Friday, April 12, 2013

Strange Tweet Deepens Mystery!

Haley Pullos tweeted this and I HAVE to believe it was intentional because..look how it's framed. Ergo..

is it a flashback?
Why is CT Facing the other way from the front?

What Church? Looks Cassadine like LOL.. Russian Orthodox?


  1. Helena is sitting in a white dress in the pic! Is she alive?!

  2. Interesting pic!!!!!
    I am very excited because I just read that Laura, Scott, and LUCY are staying in Port Charles.

  3. Yes yes and yes. I love Lucy! Do we know about Kevin coming back? I think his patient was the Q heir

  4. Oh, Laura, Scott and Lucy, I am in Heaven!! Of course, then Kevin must come. I also want all the others to stay, I have to pinch myself, seeing Nik, Brenda, Audrey, Bobbie, Alan, etc., etc. I am SO HAPPY they've all been on GH, but will be sooooo sad if they leave.

  5. I just saw the scene w/Olivia and Sonny, where she tells him about the time she and her son were in the woods together. She absolutely KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF!! She is a great actress, and is shamefully underused, even with all of the actors on the canvas right now. The way she told the story while crying--something about it was so realistic, it's like she wasn't "acting" at all.

  6. Maybe my eyes aren't so good, but that looks like Felicia in the white dress--in a church in a white dress may mean wedding to Mac...? Or is it really CT?

    Yay!! Genie is staying around. THANK YOU, Ron and Frank. She needs to be on this show permanently and interacting with Luke. They don't have to get back together right away--better for soap romance if they don't --but they DO belong together. One of the most enjoyable times I remember is the year when Laura tried to get Luke back. The writer back then (Pat Falkin Smith) really was good and first she had Luke trying hard for nearly a year to win Laura and get her to admit she loved him, she does but then blows it, and so he turns his back and she chases him for a year. Two years worth of good tingly story and love in the afternoon!

    You know who hasn't been mentioned in all of this--Tristan. I do hope he comes back.

    And Kevin--YES! Always enjoyed his friendship with Mac, so he'd have two great contacts.

    I wonder about Felicia--did anyone hear if she is staying? She could be on re-occuring and still be part of PC.

  7. No that's CONNIE think it's KW?Hmm..

  8. Is it me or is the homie playing Rafe sporting a black eye?

  9. They were probably just taking a break from filming when someone took the picture and he'd been in another fight. Didn't he have a bruise the last time we saw him?

  10. Check out Ron C's twitter page and u will see him in a picture with CT in that same white dress on set. Hmmm

  11. Maybe she "haunts" some folks at her funeral? :)



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