Tuesday, January 15, 2013

WUBBERS: Let's Sound OFF!

Rafe... oh Rafe!! 

OK, so... the LUCY stuff.

You like? 
Did you watch Port Charles? 

What do you think is going to happen? Will they continue?

Is McBain really Caleb? 

Do you WANT McBain to be Caleb?

If he's Caleb...who could be the werewolf in town? (I'm voting for hairy Johnny Z).


  1. No thank you. I don't want to watch GH if it goes down that path...

  2. I watched some of the PC telenovela stuff and quite liked it. I'm glad they're addressing the crossover stuff on GH, but I don't want a full-blown fantasy story. Olivia being psychic is enough for me (and I'm REALLY liking her in that role, and liking the direction for that character, and liking her and those around her accepting her abilities as I've had some personal experiences with that sort of stuff).

    AND one million thank-you's for that pic of Rafe! Oh RAFE!! :)

  3. Loved it!
    I just hope this means Mcbam is finally happening, unless ME has to leave and go back to OLTL...

  4. Sorry Karen, but I watch Days Of Our Lives and had to go through possession and other super natural things and that was bad enough.

    Who was Rafe?

  5. Oh Rafe!!!

    I heard Alison is coming back, maybe Rafe will too?

    Would love it if Kevin turned out to be Sam's father, what do u think?

  6. Loved Rafe!!! Just a thought, maybe since PP owns "John McBain" maybe they are aiming for a name switch?

  7. I never watched PC and I found Lucy's actions today just plain ridiculous. At least Olivia acted like she was on a bad trip. The only part I liked was when Lucy stabbed McBain. I said...The heart, LUCY! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO AIM FOR THE HEART!

    Let's just hope they get through this foolishness quickly and that they dn't bring any more crossover characters in.

  8. I watched PC religiously, as well as Night Shift, I follow EVERYTHING GH. I don't know how they are going to reconcile the PC and GH storylines, though, as they diverged more and more as the spinoff continued.

  9. OK, I found today's show REALLY STRANGE, even for GH. Firstly, Lucy killing vampires. How on Earth will that be explained? And Carly cutting off her hair and AJ comforting her? And I guess that women in PC just can't get the key in the door!!

    Also, Michael, Starr, Sam and now Kristina all losing their significant others at such very young ages?? The whole thing is just spooking me. . . .

  10. Brender, Rafe was Lucy's cousin, a slayer, and a former angel. I loved that storyline so much, especially Rafe's love story with Alison Barrington. If as someone else said, they're bringing Alison back, I hope Rafe comes as well.

    I guess it is obvious that I loved PC--at least in the early days. After about 2002, I stopped watching because they took things a little too far what with the avatars--i still don't know what the hell those were. I tried to watch the last few episodes, but I just couldn't stand it. I liked the whole Caleb/Livvie thing when it started, but when Caleb kept coming back from the dead, it just surpassed the realm of believability. Once a vamp is gone, it isn't coming back (okay, so both Angel and Spike came back from the dead on Buffy/Angel, but both were done really well and Caleb coming back wasn't).

    I think the idea of them trying to change John's name as a way to hold onto the actor now that OLTL is back in production is interesting, but i don't really see that as motivation considering this was filmed before the announcement was made.

  11. HATED the vampire stuff. It made me give up on Port Charles. If they redo that I don't think I will be able to keep watching. Didn't I read that the writer or producer promised they weren't going to do the vampire stuff?

  12. Werewolf would have to be Mac (John J York)....after all he has already portrayed a werewolf (Eric Cord) in one of his first tv series in 1987-1988.

  13. Kelly's: LUCY STABS MCBAIN!!!! ROFL ROFL! Great scene!!! Lucy you are too much ROFL! Lucy had a butter knife at first and then a cross!!!!! McBain had great one liners today. :)

    The hospital: Todd in scrubs pretending to be a doctor, tries to escape but McBain was strong enough to stop him, Sam jumps Todd! ROFL! Felix has a crush on Milo, and flirts with Todd! ROFL! More great scenes!!!! :) Todd loves balls!!! ROFL!

    Jail: Diane and Johnny scene ROFL!

    Todd's place: Great scene with Drunk Carly and AJ!!! :) Man they are so hot together!!! She was looking at that knife I thought she was going to stab herself! But she didn't! SHE CUT HER HAIR!!!!! I gasped! Poor Carly. :( They have got great chemistry.

    Connie and Sonny: When she was drinking that bottle of alcohol, it looks like water in real life. :)

  14. I was wondering where you were today Sonya! I'm late watching the show today but, in a word wow! AJ and Carly!! Unexpected great surprise. Great chemistry and its good to see Carly fly off the handle, it's been coming for years, long overdue. AJ seemed to feel bad for her. It's nice to see AJ be strong.
    Not commenting on the whole PC thing because as I said before, I'd like to see how it plays out and like it or lump it, it's not boring.

  15. Avalonn said...I was wondering where you were today Sonya!
    Oh haha I'm here! :)

    I'm late watching the show today but, in a word wow! AJ and Carly!! Unexpected great surprise. Great chemistry
    Oh yes! Very good unexpected surprise! They need to have sex! :) But Carly needs to be sober. :) And of course AJ too. :) It can be revenge sex. :)

    and its good to see Carly fly off the handle, it's been coming for years, long overdue. AJ seemed to feel bad for her. It's nice to see AJ be strong.
    Yeah he was really being sweet to her. Very caring. I liked it. :)

  16. No. No. NO Vampires, please. That's why I tuned out PC years ago.

    But I didn't mind Lucy having a freak-out. It was kinda cute. But it does make her seem certifiable. I don't think RC intends to bring in more of it. It was a way to make sure Todd didn't escape. And kind of funny when John recognizes Todd the Doc and grabs at him.

    Concern now: what to do to get Lucy calmed and unbelieving. Will they lock her up where Heather is?

  17. I absolutely HATED the vampire stuff today. My 11 year old neice might like it however.

    I watched the vampire stuff today to give it a chance. I will not be watching any more of it. And if they ruin the character of Lucy with this dumb storyline then...

    I am so tired of Connie and the OLTLers. Connie and her eyeball acting need to go far far away for a long time. Starr adds nothing to the show. I liked Todd at first but it is just getting tiresome now. I was liking him with Carly but now seeing Carly with AJ, AJ and Carly are much hotter - plus it would help focus storys on the Q's again and Sonny's head would exploded - win win! I have not liked McBain from day one. In terms of the PCPD recast Lucky, have Mac return, bring back Frisco or heck, have Lulu or Spinelli or Sam train to be an officer, we dont need McBain. As for a pairing with Sam I just can't deal with two dark brooding characters together. I'd much rather see Sam with someone who would lighten her up. If Robin is not return then try a Sam and Patrick pairing. Patrick can get Sam out of her black leather, Sam can breathe some life back into Patrick and Emma can be a big sister to Danny.

    I really hope the Prospect Park deal works out so we can close the chapter on the OLTL characters.

  18. Ugh - hated the vampire stuff. Never watched PC but love True Blood. I thought it was rather violent to have McBain stabbed like that. Loved AJ today!! Sick of KS chewing up the scenery with her overacting - Connie is such a sleazeball. Also, resent dumbass Sabrina in scenes where Liz should be. Shouldn't she have that rat's nest of hair pinned up so it doesn't fall on everthing? Loved seeing Diane and baby Daniel.

  19. The vampire stuff was stupid. There can't be a high enough percentage of GH watchers that also watched the old PC to make this work. No more new characters!!!! How about they figure out how to use the ones they have a little more effectively. I actually like Michael/Starr, Lulu/Dante, Maxie/Spinelli - why can't they come up with some scripts about them that doesn't involve angst, international travel, car accidents, etc. Does Michael go to school? Does Maxie work? What doe these people do all day? Guess I'm just boring but the onld Crimson office scense were great.

  20. The last couple of episodes were good for some giggles but No I don't want John to be Caleb or a Vampire.
    That is a little too out there for GH, at least for me.
    Off topic but I want to say I agree with another commenter I too am sick of seeing Sabrina in scenes that could've been filled by Elizabeth. Where is Becky?
    I'm sick of waiting and waiting for an Elizabeth S\L one worthy of her not just following Sabrina around.



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