Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dina Manzo Joins Online Soap "Tainted Dreams"

Dina Manzo is joining the cast of "Tainted Dreams" up and coming online soap created by  Sonia Blangiardo who has directed many soaps, including GH. In an exclusive to Celebuzz, Blangiardo explains the casting of Manzo:

Her character is described as a “smart and successful New York City corporate CEO whose younger gay brother [played by My Big Gay Italian Wedding's Anthony Wilkinson] will face unexpected circumstances due to his sexuality.”
“Coming from a large Italian family, I was immediately drawn to the character of Alessandra’s family dynamic,” Manzo says in a statement.
Regarding the casting, Blangiardo says, “I created the role of Alessandra with Dina Manzo in mind, and we are thrilled to have her join our cast. Her constant support of the gay community and her talent makes her the perfect choice for this series.”

Read the full report at Celebuzz! 
"Tainted Dreams" is one of the most anticipated web series in development. It will be a 'behind the scenes' look at the making of a soap-opera.  

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  1. Hopefully her acting is better than her design work...



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