Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Auxiliary Services

This week  I'm saying almost the entire show was filler--with some lighter notes here and there. Turkish prisons, Swiss clinics-- people on the phone, plugs almost pulled... zexy shower suds. 
Anna was back on after 15 days of being MIA. 

But real moving forward stuff? Nah...that came from behind the scenes! Genie's coming! Jon Lindstrom!! Prospect Park's really going to move the other soaps online --and soon!! Steve  Burton goes to The Young and the Restless!! We found out the Nurses Ball  will start to ramp during sweeps and go until April 1st, the date of GH's 50th anniversary. Many others will show up for the celebration! woot!  Things are looking up people!!

Hey, today calls for cinnamon donuts and some nice's  going to be a relaxing surgery, we'll let the other guys take over. 

Yes, gruesome make up but my hair? Fabulous.
You read my open Letter to Dante and Lulu I hope. Having them leave to "go find Luke" was flat out weird. Why not just have Dante attend a police convention and Lulu be busy at the Haunted Star? Why would they traipse off to dang Turkey? 

Ellie was told she's not going to walk (probably) -- and then we didn't see her. BUT! We did get to see a lot of Trey. Along with Xtina (bleck). And I'm  sorry but the "connection" between he and Connie fell so flat I couldn't stand it. The writing was all over the place for those two. They never interacted enough before the accident to make me care now. And when they DID interact, she was basically telling him she should have aborted him. Ergo, don't really care about her desperate eyebrow acting when it came time to pull the plug. Then there was Xtina. (I refuse to call her Kristina). The WEAK link in this story bar none. Wow. Just really painful. 

You could see THIS coming a mile away. Reminds me of a 1000 plots. How long will she be paralyzed for? How long will guilt keep Spin with her? What about the Spixie baby? *sigh*
Given the fact I don't really care about Ellie, it's not high on my importance list at the moment.

Sam and McBam...Kelly did a good crying job. Ironically, the "Jason is really dead" scene came on the same day that Burton announced on the Talk he was joining the Young and the Restless. Nice synergy there. I don't want a recast-- and I hope they let the character go into the Q crypt for good. 

Nice job with McBain and Todd--from the actors anyway. The writing? Well, I don't think Todd would have fallen for the phone taping stuff. He's too crafty. It was light-hearted however and given the dull show that Friday was, I could have watched them the entire time. 

Oh, and what else is coming? AJ..making out with Connie and possibly Carly (She must get  HAMMERED!!). Interesting. Maybe. Can't tell yet. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Ok, nothing riveting this week, but I did like Lucy's bubble dress and Tracy ordering the rib platter. It was also nice to see Mac and Lucy interacting and talking about old times. 

RUNNER UP: Carly and Todd... I really liked their jail house scene. AND LOOK AT LW's  hair. wowza

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: ANYTHING with Xtina and Trey-- it was so bad that any scene the was supposed to be angst was just sad. 

SOUND  EFFECT OF THE WEEK: Cawnie "whistling" in the pokey.  Or as she called it, the "hoosegow". 

UBER BAD HAIR DAY: Um. what IS THIS?! Even Liz is like "hell, girl..get some static spray"!

Take the time and read Frank's interview about what's coming on GH, he really dishes the goods. Go to TV Guide.

Great tweet from Kirstie Alley on Friday night: 

Praise to all the Soap Stars out there who have to memorized 40 pages of dialogue each day!!!! Lawd Lawd Lawd


  1. Connie's whistle was a nod to old prison films, as well as Sergio Leone spaghetti western films.

  2. I hate this story line with Trey. Connie has a change of heart now? There was never any sort of relationship before this. They should have just have him leave town with Kristina. I don't care enough about Trey or his relationships with Connie or Xtina. They should have let him leave town and take Xtina with him. Then in a month have a new Kristina come back without him saying they broke up.

  3. I just caught up on Tue-Fri shows this morning. I skipped most of the Trey/Connie stuff. When you aren't interested in the main storyline of the week, 4 shows go by pretty quickly.

    The Todd/McBain and Todd/Carly scenes were really good. Funny dialogue. Actually, pretty much all of the Todd scenes were stellar this week. I also got a smile out of Britt and Liz both taking Tracy's seat at the Nurse's Ball meeting. That was cute.

  4. Carole Banks Webber on Soapzone said there is a casting call out for " Julie" - maybe Xtina? One can only hope.

  5. Frank Valentini said in his interview that Kristina was unavailable for filming for a bit, hence the rubella, lol.

  6. Frank Valentini said in his interview that Kristina was unavailable for filming for a bit, hence the rubella, lol.


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