL OF US: Again?? Really??  AGAIN???!!  Dear Lord. Make it stop!

Girls who wear glasses... As Dorothy Parker would say. Well, here she is--all glammed up, sans glasses and her hair "fluffed"! She sounds like Anne Hathaway. Emma loves her.  What more could Patrick want? 

LOVED the Red Carpet touch!! It was fun and I liked looking at all the dresses. Best Dressed for me? Carly. She looked flawless.  Monica and Tracy were grand as well.

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  There were many but this was just priceless... Audrey and Steve,  and the dancing flashback too. All just so perfect.

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: My Helena gets shot!! IN the HEART!  Oh, so so sad. And I'm not saying it wasn't wonderfully shocking, I just wish she had gotten in one last line. Like "It has begun"... or "Now you've done it"... or even "Luke, there is another"!!  
Then again, most people think she's not really dead so...there shall always be hope. 

PROP of the WEEK:  Mr Marbles!! 

Rescue or More Feta? 

PS thanks to the MANY people that read this blog!! It's always great to see you're paying attention. :Wink:  That BAT PHONE keeps going off. And I answer every. time.

I'm back to work so I will be DVRing again. It was a blast to come back for the week and watch GH in all it's glory.  The fun on Katie and 20/20. The SOAPnet marathon. *sigh* This had BETTER save this show for another 50 years!! 


  1. Thank you ! Love reading your blog.

  2. OK, Karen, so I'm the first one to post today! I was soooo glad to have you back, and to have a place to go to share my GH joy!! Who else would understand?? (Although, oddly, this week I've found a lot more people I know who watch GH and I didn't know.)

    Karen, it was horribly sad for me when I felt you had "left the building," I couldn't bear to come back here. Then, I dropped by just to see, and there you are!!

    Karen, please don't leave us again, you don't have to post daily, just drop by a few times a week, or whenever you like, so that we all can stay together to share our next 50 years!!

  3. Karen, don't leave ...I really can't deal with the whackadoos in the GH thread at

  4. my week is now complete. Thanks for the surgery. Hope you can find a balance. This show is certainly worth watching now!

  5. The Nurse's Ball is everything I hoped for and more. I haven't enjoyed the show this much in... well... ever. That they bought back Laura as the heroic woman she was is such a gift. I HATED, HATED, HATED weak, pathetic Laura (as much as Genie did!). This is the woman I grew into adulthood loving.

    Thanks, Karen, for sticking around as much as you have.

  6. Hey, if you didn't see Katie's 20/20 special about GH, it's up on Hulu. It's good. Really good...but not long enough!!! :)

  7. Thanks for blogging Karen :) what a week indeed! Loved everything but, not Mr. Marbles!!! Just made Mac come across as a.....well I won't say it. Too many cheep shots in Mac's act, very low. I'd hope Mac would have just taken the high road. If I was Felicia, at this point I'd tell them both where to go! That being said I hit rewind multiple times and sang along with Frisco. LOVE!!!
    Watched the Katie special and 20/20. I'm in GH heaven these days like most fans are too :) I wish I could have watched that Soapnet marathon but, I don't get Soapnet.
    Looking forward to this week!!!
    Please stick around Karen!!! You can just be like "It's Monday, GO!" We can all comment and you can get caught up through us :)

  8. Oh, so much to enjoy!

    It occurs to me no one has mentioned Robert in quite awhile...where is he now and will he be back? And will Holly? Curious to see what Britt and her creepy mom are up to...

    I so want Laura to stay, but they must give her some fashion style. No more men's shirts with tie sashes. This woman has been in Paris, for Pete's sake. She once ran a cosmetic company. Genie should have been the Erica/Viki of GH long ago.

    The improvement in Carly's abode is nice. It always looked like a cheap cardboard set--out of place for a wealthy hotel owner!--and the changes are subtle but definitely classier. OLTL always had classy sets, so you know Frank didn't much care for all the dark, gloomy cement-wall apartments and grey homes. I also love the improved wardrobes--Alexis in red! Her constant black was so boring...

    I do wish we had John McBain back. He's my fave from OLTL and I already miss him terribly.

    Now Frank and Ron must look forward and come up with the future GH storylines, with a trimmed down cast (minus most returnees).

    But they can meet the challenge!!

  9. How in the world will the OLTL characters come back as different personas?? Maybe they should have them come back and when someone says "Todd Manning" he says, "What?? Who's that?! My name is Tom Banning, I don't know who you are talking about, you misheard my name." and then just play the same character traits. His daughter could be Starla. LOL Hey, we're supposed to believe some crazy stuff, this would be nothing. ;-)

    John McBain: Jonathan McCain, Jack McCain
    You get the idea.

    Did anyone notice Loanne Bishop (Rose Kelly) on the Mad Men premier? She was the woman seeking Megan's autograph in Hawaii.

  10. OK so I still loved all the Nurse's Ball action today and can't wait to see what happens tomorrow but I had so hoped that they wouldn't do this to Frisco's character that he would run off yet again. I get it (sort of) if he isn't going to stay on the show but I hate that he keeps doing that and why go through all the trouble to have Maxie forgive him then.
    Still never quite understood why Mac wasn't mad at Robert and Anna for leaving Robin for him to raise. I don't get how he can treat them one way and completely vilify Frisco for doing the same thing. OK, just needed to vent about that. I really wish they could have fixed that whole storyline better. But I will just keep my DVR'ed version of Friday's show to watch and delete todays. :)


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