Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Bed Buddies...

I predict that...

Michael was upset about Starr and Brenda PUT Him to bed, not TOOK him to bed. Carly freaks like the banshee she is...and..
will Brenda just go along with it to make her nuts?? 

Hee hee

And come on, Luke and Laura were fully clothed in that preview-- ummmm. No shocker there!!

I will be out today from 1-7 YES SEVEN..(meeting) sooo use this to dish, ok? I do read them when I can. 

Who wants to hear Faison say: Yous iz my DAW-TWAHHHH!! LOL


  1. I personally hope they get Anders Hove back on to the show with all of this going on...yes he was captured but Dr. Obrecht can spring him out...with Helena "dead" its time to get him back on the canvas...besides looks like other Cassadines are popping up. Stavros? Valentin? Doubt Helena/Faison would resurrect Stefan...wonder if they get Robert Kelker-Kelly back to reprise Stavros...anyway regardless, I talked to Anders Hove (Faison) back in late March for the Horrorhound convention and he said something about a daughter then so he was aware of the direction they are going in.

  2. Faison prob had his DVX moles pretend to be agents and slipped away right under the WSB's noses.

  3. dear carly,

    people who live in whore houses should not throw glass...


    oh hell. you know what I mean.

  4. I think I am allowed 2 comments per thread, so here is my second.

    Carly kept saying that Michael slept with his stepmother.

    Didnt Carly sleep with her stepfather? (Tony?)

    Isnt that just a tad bit hypocritical?

    Also, exactly HOW is GH keeping all these surprises? It's like watching in the 80s again before the internet and spoiler free. Amazing job.

  5. I was thinking the same thing about Carly. Even if Bremda is pretending its one thing to piss Carly off but for her to use Michael like this is pretty mean.

    The ending was awesome today!

  6. Cassadine Island: I was thinking, this is Cassadine Island! I was right!!!!!!!!!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHH STAVROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello Stavros baby!!!!!! :) Good to see you!!!! :)

    Metrocourt: I kept wondering did Brenda and Michael have sex? No they didn't. Yes they did? I don't think they did. Brenda was cryptic, but I think they didn't. :) Or did they? Well Carly was pissed anyway ROFL! Love the Scotty, Bobbie, and Carly scene. :)

    Hospital: There is Liz telling Nik I love you. I think as a friend. Nik is awake YAY! Oh so he knows his father is alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anna's office: Ummm Felicia wants a ring?!!?!?! Uh Felicia? YOU PURPOSED TO MAC!!! You should get HIM a ring!!!!

  7. Carly... hello... you slept with your Step dad too While he was married to your mother...Cast no stones.

    Stravros hmmm could be interesting. we shall see.

    OK Nick seems to be still in love with Liz. AJ will be jealous, I'm sure he will have a good reaction to that.

  8. This episode is one of the all time greats - seriously, I am putting it up there with Mikkos into the freeze machine, Luke and Laura's wedding, the Faison face reveal, Stone's Death, Brenda wears the wire, Edward fakes a heart-attack for Tracey, etc.

    2 jaw-dropping surprises that were set-up well and edited in a SLICK way...The latter reveal in particular FLOORED me and I love the way they cut itwith Nikolas' alarmed in the hospital.
    GH vets mixing it up and looking like they were having a blast doing it. YES YES YES
    For all the few of the current show runners' missteps, they have hit more home runs out of the park than ANYTHING since the 90's. For the most part, this show is FUN again and I am hanging with it.

  9. CALLED IT first when Hells died or "died"!!!!!!! I swear the Cassadines have feline blood! I had a gut feeling that Stavros was alive! So happy about this twist. I've liked Robert Kelker Kelly since his days as Sam on Another World. Unfortunately for me, my bf texted me before I got a chance to watch all excited about it :-/ I had a feeling but, I didn't know, it still would have been a surprise!
    Anyhoo, I don't think Michael and Brenda slept together either. It's too sick a thought for me. I'm guessing they were both totally drunk and just slept it off. I hope that's the case!!!

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  11. I am just SO happy to see Luke and Laura together again having an adventure, working in perfect sync, as they always did. Those two could always read each others' thoughts. One of the reasons the pair was so popular was that they totally convinced us they loved each other and it was forever. Luke once was said he was afraid he lost himself in Laura--and it was true at the time. I think they are better balanced now that they are mature, but that complete eye, mind, action melding is as convincing as ever.

    I admit to being surprised to see Kelker-Kelly back. Well, he was the evil one and it wouldn't have worked for it to be Stefan who was much nicer. I would have prefered to see Stephan Nichols but, oh, well.

    Excellent show today. Not at all a letdown after the great ball!

  12. I got the impression that Michael was drunk and heartbroken, and Brenda just let him sleep it off. Carly, the hypocrite, needs to shut that big mouth of hers. I really wish Stephen Nicols was back instead of RKK, but I am enjoying the adventure and surprise.

  13. At the table, there was place settings for 4 people. Who knows? Since Stephen Nichols is no longer on Y&R, maybe he will walk into the room too.


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