Thursday, January 10, 2013

TV Guide's Keck On GH Golden Anniversary!

and 40 short years later.... 

GREAT interview with producer Frank Valenti! TVGUIDE 

TV Guide Magazine: What will be happening in Port Charles during the actual anniversary week?
We're reviving the Nurses' Ball, which is something the show did years ago to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS. I think the feel-good philanthropic aspect of the show was missing. This gives all the people in the hospital — Patrick, Sabrina, Liz, Epiphany and Felix — a real presence as we celebrate the hospital and the people who are the do-gooders. For a long time the moral compass of the show was off a little bit, and I think now we're back to where it needs to be. And the people like Luke and Sonny, who may do the wrong thing, are still good guys in their hearts.Maurice Benard (Sonny) has just signed another long-term deal with the show and there are some exciting things coming up for him and Kate in the next few weeks.

There is a TON MORE over there so hit the link!! Squee!


  1. SQUEEE! is right!! Thanks for the link. I especially love this part:

    "TV Guide Magazine: The Spencer boys are Lucky, played by Jonathan Jackson who is now on Nashville, Ethan and Nikolas. Who do you want to bring back?
    Valentini: Nashville is part of the ABC family so it's just a scheduling situation for Jonathan, who is just a lovely guy. And maybe Ethan. And I've met with Tyler (Christopher, who plays Nikolas) who is a strong possibility. I can't say definite because we have to make deals."

    I'd be thrilled to have any or all of them back, esp TC, since I think he got a terrible send off. I could see Nikolas with a prettied-up Sabrina, especially since she'd be great with little Spencer.

  2. There's a ton of good info in there...I wonder if ABC ever really thought the showrunners could revive GH like they have done? SWEET!

    I think getting JJ back is a no-brainer...Get him on-screen with Geary and Francis again STAT, even it is only for a few days. I thought TC's exit was weak too, but I did like his last scene with JJ which felt genuine and gave him a great last line. (remember about the accent?)

    Sounds like they're not running with the vampire thing too much, was is a good thing.


  3. Audrey and Bobbie might be back!!!! I hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. This is AWESOME. No vampires. Perhaps no OLTLers. No Jason recast. But possbly return of Spencer boys and their aunt Bobby, grandmas Leslie and Audrey sighting, Alan popping up, Frisco stopping by.
    It sounds like Scotty is not going to happen though?

  5. Anon, I loved the accent at the Nikolas exit.

    And, I for one, am thrilled to read "No vampires". Talk about putting the last nail in the coffin of GH (yes, pun intended). Just a nod is perfect. I even liked how Luke kept telling McBain he looked like a vampire. But I don't want it full on.

  6. I love this guy!! He is just what GH needed and he is making up for so much that was wasted during the Jill era. Exciting news for sure.

  7. I just hope he won't be making promises he can't really keep. It won't be his fault but some of them might not agree to deals, have scheduling issues and the budget is still tight. We'll have to put up with even more flashbacks to pay for all of these actors! Though I'm assuming some of them are just going to be one off appearances (like Rachel Ames saying she wouldn't mind being in the audience at the nurse's ball).

    I'm glad that the vampire thing isn't going full board. Not sure how stabbing McBain is going to just be a nod, but I'll trust them on how to do that.

    One thing that bothers me. He didn't actually answer the question about Tristan Rogers' status with the show. Called him lovely but didn't answer if he'd be back or not. Must be ongoing negotiations.

  8. I agree with divaofdfw -- Frank really didn't answer the question about Tristan Rogers' status. I hope this isn't a bad sign. I hope Valentini is just being coy and trying not to to give away plot developments.

  9. "For a long time the moral compass of the show was off a little bit," -- Ya think?!
    Love this.

  10. awesome interview. I can't believe he answered honestly all of those questions. So many of the answers I loved (especially about JJ and JW my FAVES!), but do agree that he didn't say anything about tristan rogers. If that is the last we see of him for a long while, I just wish that had been a better end scene for him.



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