Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Expectancy

It's another week to bear with the Wubqueen. GH isn't rocking my excitement boat. It's not bad by any means, but I find myself  yawning at some points and confused in others. I'm thrilled the show is staying on..Love to watch but-you know me, gotta be honest!! 

So... Color me sitting on the fence at the moment. Waiting for the vets to come back, waiting for Robin to return..waiting to hear that Robert's out of his coma. Waiting for the Nurses' Ball..waiting to see if the OLTLers are going back to NY--WAITING to hear who else is returning for the reunion.
In other words. Waiting. :tappingfoot: 

Waiting; Expectancy 
  1. The action of staying where one is or delaying action until a particular time or until something else happens.

Yep, that's me...DELAYING ACTION--  until something else happens.  Anyone else feel like these last few weeks were like treading water? Or am I just over it? 
Ah...I just don't know. 

Soooooo, let's have some BLTs and get into our we go: 

Spinelli tells Ellie he slept with Maxie: I'd comment but I don't care. 
Maxie finds out she's carrying Spin's baby-- and Britt doesn't expose her secret.  9 months of guilt-angst. 

And HOW can I get into the Nerdy Nurse pure-bread vs the Vamp Tramp evil woman "triangle" with Paddy, when I KNOW ROBIN IS ALIVE?? I mean, why would I even root for Sabrina and get invested (I mean, if I did like that idea)--when I know ROBIN IS GOING TO WALK in at any moment?  And let's face it, this isn't a Colton- Felicia- Frisco situation. Because, er... Sabrina is NO Colton Scott. So, whatever. Unless Britt winds up pregnant and creates HUGE angst when Robin returns, don't bother me.

"We do sell the berets in the prison gift shop if you are interested'...
The FUNNIEST thing this week was when Dante and Lulu walked into the hospital literally 2.3 minutes after they left Turkey. Hell, she basically had just texted Maxie! OLTL was into time travel, true but this was pretty hilarious. And why do you think they went there in the first place? was it just to get them out of town so the tryst could happen? It was just..strange. At least the guy with the beret had a day job. 

Speaking of STRANGE--the entire Anna and Sonny conversation was. Well. There it is. Fiji water got a nice plug, but other than that?  I guess the cast integration was interesting. But here's the police commish having the head of the mob boss in her office for a chat to tell him about Faison killing Jason. Wonder if she paid Monica the same visit? 

THE STRANGEST OF THE MOST STRANGE... the cousin Cha-Cha. yep. You can finish that sentence cause I got 'nothin'. 

SCENE(S) OF THE WEEK:  Emma was my highlight this week. She's a doll and I want to take her  home.  She needs a pint-sized Emmy. LOVED her faces at Britt. heh. 

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: Oh, what I would have given if Krissy had been in a snuggli!! 

NEW-DO of the WEEK: Chopped hair, new know Carly's going to sleep with someone new soon!  Hope someone's taking good care of Joss and Morgan isn't out plotting his escape from that military school. 

PROP OF THE WEEK:  Give it UP FOR Johnny's NEW T-SHIRT!! Woo hoo!! It's all fresh and that stinky purple shirt is ( I hope) HISTORY!! And yes, it's technically from wardrobe but I'm giving it the honors this week. 


There you have it. Yes, I know Nedly was back--but for how long? And let's hope it's not just to stand around with his coat "running into" people and snarking on AJ. Tracy goes to Sonny for some help. There's the whole "who's the other Q"?? I'd say TJ has a connection to Justus but how  would Carly know  that?? Speculation is that FRANCO has a kid out there somewhere that I guess could make a claim on the will. Maybe Ellie is secretly Franco's love child. I don't know. She do have Michael Jr's red hair. LOL. 

Here's the YOU TUBE Clip of Franco overacting and telling Carly he had a daughter. 

The Wubs Net in it's present state has existed for 12 years now! I was on 3 years prior to taking over for Gedstern,  so it's actually even older.  I moved  to blogger for the Wub Tub portion 3 years ago and recently hit 4 million views just on the blog this week. Thanks for reading and putting up with me. 

ANYONE get the Lou Gramm reference? If so, tip of the wub hat to ya! 


  1. Maybe Sabrina is really Francos daughter.....her mother could have run away with her and changed her name when she discovered he was crazy!

  2. Ditto for me too. I was actually yawning in places this week and my FF button has been getting too much work lately.

    Good speculation on who Lauren could be. I think Michael got his red hair through his grandma Bobbie though, so Ellie's hair colour wouldn't matter. I think it would be fun if she was Franco's daughter though or even if Sabrina was.

  3. 'Waiting for a Girl Like You'.

    Karen wrote: 'Speaking of STRANGE--the entire Anna and Sonny conversation was. Well. There it is. Fiji water got a nice plug, but other than that? I guess the cast integration was interesting. But here's the police commish having the head of the mob boss in her office for a chat to tell him about Faison killing Jason. Wonder if she paid Monica the same visit?'

    Exactly- a totally wasted scene, just to hash over plot points for those who missed a week. Totally unrealistic and more dumbing down of Anna.

    It has to be Lauren Frank, sinc eCarly Knows. She'd have no clue about Jimmy Lee's past nor the Wards.

  4. Happy Anniversary Wub Tub Blog!

    I get the reference. It's one of my favorite Foreigner songs :)

    So long
    I've been looking too hard, I've waiting too long
    Sometimes I don't know what I will find
    I only know it's a matter of time
    When you love someone

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who was flabbergasted that Lulu, Dante, and Luke showed up in PC so quickly. On a good day, making all the connections, getting through customs, etc., it probably would have taken them at least an entire day to get back.from Turkey. But here they are popping up in Port Charles like they took a puddle jumper from JFK to Buffalo. Really?

    I love what Cartini has done for GH, but there are certain storylines that are so cringe worthy that I find myself ignoring them, like an allegedly 19-year-old Sabrina proclaiming she was in love with Patrick -- which is way creepier than someone that age saying, "he's really cute and I have a crush on him."

    Or the whole Spinelli/Maxie baby thing. I find them to be two reprehensible people -- Maxie because she can never tell the truth and Spinelli because he's such a clueless twit that he's crushed Ellie. And Ellie deserves far better than that nebbish.

    I am hoping I can ignore these people and watch a death scene this week for Dr. Steven Larzzzz that is a 10 on the Unintentional Comedy Scale.

  5. So I have been gone for a few weeks and skimmed back over the past GH eppies to catch up...Some thoughts:

    - I liked the Lucy Coe vampire thing...It was amusing as was her scene with Heather. I swear Robin M. just gets better and better as crazy Heather!

    - The real Duke's reunion with Felicia (whom he was good friends with in the 80's) felt kind of flat? Not the actors, but the writing was just not up to par for those scenes

    - I like Patrick and Emma, but Brit and Sabrina are terrible characters as well as terribly acted. GH is overreaching with these two and needs to wrap this up. Pair Patrick with Elizabeth Webber STAT as she can act and the fans care about her. Plus her friendship with Robin makes this an interesting pairing.

    - NuXtina - kill her off with Stephen Webber please. I can't take any more scenes with her

    - Anna and Sonny - bleh for both characters.


  6. You were the brains behind who Lauren was as well DI...

    I just HATE to have to listen to his name again in a storyline.

  7. I hate to hear another Franco connection, too. I was hoping maybe Edward gave Jake a share which passed on to his mom Liz. The scene with Krissie and the baseball bat was hilarious. Not a great week but AJ is definitely stealing the show. Can't really stomach Anna with Luke any more and Duke is a bit pathetic. She needs Robert. Emma was adorable this week but Sabrina is just too young for Patrick even if she has the Cinderella transformation.

  8. Hey Karen! I'm still waiting for the truth to come out about Ethan being Robert's son! :)

    The picture says: "We do sell the berets in the prison gift shop if you are interested'...

  9. Hello! Congratulations on your blog hits! I remember reading Gedstern & you religiously! I was so glad when you took up the column for her.

    Anyway, you mentioned the Felicia/Colton/Frisco triangle & compared it with Patrick/Brit/Robin. My very FIRST episode of GH was on a Friday when Felicia & Colton were about to be married & Frisco was hiding in the shadows watching!! Thanks for bringing back a happy memory! I hope Robin comes back soon, and Brit ends up being Faison's daughter, and in a jail cell right next to him (although, I want him to escape because I LOVE him too!! :-) )

  10. I want some of what the Port Chucklers are having in regards to teleportation and high-speed travel. I'd love to visit Australia but the 20+ hour flight is practically a deal-breaker. ;)

  11. I've been saying every since Edward's death that Lauren Franco was a Q hier, even when most people did not recall Franco having a daughter.

    I deplored all things Franco so do not want to be reminded of him again but if we could get a younger female who can act it might mean less Starr, Brit, Sabrina and Christina? One can hope.

    Personally I wish the Q hier was Jimmy Lee Holt who General Hospital seems to totally forget even existed or a Ward. AND, if a new female is being introduced it should be Serina Baldwin or a back from the dead Georgie or perhaps Sara Webber has a daughter who can return to Port Chuckles for uncle Steve's funeral.

    As for the time travel it makes no sense and is totally in consistent. Luke gets from Turkey in 3 minutes whereas it takes Anna 3 weeks to return from Switzerland. I am beginning to think the Cassadines have a time travel machine hidden in the tunnels at Wyndermere. Luke would know about it of course whereas Anna would not. Would also explain Lucky's previous quick jaunts to Ireland, Holly turning up out of the blue and Helena poping up like a Jack in the Box.

  12. Frisco: It has to be Lauren Frank since Edward left all to his grandkids, not kids. Jimmy Lee was a son, Lauren a grandkid.


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