Monday, January 14, 2013

Kin Shriner back to GH

So says someone whom shall not be named!! A birdie tweeted the news on twitter. It was rumored forever, and now here he'll be!! 


Lucy is moving back into the mansion. heh yeah for Tracy and Lucy. 

Carly's still drunk and  AJ needs to stay away from the Connie mess.  UGH... then, Carly comes along to get her claws into him. She was horrible to him with the drinking. 

MONICA was in KELLY'S. I think that's been 20 years since she's been She and Sam are talking about Jason. They hugged. That last surgery was not needed for LC.  'nof said. 

Todd makes Johnny mad so he can go to GH from the beating. 

Trey died...Olivia saw his soul leaving his body. They would have harvested his organs before he "died" -- but oh well. 


  1. Carly and AJ were hot together! Put them back together

  2. That would be fun. A Love/Hate relationship. That is how Carly and Sonny started out.

  3. SCOTTY, YES, YES, YES!!!!! Scotty and Lucy back together!! They were WONDERFUL together back in the day.

    Scotty is one of the best characters ever, he is very much like Todd Manning--I wonder if/how they'll interact.

  4. Jail: At first I don't know what Todd was trying to do! Pull out the bars so he could escape, or hit his head, so he could get a concussion and then he gets out of jail and at the hospital he escapes. Oh but then Johnny shows up and Todd tells him what he was about to do!!! AH HA! :) Todd and the guard,

    Guard: Shut up!

    Todd: You shut up!

    ROFL! Come on Johnny! Hit Todd! He wants it! ROFL! Todd found the trigger!!! Todd tells him he banged Carly on new years eve! That did it!!! Hahahaha! And then Todd waves to Johnny when he is being carted away! ROFL! Damn Todd is awesome. :)

    The floating rib: AJ picks Carly up and carries her over his shoulder! Man that was HOTTTTTTTTTT! :)

    Hospital: I have been meaning to say this, I love Starr's sweater! I want it!!! :) When Michael and Starr were walking hand in hand I thought they were going to go around and around the hospital!!!! Glad they didn't. I want her sweater!!!! :) Olivia was with Joe Jr Jr Jr alone. Great scene!!!! He opened his eyes which I didn't expect!!! I was like woah! But she was seeing things. Great scene with everyone at his bedside, and his spirit came out of his body!!! Beautifully done!!!! Olivia was the only person to see his soul leave. I cried a little.

    Q home: Lucy moves in! ROFL! Monica hates the idea and wants her out. Lucy won't budge. She really acts like she is the woman of the manor! ROFL! Lucy didn't know Cook died!!! Lucy's statement about if you overcooked fish it burns and that was a waste of it's life, was funny! :) Tracy cooked DUCK! OH NO ROFL! WHAT HAPPENED TO SIGMUND LUCY?!!?!!

    Kelly's: Sam is with baby Cheeto! :)Awww! :) And what a great Monica and Sam scene! Lucy sees Caleb!!! ROFL! Oh oh! :)

  5. Lucy was great. Loved the Sigmund reference while eating Tracy's duck.

    I hope that this Caleb/ Livvie thing is short lived. Is Kevin going to recognize them too?

    Carly and AJ were great! I would love to see these two in a relationship.

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  7. Totally off the subject of Gh.. I came to read your blog & freaked out when I saw Amazon advertising my book on your page!
    lol not what I expected when I came to read about GH! :) I just had to let you know lol.

  8. AJ, stay away from Sonny. And Connie. And Carly most of all.

  9. Kin was my least favorite major male on GH. Really unhappy he's coming back again.

  10. Karen: several sites are reporting Jack Wagner has signed on for a 3-6 month stint as Frisco. Also that John Stamos returns as Blackie, for a few weeks.

    This is a real treat for old time watchers.



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