Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do It WUBBER..:)

 or, do it yourselfer today!! It's the end of the month...and I have paperwork to catch up on. Let me know how the show goes!!

Do you like this Port Charles invasion? 

Do you think Lucy is cray or is Kevin lying? 

Will McBain turn  around and bite Anna or Sam on ze neck? 

Is Faison the UnDead King waiting with Queen Helena to rise again? 


garlic my friends.

Scoops will be updated later tonight...  if I'm not in the cough clinic by then!


  1. I didn't watch Port Charles back then for a reason..they need to leave that show right where it the PAST!!!

  2. What Mario said. Port Charles was possibly the worst soap ever to air.

  3. HATE it. Delete the OLTL and the Port Charles crap and GH is actually only 10 minutes long each day.

  4. I love the fact that they are bringing in "history". I did not watch Port Charles and know nothing about the vampire story line, but am enjoying it just the same... Also, I think Kevin may be really his brother. Or he is lying.. not sure which.... If Alison is to be killed off her entrance must have been just to bring the boy (Rafe?) to the show.

  5. Hate it! Port Charles was a separate entity and shouldn't be mixed in with our Port Charles scenario.

  6. I'm with not integrating Port Charles cast in with the GH cast. I also did not watch this show for a reason and it got canceled for a reason...

  7. I'm at 80% on the love meter! I like a little fantasy and fun in the afternoon. Vampire drama is infinitely better than a 4-year-old boy being mowed down by his grandfather coupled with a toddler who "all of a sudden" needs a new kidney storyline. It's better than 2 boring "front-burning" characters stuck in an Hawaiian cabin for 2 months talking endlessly about the stars and being stalked by a psychotic rapist. It's better than the repetitive "crazy doctor/former lover" stories.

    OK! After that little rant I'm at 90% on the love-the-vampires meter!

    All of us viewers know John and Sam aren't Caleb and Livvie (or vampires) on this show, so I'm excited to see what rabbit holes the writers take us down before clearing all of this up.

  8. OMG Carey, I couldn't have said it better. Maybe it's a little out there, but at least it's a) interesting b) not MobHospital and c) so sad/awful that Jonathan Jackson quit over. I don't see anyone right now saying "this is so depressing, fix it or I quit". Let's see where this takes us, and have a little bit of fun (it's not any more unrealistic than a diamond that runs a weather machine, or an Aztec Princess)

  9. Subtract the vampire crap and the remaining 15 minutes of GH was actaully okay today. A Jimmy Lee mention...about time! Good to see Luke and Tracey together. I even liked Connie today but only because she was screwing Sonny over and calling him out on being a bully.

  10. I didn't watch yesterday's episode, so I will have to watch it soon.

    Funny farm: KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Kevin is with Lucy!! She is trying to help him remember Caleb, and his daughter Livvie. She calls him Doc! I love when she calls him that. :) He is trying to tell her it's all in her mind! Her delusions have ruined their marriage! He can't do it anymore!!! He brings up how she helped him with his darkest moments of HIS life!!! Gee Doc!! So you are not going to stand by her?!?!!?! After how she stood by you?!!?!!? Doesn't sound like you at all!!!!!

    Police station: Allison Barrington!!!! She is Amanda Barrington's daughter! Remember Amanda Barrington!?!?! :) So Allison sees McVampire and freaks out! She says CALEB! She sees Sam and says LIVVIE!! She runs out of there. McBam looked up Allison. So apparently Amanda Barrington has died. :'( That sucks!!!!!

    Manning Enterprises: So apparently Sonny was kissing Connie yesterday. AJ and Michael are there and Connie is blaming Sonny for helping Tracy ruin ELQ with those papers!!! Michael believes Connie!!!!! Oh come on Michael! ROFL!

    Q office: Something is wrong with AJ! He says his blood sugar is down. Michael is going to get some food! Oh oh AJ is all sweaty and is having trouble breathing!!! Liz shows up! AJ says he think he is having a heart attack!! What the?!!?! How old is AJ? Isn't he in his 40's?! Way too young!! Or maybe he is having a panic attack?!!

    The hospital: UNBELIVABLE!! Dr. Britch convinces Patrick that Emma is lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! WAKE UP PATRICK!! Patrick is busy at the moment, when Dr. Britch starts talking to Sabrina! Dr. Britch is saying mean things to Sabrina and mean things about Emma!!! Dr. Britch turns around, and sees Patrick standing there!!! OH PLEASE LET PATRICK OVERHEAR WHAT BRITCH SAID PLEASE!!!! OH PLEASE!!!!

    Pier: Molly is babysitting baby Cheeto!! And she bumps into a boy who has a knife! Oh she is Alison's son! His name is Rafe. She talks about his mother being nutty, and that he has to stay safe so that is why he has a knife. Hmmm Molly and Rafe should be a couple! :) I can call them Mafe! :) He is so cute Molly! :) She has bread for the ducks, but he is hungry! She wants to buy him something to eat at Kelly's. Awww! :)

    Kelly's: So Mafe is at Kelly's! Getting to know each other and he gives her a flower. :) Sweet sweet scene!!! :) So wait I was thinking gee Rafe's parents both have blonde hair, but he has dark hair! ROFL! But then someone on another board, said that Caleb is the father. Oh that slipped my mind. McVampire!!! You have another son! ROFL!

    Pier: Allison calls McVampire! She has a knife! She wants to stab him!!! She gets stabbed!!!! Her son has the knife and his hand is all bloody! Oh oh! Did he do it? Or is that just a fake out?!!?! A red herring?!!?! Who killed her?!!?! I can't believe they killed her off!

  11. I agree with CareyN. Jake's death, Franco's rape of Sam, Jason & Sam's endless honeymoon, Lisa and the AIDS syringe, Ethan and the Cassidine chick, Brenda's return - these stories were terrible. They dragged the show down, made it dark and depressing. I never watched Port Charles beyond maybe half a dozen episodes, but so far this vampire story is superior to all of the above, in my opinion. Hasn't either RC or FV directly said "No vampires are coming to GH?" I hallucinate sometimes, but I swear I've seen that quote from one of them. So yeah, as CareyN and Gwendolyn said, let's maybe just see where the story is going. Or just fast forward it, like I usually do with the Sonny/Connie and Kristina stuff.

  12. Skeebob, you didn't hallucinate! ROFL! RC said that there are not doing a vampire story. :)

  13. HATE IT!!! Awful storyline. And there are too many storylines as it is! Where is Robin?! And there is too much going on, even for a soap.

  14. I wonder if perhaps they are going to change Michael Easton's character to Caleb. I read somewhere that OLTL owns the rights to the characters, they do not automatically get the actors. So if GH changed the character Michael Easton was playing from John McBain to one that ABC owns - Caleb, wouldn't they be able to keep him on the show and not have to send him back to OLTL? OLTL cannot force the actors back on the show but they can refuse to allow the characters to be used on GH. Maybe this is GH's roundabout way of keeping Easton.

  15. I'm still undecided about the vampire/PC stuff. At first I hated the idea, but so far it's been interesting. I agree with other's that it's far better then watching all the mob stuff.

    We'll see. I'm fine if it all turns out to be fake or a mass delusion. If it's real, that will might be too weird for GH.

    Happy to see Sam do something other then sulk!

    Also, I love Lucy! lol

  16. So Molly takes the 6 momnth old baby Danny to the docks in JANUARY to feed the ducks and meets some randon guy with a knife in hand and then invites him to have lunch with her and the baby at Kelly's? Yeah she should be babysitting.

    Kevin was really great with Lucy I missed them. This Vampire thing should wind up really soon. Already gone on too long.

    Liz is now such good friends with AJ she goes to his office to ask him for money for the nurses ball? But he just happens to need medical attention. So who thinks AJ is just having a panic attack.

    Tracy and Luke were great.

    I loved that Connie totally lied about Sonny. He deserves it.

  17. Boo hoo. I am bummed that Allison is dead. I was really excited she was back.

  18. I just watched some old PC clips on youtube and Allison has aged well. She looked really good! I am sorry to see her go this quickly too, but the GH canvas is already overcrowded so I guess she had to go.


  19. In the beginning PC was a pretty good show. They took some cast from GH, but much of the cast was new, like movie actress Pat Crowley, who played mother to the brothers who were the leading men on the show. I remember there was one of the young doctors that seemed special--can't recall his name, but I can recall his face and the way he flipped off little asides.

    Lucy and her Doc, and Scott (Kin Shriner) was on, along with Scott's parents, Lee and Gail, and his daughter Serina. It was when they focused so much on Livvie (Kelly Monaco) that I got restless and when the vampire Caleb showed up that was enough for me. I've never been fond of Vampire stories and seeing the town all being transformed--no, not for me. I turned it off.

    Suzanne mentioned the character rights that PP owns, and she could be right, they may have to change McBain to Caleb--but I hope not! 'McBain' suits him, and he has played it long enough for it to be his character, regardless of who owns the rights. I like him even better on GH, partly because he is free of the annoying Gnat, and also because of the way Ron C writes him. But if PP insists on getting back the 3 OLTL characters, it might be a real problem. The actors are under contract with ABC so could stay, but without their characters, back stories, etc, already established now on GH, it would be an awkward situation.

    And Carey, you said it all. Compared to the show we had for the past 10 years, this current GH is soap lover's heaven!

  20. I'm hating the Vampire thing and I don't know why. Maybe because I never saw the other show? I don't know. But I am not liking it. How soon is the Nurses Ball? And when will Robin come back? And, did KM really leave because she wanted to or was she forced out for awhile for the story line? I feel so out of the loop.

  21. Jamie---Kim M left of her own accord. She's directing now. However, she obviously is close with the GH people and said she's willing to come in for short stints, and she certainly didn't close the door on Robin for good. It's unfortunate that the viewers know Robin is alive. (Jerry Jacks current has her, in case anyone missed those 60 seconds.) I don't think viewers will really ever accept Patrick with anyone else when we know that Robin is alive.

    Andrea--I also think AJ's just having a panic attack. I've had them, and they really do feel like you're having a heart attack. I'm hoping it's a nice setup for a potential Liz/AJ pairing!

    And Sonya--" OH PLEASE LET PATRICK OVERHEAR WHAT BRITCH SAID PLEASE!!!! OH PLEASE!!!! " I agree!!!! ERG I'm beginning to really hate her and this storyline for making Patrick so DUMB!!

    Thanks everyone for the kind compliments on my earlier rant regarding old story lines vs. current story lines. :)

  22. Erin Hershey Presley has aged very well; especially considering she's had a tough time in her marriage dealing with her husband's addiction.

    I do wish she would have been on longer.

  23. CareyN said..I agree!!!! ERG I'm beginning to really hate her and this storyline for making Patrick so DUMB!!
    I can't believe he would believe Britch instead of his own daughter!!! But maybe he overheard Britch and he is gonna tell her off! :)

  24. I agree soaplover, PC wasn't that bad at the beginning. Plus there were little things that indicated they lived in the same town. Both casts took part in the Nurse's Ball for example. Plus there were little scenes like Brenda & Karen talking about Stone and Karen running into Sonny & having a bit of closure. And for example what happened to Audrey in the premiere is what brought the Webber sisters to town. Then as they attempted to fix ratings at PC by going supernatural and in a weird six month shooting book format, it all went downhill. It's a pity.
    So far though this storyline is kinda fun, we'll see where it goes. All of it is better than mob hospital.



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