Saturday, January 19, 2013

Burton Blabbers...

TV Guide has another interview with Steve where they basically ask him why he went to Y&R so soon.  Excerpts: 

TV Guide Magazine: You can't be broke yet. Why jump back into the suds so soon? Burton: I've had an incredible time with my family, taking my daughter to gymnastics, coaching my son's football team, shopping at Target — stuff I never got to do when I was at GH— but I never intended to retire. I'm a worker and CBS stepped up and made a deal. It all happened so fast, just like the telenovela I'm putting together with [Y&R exec producer] Jill Farren Phelps and James Franco for Sony. We're inches away on that project. It's looking very promising. The truth is, if I'd gotten an offer for a primetime show or a movie, I probably wouldn't be on Y&R right now. I just want to work.

TV Guide Magazine: If GH had tried harder to accommodate your personal life would you still be there? Burton: I don't want to point fingers. I know there are a lot of disappointed fans. They don't really understand what goes on behind the doors. They don't understand why I wouldn't go back to play Jason if I'm ready to work again. But what happens at GH should stay at GH.

There ya have it, CBS Stepped up and made a deal... and GH didn't give him the time off or moolah he wanted. Oh and Jill and Franco and he are doing a deal together. 
and oh, 
WE DON'T REALLY UNDERSTAND anything.  GIGGLE. Ok, thanks. 


  1. I really dislike him. And no just because of this. He just seems like such a sick who pretends not to be one

  2. Is it just me, or is starting to sound like he's whining?

  3. YEP he is whining..and what about the "If they didn't tape in CA, I'd still be there"
    well, where the hell does Y&R tape? Atlanta??

    He knew he was going as soon as JFP left, I bet BOOTS on that.

  4. I'm not a huge SBu fan but did like him with Becky otherwise I could take or leave him. However, I see nothing wrong with what he said. They made him the deal he obviously wanted and ABC/GH didn't.

    Seriously how can we know what is said behind closed doors. I didn't like the way jm was ended but they had already ruined him over at GH so now he's gone for good-maybe? recast anyone? He could have been just sick of doing jm and this gave him a reason to go.

    I happen to also watch Y&R as in many, many years so I'll see how he does-he could be a huge flop. he's an actor so I expect him, in his public persona, to say either what we want to hear or what he's been told to say--I'm sure we'll never get his true thoughts on it or us as fans.

  5. I met Steve Burton twice, once on the GH set, and once backstage at a comedy club. Both times he was friendly, kind and down-to-Earth, I have only good things to say about him. He is allowed to leave a job or career whenever he wants, just like the rest of us. I think he was being discreet, which was fine, why should he point fingers and burn bridges?

    1. I wish we could LIKE comments. Lol
      Agreed.( well the last part anyway, I've never met him.)

  6. Could it be as simple as SB retaliating against ABC for firing JFP? Clearly, the minute she signed with Y&R, SB knew he had a job there. I think Jason's character has become integral to future stories, especially with the possibility of RH and ME going back to OLTL. I see the AJ/Jason dynamic brewing up again, this time commingled with Michael and where his devotion lies; Jason as a father to Daniel ... Maybe Jason returning to med school (GH will be short one doc when "Steven Lars" leaves. And it takes only a year or so to become a resident in soap world (think: Angie Hubbard on AMC). Bottom line is I think they should recast the character, and SB can take his best shot for a Daytime Emmy with Y&R.

  7. As soon as he realized he wasn't going to be the golden boy at GH anymore, he decided to go join his BFF Jill.

    Personally, I'm delighted he left because it's given other actors on the show a chance to shine. I was growing really sick of the "Sonny and Jason Show."

  8. That's ok Steve, I'm glad Jason isn't on GH anymore.

  9. At least he has the good sense not to name names. I'll give him that. I hope he has fun acting again now that he's not mailing it in on GH.

  10. I for one am ecstatic that he has left GH. Jason used to be one of my favorite characters, but over the last few years he had become unwatchable. It was obvious that he didn't want to be there, and I think the same thing is going to happen over at Y&R. I really feel bad for the Y&R fans because now not only do they have JFP but they also have Steve Burton; his lackluster acting couldn't light up a small closet.

    I know this is off topic, but i have to say that i am glad Guza isn't around for the Lucy in Ferncliff story because he would have turned it into American Horror Story: Asylum-lite (except, of course, the person in the asylum would have been Jason or Sam and not Lucy).

  11. Maybe he needed a new fan base for his pyramid scheme?

  12. He has a rt to work wherever.

    But it's clear that he's a prima donna and ABC didn't ask him to dance.

    Good for all involved, as less Jason = more good GH.

  13. I like that he didn't say anything negative about GH..that was smart cause he never know when he might need a job there of luck at Y&R though.

  14. It'll be interesting to see what the YR fans have to say. They haven't been to happy with previous stunt castings and I don't blame them. Obviously the Bells must be the NY Yankees of the sports world, money to burn to fly him to LA on their private jet or something. Ah well, I'm liking the diversity of storylines on GH right now. And not really into the idea of a Jason recast unless they do take him in a new direction ie done with the mob.

  15. Is he saying he's already sick of doing stuff with his kids?



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