Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!! Airbags on the Side..

Here we are..another year down and our 50th one to celebrate!! Given the fact we didn't even know if we'd HAVE a show at this time last year,  this is just a great way to begin. 

CUTIE PATOOTIE Emma...she totally rolled her eyes and stomped off when Paddy was talking to her. Sabrina  shows up looking like a dork. I'm sick of her fantasies.  How OLD is she supposed to be? 20? I mean, I can't see her with Patrick at ALL. 
Oh Britt got totally puked on by some little girl. HEH 

Julie Marie B (Lulu)  looked STUNNING today in her NYE outfit!! So did Laura Wright.

Ellie and Maxie..terrible straining voices-- what a nightmare for MY EARS!! The roof top Whatever. You'd NEVER have a rooftop dinner in January in Western NY.  NEVER. 
I think Milo loves Spinelli ;) HEH
The dog--ah HA! THE DOG shows up at Maxie's...she falls, has to go to GH!  he lost the baby

MiStarr..they were kinda cute today. 

OMG HOW STUPID was XTINA TODAY  with the trunk?? GOOD GOD!! "Uh, I think something's in your trunk" Stupid wench should have called 911 about 20 minutes ago. Poor Johnny. "Dere is sumptin'  in yer trunk" says the idiots.  YA THINK?? LOL 

STILL no Robert, Anna, Duke, Robin Jerry follow up.  Terrible continuity. Terrible


  1. Maxie's falling was lame to me--if she had hit the coffee table or something, then...ok...Just my opinion..:)

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  3. I agree with you about the lack of continuity. How long can they leave Robin and Robert like that?! It's ridiculous.

    And Sabrina is annoying.

    I really hope that this is it with Maxie and the baby. I never liked that storyline.

  4. Can you imagine if Dr Stephen Larzzz and Xtina had a baby. That poor child wouldn't be able to spell cat if you spotted him the c and the a.

  5. Maxie and Ellie's home: Ellie home with a face mask and a snuggie!!! :) I have a snuggie, but not the one Ellie has. Maxie has to be nosy and ask Ellie why she is home and why Ellie broke up with Spinny. Maxie does convince Ellie to go meet Spinny up on the hospital roof, but Maxie stay out of Ellie's business!!! OH THE DOG THE DOG!!!!!! After Maxie fell, the dog was licking her face ROFL!

    The hospital: Dr WestNileBitch is in such a hurry to be with Patrick at the haunted star that she rushes Starr's treatment, and doesn't even want to check Maxie!! YOU ARE A DOCTOR BRITCH! ACT LIKE IT!!! Something good did happen. A little girl that Britch treats, threw up on her. :) So Dr Britch finds out that Maxie had a miscarriage!!!! SO THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS! The dog that Olivia kept seeing shows up and Maxie falls and has a miscarriage!! Meanwhile Spinny and Milo are up on the roof dancing and Spinny gets drunk on peppermint shnops! ROFL! I will call them Spinlo. :) Milo even shows Spinny how to stripper dance hahaha!

    The car garage: Yeah Krissy is so dumb damn!!! I have no idea why Connie would keep talking and talking to them and not just leave.

    The road: Oh no!!! A fog! ROFL! Joe Jr Jr Jr stupidly takes off his seat belt to help her find her phone!!! UGH!

    Haunted Star: Todd says that Connie is just jealous of Carly because Carly is hot ROFL! Again Olivia sees the doggy!!! Well, your premonition came true Olivia!!!

    Patrick's home: Emma says Dr Britt doesn't act like an adult ROFL! Go Emma! :) Sabrina fantasizes Patrick kissing her. She is babysitting Emma who is adorable! She wants Sabrina to be her mommy! Awwww! Hey they are watching time square! Dick Clark's rockin eve! Awesome! Later Patrick came home. His date with Dr Britch didn't pan out. 3 2 1 happy new year!! Patrick and Sabrina are about to kiss! This time it's real!!! WOOT WOOT! Take THAT Dr WestnileBitch!

  6. PM61, I'm PMSL here. You are so right.

  7. Gotta love soap car accidents. Everyone covers their eyes and spins the wheel.

    In reality, people's eyes are wide open and hands firmly on the wheel and bracing for impact.

  8. Any OLTL viewers catch Ellie's line about her car after it broke down? "I'll never buy Mendoran again." That made me LOL. All in all this was a pretty lighthearted episode--Milo and Spin, Britch getting puked on, Adorable Emma--considering it was prelude to a miscarriage and what looks to be a horrible car crash. I guess we should take the laughs while we can.

  9. Maybe Dr Britt was in such an all-fire-hurry - that she misdiagnosed Maxie - and Maxie is still pregnant.

  10. CareyN said...Any OLTL viewers catch Ellie's line about her car after it broke down? "I'll never buy Mendoran again." That made me LOL.
    I did, but it didn't connect with me that it was an inside joke! Hahaha! Hey Ellie! Did you get the Mendorian car from Mendora? ROFL!



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