Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Surgery: High Blood Pressure and A Bypass

Oh what a week. The ups, the downs, the announcements--the sheer upset and joy watching a well written show ride off into the sunset in such a great way.  That, coupled with starting my new job just about pushed me into heart palpitations. In one way,  I loved it. It was like the old days when I'd literally run from the bus to my house to catch the last 15min of OLTL before GH started. I couldn't wait to watch then, and I couldn't wait to watch this whole week. The writers didn't let me down! 
Ok, enough waxing poetic about OLTL. This blog is about the other end of the spectrum... the reason for a bypass surgery: GH. 

 Oh, GH Where Have You Gone?  Both Jax and Hells skulked ALL WEEK. Helena stood there for 2 miserable days fingering a knife while listening to Ethan and Cassandra talking drivel. I mean really, really bad drivel. I kept wanting something--anything to happen. I don't know, a penguin to walk by or maybe a big bird to crash through a window. Hell, even Luke dropping in for one of his long gazes at Lasha's portrait would have been a welcome surprise.  :throwinguphands: Wyndemere's "Gothic Tale" needs to blow out to the frozen lake. Like, yesterday.
Franco's dead. Well, we think he is. I say have Jason drive a wooden stake through his heart, cut off his head and stuff his mouth with garlic. That's the way you know a vampire is really dead in Stephen  King's "Salem's Lot" . I thought it was hilarious how Jason kept shooting him then yelled 'WHAT'? In his face like Franco would suddenly be able to answer with a mouth full of blood. Now we shall never know the "secret". Of course I think the secret is he is really Jason's twin "Freida" who was doing a dramatic art project prancing around as a male. That's how much this drawn out boring villian story has been. You know, tense stories  need to be told in a relatively short period of time to keep them, well....tense.   
Do I even have to talk about Steve and Olivia and what's her name? Lisa? NO....that's not it. Oh, yeah, Maggie. Scott Reeve's hyperventilation during his scenes with her  drove me nuts. Olivia should have gone in and smacked Maggie right off the bat instead of heading to Sonny's.  Whatever. That whole "Nashville" thing is wearing thin. "We went through something that bound us together forever" -- well, unless you tell us what it is REAL SOON Maggie, we'll be beyond caring. 
Carly. OMG, I bet boots Laura Wright read her script and did a double take. Then set it down, shook her head and headed for the wine cellar. (she's got a giant one) It's just all kinds of wrong to have a Mom go prostitute herself out to "save her son" from the local mobular  Jr. boss. Hell, you have all kinds of money, bribery works a lot better in that world. You have no idea how much I want Michael to walk into that warehouse and be  buried in bags of coffee up to his neck.
Oh, Luke came back. To help Carly out. Pause. Let that sink in.  HE came back to HELP Carly out.  No words.
Sonny got shot you think he'll LIVE??!! I'm so scared!! NOT.  *sigh*

Cassadine History
SCENE OF THE WEEK: Was the Davis girls in Kelly's. Molly was so cute and she and Alexis had a great Mom/Daughter discussion about "My Face" .  Sam came along  and managed not to mope for 30 seconds about Franco and the Bay-Babeeeeeee. Not only was this the scene of the week, it was the only thing I remotely enjoyed on GH. 

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: Robin begs Liz to take over her life when she leaves because she thinks she'll die of AIDS. Nevermind she's not sure how long that may take or that Patrick might not appreciate the gesture or that Robin Scorpio would never actually utter those words; there it was. It rang hollow and smacked of stupid-writing. Yes, I said it. Stupid-writing. (Say it like one word: Stupid-writing!)

FUNNY of the WEEK: Carly's sweater. Reminded me of a certain part of an uncircumsized anatomy.

Monday is going to be sad. I'm home because of  MLK day and OLTL will be gone and that Revulsion show will air right after The Spew. :Sobbing: Not only that, the only soap I'll be able to talk about is GH!! In the coming weeks I will introduce the OLTL people that are coming over so those that have no idea at least have some back-story.  Have a great Sunday!


  1. Hi there! First off, I LOVE your blog. You have the perfect balance of review and snark! From viewing some of the message boards it looks like some posters are into this Wyndemere shit! lol I think some of these peeps are new to GH and I beg of you to inform these newbies of Ethan's true love!

  2. Karen Alfred Here what ever happened ti Molly and the photo album she found does she still have it was it] a dropped story or what also how did Skye leave this time around.

  3. I think that Frank V told ABC that he wanted to finish his stories and wrap up the OLTL lines. One has to realize that those characters are his babies. His stories for those characters will have the most life to them when those characters hit GH. With time he will be able to write for the others. I think that the OLTL characters will only be in GH for a few months like Feb March and April til May sweeps and then from June to Sep that GH storylines will wrap up and a lot of old characters will come say good bye before GH loses its tie slot to Katie's new show. I wish it was different but I doubt it.

  4. An interview with Ron per GH2, we will know all the cliffhangers of OLTL thru GH. BRILLIANT!

  5. Per Raven........

    'Hey Guys,

    Remember the hints I gave you yesterday about the two more on their way to GH from OLTL? Many of you guessed Trevor St John (especially after what I reminded you about today along with the hints from yesterday). I told you again and again that Victor was not dead, Todd did not kill him, and that you would see him again before the show closed (we have come full circle today). Dry those eyes my fellow Trevor St John fans.. You will have reason to smile here very soon! You heard it here first (get ready)!'


    Now I happen to believe that Raven does NOT get information first like she claims to. (and reminds you of constantly)
    However, this I want to see play out and hopefully she will prove me wrong.

  6. This is just my opinion, but I believe that GH's ratings are going to drop even further this week until the debut of the OL characters. With OL gone, many people will no longer have their televisions set to ABC at 2pm. I certainly will not even have the tv on at 2 anymore. So now there is no lead in at all to GH. I have no desire to even attempt to watch GH again until RC's writing has time to make some kind of impact- any kind of impact, and until the OL characters debut.
    For those of you that are afraid that the GH characters are going to get backburnered to make room for the OL characters, RC is incredible about spreading the wealth and not giving too much screen time to any one given character or storyline. He is also a master at weaving storylines together with huge cast interaction. Yes, there will be less Carly, Sonny, Jason, Sam, but everyone complains about how there is too much of them now. And, while they may be on screen less, there storylines will also make sense, with a beginning, middle and end that moves along at a good pace. And if having the OL characters come in pushes out the other characters that get too much screen time for no reason at all (Maggie, LIW), characters who most, if not all of the bloggers here seem to hate, then what's the downside?

  7. Thank you so much for this blog! I have been depressed and crying all week and weekend over OLTL and this actually brightened my spirits. From the crack about Carly's awful sweater to the hard truth about the stupid writing in regard to Robin's AIDS. Everything you said rang true!! Thanks!!

  8. Karen,

    I wanted to post a comment I made on Tumblr, if you don't mind. If it's too much, feel free to delete it.

    What canceling One Life To Live means to ABC's brand

    I feel like ABC doesn’t understand something very important. Because I started watching ABC soaps as a young child, I developed a brand loyalty to the network. If I was home for summer vacation or sick from school, and now later as a adult, my tv would be on ABC from the moment it was turned on during the day, until late night. I just always gravitated to ABC because it was like home to me. Even after cable came and many channels were formed, if I couldn’t find something good to watch, my first instinct was to turn to ABC. ABC Soap fans were proud to be just that, ABC soap fans. Now, with the cancelation of AMC and OLTL, they have lost their brand loyalty from a very loyal bunch. Instead of putting my TV on ABC, I’m making sure my TV ISN’T on ABC. They sorely underestimated the brand loyalty they had secured.

  9. After listening to Michael Fairmans interview, there was something brought to my attention that is so true.
    Ron respected his viewers at OLTL.
    Ron will respect the viewers at GH.
    He didn't throw crap at us, and expect us to like it. He really gave us at OLTL what we wanted. And it spoke volumes his integrity.

    So fans of OLTL & GH who are upset about Ron bringing part of OLTL to GH, really?? For OLTL, he is wrapping up the Todd/Victor story.
    What is so wrong with that?
    GH fans. This show is in last place in every category there is.
    If you are a fan of GH why wouldn't you be excited that OLTL people are coming over? It is giving GH a 'chance' to stay on the air. I say KUDOS!!

    For the fans of Sonny Correntho's, let me say, reading between the lines, he is gone by this summer. Whether it being thru a cancellation of GH or the 'death' of Sonny Correntho's. His character won't be around this summer.

    I wish the BEST of Luck to Ron and the success of GH going forward.

    nana boo boo Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza-Frons!!!!!!!!


  11. You hit the nail on the head with the brand loyalty.

  12. First I wanted to say thank you. i had watched ABC soaps as a kid (cause mom & granny & big sis did) and GH was almost always my fave. I basically stopped watching all but would occassionally check in. About 10 years I stopped doing even that.
    Well, I started watching GH again when I heard VM was coming back (on the heels of hearing that Anna & Robert and others had done a stint). The VM storyline was AWFUL (long, boring, senseless, etc.) and I almost gave up. Then I stumbled here (wanted to see if spoilers said it would get better). You were raving about AMC and OLTL and when Dixie came back to AMC I started watching again and when the real Todd came back I started watching OLTL. Both shows were a hit! Fun, well written, good character usage and more. But GH continues to suck eggs. I was going to drop it (with Lucky & Robin leaving (and with Kristen and ethan going) but now I'll hold on a bit longer.
    Long story summary: thanks for pointing out AMC & OLTL, I'm glad I was able to watch their wrap-ups.

  13. The new Team is already casting a newbie for a contract role 18to 24 years old. Read about it at General Hospital Happenings in the news part.

  14. RC did an interview with Daytime Confidential that everyone needs to here. As a longtime GH fan and a 10 year OLTL fan I now feel much better about the OLTL characters coming on. He made it a point to express how he was actually a fan of GH before he was a fan of OLTL and that he knows the history of GH and plans to stay true to it. So GH fans if you can listen to the interview you should I believe it will make you feel better also!


  15. hear not here......sorry!


  16. LaTanya..similar if not the same was posted at gh2happenings.

    After reading the article I knew that GH was not 'officially' cancelled. Should there be enough followers to GH from OLTL, I don't see GH ending at all.
    If it bothers OLTL/GH fans the merge, DON'T WATCH!!

    Ron has integrity, and I know he will give it his best. That is good enough for me, since I see how talented he was at OLTL.

    Much luck Ron!

  17. I agree with all of this! The ONLY part of the whole week that I enjoyed was the Davis girls. Firstly, I was so glad to actually get a SamLexis scene after 3 and a half LOOOONNNGGG months! And secondly I FLOVE them talking about their Cassadine history!!! Here's what I want to happen- Sam moves away from this dull Franco mess and, along with Alexis and Molly, takes a main role in this Cassadine mystery (Alexis having a bigger role, though, as she is more of a Cassadine) Ethan can drool over the LiW off screen.

    I'm not sure which storyline is putting me to sleep more- Ethan/Cassandra or Steve/Maggie? Here's what I know about the Ethan/LiW SL- he was lurking around Wyndemere, found some woman who doesn't speak, fell in love, found out the woman has a name and amnesia and fell even more in love. Here's what I know about the Steve/Maggie SL- he brought her to GH (?), they have a past in Memphis... Riveting.

    SKate is also boring me. Unless it turns out she's been working with Jax and they plan to take him down together. But I doubt that very much!

    I'm looking forward to RC and FV joining, unless they get rid of Alexis in which case I'll definitely be switching off! But if they can use more of the cast and not focus solely on a select few characters, and also bring some happiness and light to the show then I'll be happy!

  18. @my2cents2 The reason this GH & OLTL fan isn't stoked about OLTL characters coming over to GH is because of the limited time GH has. Like I said before, had this happened years before or at least NOT in the midst of cancellation rumors, I'd totally be down. W/ me considering this being GH's last final months, I want to watch GH SOLELY... give them their due send off like AMC and OLTL received. I feel like when it comes to GH, they're the least respected when it comes to history and legacy... and this move to me proves it. You're going to have OLTL's main cast (who already got their proper, exclusive send off) to come over to GH and "help" w/ their send off? How is that even remotely fair? What about what the sole GH fans want to see... the same fans that have waited w/ baited breath for the returns of their favs, vets grown up w/, and great stories told that's true to this cast and this cast only?

    I love and respect Ron C and Frank V. I totally understand and admire their loyalty... have immense faith in their direction and storytelling. However, I can't help but to "selfishly" (sue me) want MY GH, and MY GH only in it's ending. I'm sorry, I'm scared... or annoyed.

  19. @my2cents2 ...and you really don't have to be so damn combative, or rude... reaction seeking even. I've held my tongue a lot when it comes to this blog in respect to Karen. The recurring drama always points back to you, it's a shame. It's just a matter of soaps, no need to offend anyone.

  20. Tabatha where did you read about GH cancellation?? I am anxious to read about it.

    While I am waiting I am going to enjoy the brilliance Ron brings to the show.

    There is alway an OFF button if you don't like what is happening to GH with Ron. I, for one, hate FFing thru 90% of scenes and coming in last in each and every category.

    Please forward the article where GH was cancelled. Thanks

  21. Tabatha if I bother you and the show bothers you, why you over here??

  22. Yes Tabitha I get why you like watching a show that ranks last week after week. You don't have better expectations.
    What about the rest of us?? The one's who have seen the brilliance and respect Ron gives to his viewers. Whether the show goes on for years or for months, I want to be respected.
    Don't watch the show.

    You started this.....

  23. Stop telling people not to watch the show (GH) if they are upset about decisions that new regime has made. Most people have watched for more than 30 plus years and just want to see respect paid to the history of the show. They have stayed loyal to GH because they are hopeful that the writing would dramatically improve and that characters they have loved for years would come back to give it the proper send off. The new writers gave a recent interview saying that bringing over OLTL characters is a ploy to get OLTL fans to watch GH and help increase ratings.However, even they acknowledge the fact that if they turn their back on the characters or the history that is unique to GH/Port Charles, they will continue to lose viewers. Meaning don't disrespect the viewers that are solely GH fans. Many of us do not know the characters they are bringing over to OLTL or their history. The knew writers also say they are introducing a story that centers around sonny and involves OLTL characters. Mob centric again!That doesn't bring me joy :) since that sounds like a continuation of the same. GH has lost 444 000 more viewers in recent ratings and so I'm all for improvement but I hope this last go round shows respect to GH fans wishes because logtime fans are tuning out.

  24. They have to do a lot more thatn bring over OLTL actors to resurrect GH.

  25. Has anyone else noticed that the song they use in the commercial for The Revolution is P!nk's Fucking Perfect? Just proves the network is stupid. That show is about telling people they need to change--that they're not good enough the way they are. However, that song is about being perfect just the way you are; it says don't change just to fit in. But then again, isn't that what ABC is all about? Ooh, the little teeny boppers of the world like Jersey Shore, so we have to get rid of proven shows (and an entire genre) for something as mind numbingly boring as reality television.

  26. I just listened to a Daytime Confidential Podcast with an interview with Ron Carlivati. He says he is not interested in turning GH into OLTL. He said he has been watching GH long before OLTL and knows GH's history.He did speak about Robert and Anna coming back as well as some other Vets that have not been announced yet. He also says he cannot get Robin's storyline back on track as her story had been completed before he arrived. He will try to have all characters get good screen time. He has received many tweets about jason being reuntied with Liz, jason and sam as well as many other couples and he knows he can't please everyone ( isn't that the truth ).
    Anyway , it is a good interview and he does talk about OLTL ( for those of you who watched that soap ).

  27. I just want Ethan and Kristina together. I have ZERO interest in any other couples or characters.

  28. @my2cents2 Exactly what I mean by being so combative... you seem to tune out MY whole argument. I HATE tuning into the shit-show that is GH these days. In fact, I DON'T... I simply go to youtube and watch all of Liz's scenes. Or, when I find out what days she's on I then tune in... for her, for Becky. So me liking tuning into GH is extremely laughable. MY POINT is that w/ initial news of Ron coming over I've been elated in knowing what he can do to turn GH around... the GH w/ GH characters, NOT any other soap characters and their baggage and their told, spruced up history. It's GH's turn to get their turn-around and appropriate ending. AMC got it w/ the return of Lorraine, OLTL got theirs years ago w/ Ron, and we're (GH) now getting Ron as well. But at any rate, I WILL NOT tune out. I will tune in out of loyalty and respect for GH's ending. And I will continue to visit this blog for I adore Karen and share her love and snark regarding GH.

  29. Oh now I get it. Your one of those people who get actors/characters confused!!!
    You watch for Liz.
    That pretty much makes me understand you better.

  30. @my2cents2 I'm shocked that I'm even indulging you, but we're here... so what in the world are you talking about? I don't get actors or characters confused. I simply adore Becky and her family, AND feel for the character she plays ... Liz. I made an instant connection w/ Liz's introduction being a pre-teen ... baby of the family, jealous, bratty, boy crazy, and overshadowed by a seemingly more talented or smarter sibling. I could go on and on but I won't. You have your one-sided thinking of a character, and you've made up your mind about me.

  31. when the news came out that OLTL folks were coming to GH a lot of folks on this blog were whing and crying ohhhhnooooo and Ive noticed some have come around and trust me I loved OLTL and GH but as one GH person said they see GH leaving and so do I we all need to get along as I have said many many many times.....because when GH leaves what are we going to talk about??????The View???The Today Show???? Paint drying?????

  32. Hey Mamaspat Ole... you mean something like this??

    "The Pocket Door"
    My husband went out of town. His mom’s birthday was today so he took our little one and headed north for a few days for the long weekend. This was fine by me, as I’ve been so busy with work these days. I got home later than usual tonight—burning the midnight oil knowing that I didn’t have to rush home to cook up dinner. I was so pleased to find the house quiet….just as I left it that morning. The spoon from my yogurt still the only thing in the sink. No dirty socks on the floor. It was quiet; a sensation I haven’t experienced in a while. I slipped out into the garage to grab my evening’s “fix-it” project. That pesky pocket door in the bathroom never has sat right on its track. Some random nail in the wall always scratching its little dark smirk into the Dover White semi-gloss.

    Sipping on a glass of Merlot, I rolled a fresh coat of paint over the scratch. I’d done this so many times I didn’t even bother with a drop cloth anymore. The latex shimmered under the bathroom’s white/yellow fluorescent gleam like mother of pearl. Shimmering and viscous, the freshly painted spot rose from the door like a hard-earned silvery scar would have gleamed from a long-ago knife wound. The edges slightly uneven. It’s center tender to the touch. I sat on the commode, allow myself the few moments of enchantment offered there. The shimmer. The buzz of the light. The paint began to dry. It was subtle, from the outside in. The glamour in me grew as the glimmer of paint faded. It was hypnotizing, seeing each atom--atom by atom—dull into Dover White. I waited. That little dark smirk was no match for my fresh-rolled semi-gloss this time.

    My breath deepened, each exhale coming out like a puff of steam from some cartoonish fighting bull. And with every exhale I watched the edges dry, revealing the barely visible brush marks left behind by the previous owner. I finished my wine and set the glass on the counter. The Dover White was done. Dried. Cracked in the wrong places. But that little dark shred from that pesky nail continued to smirk at me. Mocking my due diligence. I sighed. I closed my eyes. A name escaped my lips, a name I hadn’t known I’d remembered all these long years later… “Sherwin,” I said, slumping in surrender… “Williams.”

  33. Sorry, Karen (and anyone else) for my long "post". I couldn't resist a little paint-prose! I'm deeply depressed over OLTL's final chapter... and depression has a tendency to turn me straight for the keyboard.


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