Friday, January 4, 2013

Droppin Like Flies on the Side of the Road!


geeze...and Xtina was acting like the rocks layin' around. Good lord.

Olivia got engaged..nice.You know Steve's a dead man walkin' . Nice ring!!

Spin is mad he slept with Maxie.

His messages said "ELLIE TROUT"called.

Carly and Todd.. I like them but he's so BLAIR and shes' SO JAX. Oh well... we'll  see what happens. Although you know Todd is trapped soon. I wanted CODD to last more than one damn day LOL!

Connie is being arrested. Then, she slips out of the handcuffs.

Brandon Barash is SUCH A GOOD ACTOR!!! wow... loved his Starr scenes. Carly finds out about Johnny and is going to find out about Todd soon.  Oh boy.

AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER..I told you Ellie was going to wind up in a wheelchair! !"SPINAL"!


  1. It would have been more realistic if the car accident happened in a lake effect snow squall instead of fog. But dry ice must be cheaper than soap flakes.

    However, if they wanted realism, they wouldn't have Spinelli trying to throw a rooftop party in January when the wind chills are below zero.

    Or have Maxie engage in sex immediately after a miscarriage. Ugh.

    If Trey buys the farm, then we get to see all of Kristina's acting range next week, from A to B.

  2. Or have Britt stand naked outside Patrick's door on New Year's Eve in upstate New York. Lordy.
    Thank the lord for Johnny in this story, his acting helps us ignore Kristina.
    And despite the ehh factor of Maxie/Spinelli, it was kinda nice to see actual "love in the afternoon" intermingled with all the drama/car accident/screaming.

  3. Theme for today: SEX!!! :)

    The accident: No cell phone service!!! Poor Joe Jr Jr Jr is unconscious still! Poor Ellie can't move! :( Michael finally got cell phone service, and calls Dante! Not 911!!! Dante!!! Connie tries to hoof it out of there because her car won't start. Dante shows up and everyone is gone. Connie says her and Johnny were driving in the fog, because it's romantic! ROFL! Connie throws Johnny under the bus to Dante Oh no!!! Oh wait Dante doesn't believe her,and Connie gets handcuffed to her car! Then she turns MacGyver and escapes!

    Todd's place: Carly and Todd had sex! :) Then virgin Carly asks what does this mean?!!?!?!!? They have a confusing chat, and then she wants to be a couple! He agrees, so they are YAY! But it's not going to last long when she finds out Todd knows what Johnny did!!!! Todd shirtless yum! I had a sex dream about Todd last night. :) Actually it was this morning before I woke up. We were on a boat and he wanted me hehehe.

    The hospital: Oh oh Ellie might be paralyzed. :( Sabrina dishes to Liz about new years eve and Patrick. Liz asks did he kiss you? Sabrina says no. Come on Sabrina! Tell her he ALMOST kissed you! Starr and Johnny scene, Damn they both have to win an emmy!!!!! Carly and Todd show up, and Carly finds out what Johnny did! He says I tried to tell you! Carly remembers back to when he ALMOST tried to tell her many times! Todd is calm. :) Well of course he is calm! If he JUST found out about it, he would be choking Johnny. Starr leaves, and Johnny is about to throw Todd under the bus!!!! The look on Todd's face ROFL! Connie snuck into Joe Jr Jr Jr's room, and sees him flatlining!!!!

    Maxie and Spinny: They had SEX!!!!!! Gee I wonder if she is even able to have an orgasm after having a miscarriage. Drunk Spinny says this was mistake. Hmm is he even drunk anymore?! He must be cus he passes out and sleeps! And this is the time when Maxie spills her guts about having a miscarriage! Before he passes out, he is worried that the sex they had might have hurt the baby, so he wants to take her to the hospital! ROFL! Sex does not hurt the baby drunk Spinny! ROFL!

    Steve and Olivia: They had sex!!!!! After they are done, he purposes to her!!! She says yes!!! YAY THEY ARE ENGAGED! :) Olivia Webber! :)

    Lante's home: They had sex!! Hmmm did they conceive a baby? :) I hope!!! They talk about Maxie having to be a monk right now. They are eating ice cream and Lulu is eating most of it ROFL! Dante leaves, and Lulu gets a visitor! No not the doggie! It's Olivia! After Olivia shows the ring and brings up the purposal, WOW LULU IS REALLY EXCITED ROFL!

    Karen says His messages said "ELLIE TROUT" called.
    I wonder if Ellie was made fun of in school because of her last name. :) Did people in high school call her Miss Fishy? :)

  4. Sonya, I have this need to tap on my table...bah dum dum. The drum sidekick to your joke ;)

    If I lived in Port Charles, I'd be insisting on more cell towers and makes driving school a must for all residents! Oh, and new elevators in the hospitals and hotels!!!

  5. Avalonn said...
    Sonya, I have this need to tap on my table...bah dum dum. The drum sidekick to your joke ;)
    ROFL! You mean my Ellie Trout fishy joke? :)

  6. Avalonn said...Yes, the Ellie Trout one :D
    Thank you thank. I'll be here all night ROFL! :)

  7. PM61 -- FauxTina's acting range -- LMAO!

  8. Tammy Wynette said...PM61 -- FauxTina's acting range -- LMAO
    Which fauxTina? The one who tried to sing and dance and do acrobatics? ROFL!



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