Friday, January 18, 2013

"Well, He always WAS Cold and Remote"...

 Alan Rachins. THAT'S WHO THE JUDGE IS!! of LA Law...ah, I so remember him. NICE.. 
He was also on Dharma and GREG!! I miss that show. 

Heather and LUCY!! EEK!! Even Heather can't believe her. LOL  Heather: "Wait, you mean to tell me  you think John McBain is a vampire? Huh, He always was cold and remote" ahahhaaha
Then Lucy goes "EWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww YOU'RE HEATHER WEBBER"???

Lante, off at a peeling paint Turkish prison looking for Luke.  Whatever. 

Todd is trying to plead insanity. Diane brings up Post Stress Disorder. He tries to explain his sins away and totally gets me every time!! Diane did a good job too. 

TODD says he loves Carly!! Weird trial. 

Stuff about ELQ and votes. Yada yada. 

Maxie wants Britt to 'slip her another egg" LMAO!! OH GEESH she's going to find out she has Spin's baby in there!!

Ellie still can't feel her legs. Every line she said, Patrick and Spin said today can be followed by "That's what SHE said"..try it!! LOL 
at the end of the show, she could wiggle her toes. hmmm. 

awww there's no GH Monday and I have it off!! wahhh.. 


  1. Was anyone else laughing at Carley today telling Todd he had to "own it." Has she ever given that advice to Sonny, Johnny, herself or anyone of the other people in her life who keep breaking the law? It seems to me the only one besides Michael who's done time here is Dr. Matt and he killed someone in self defence too, a pshycho at that, who'd killed someone and was about to kill Robin. And "owning it" got him 10 years. Carley is such a hypocrite!

    I liked the Heather/Lucy scenes and I loved the ewwwwww. lol

    Now what is Heather going to tell AJ? Is there another unknown heir out there?

  2. Brender-Monday is Martin Luther King Day, so I assume that's why there's no new show.

  3. Thanks for confirming Karen, I thought that's who the judge was :)

  4. Di, there are several Quartermaine heirs out there. First there is Edward's son, Tracy and Alan's half brother, Jimmy Lee Holt...and any of his offspring.
    Then there is also Franco's daughter Lauren Frank. she would be Edwards great grandchild, the same as Michael, Brooklyn or Danny.
    Are there still any Ward's floating around?
    If Heather is involved I fear they may go the Franco route. I think they should go with Jimmy Lee instead. For years they have acted like he has never existed...was not even,entioned during Edward's death...but hehas a lot of history in Port Charles. would love to see them bring Jimmy Lee back.

  5. What if Jimmy Lee came back, moved into the Q mansion and ended up hooking up with Monica? People talk about how long the dry spell was for Alexis but it has been how long since Monica got any? It's been so long Lulu was a dark haired kid playing in the Brownstone...

  6. Brender, Monday is the inauguration.

  7. I was just going to say the same thing gmjl.The inaugeration is being telecast on ABC at that time.

  8. Alan Rachins was also in a tv movie with Rena Sofer. He played her father in The Stepsister. At one point during the movie, Wally Kurth, as in extra, walks by with their baby daughter in his arms. This was 1997.

  9. Fricogh, Has it really been that long since Monica got some?

  10. I exagerated, but only by a little. Lulu was sora'ed only about a year before Alan was killed.
    Alan has been dead for 6 years. Monica has not had a relationship since. Even Alexis did not go that long did she?

  11. "Doing the right thing is always just out of my reach."

    Great line by Todd.

  12. Can someone refresh my memory...who is Lauren Frank?

  13. Lauren Frank is Franco's daughter, Alan Quartermaines grand daughter and Edward's great grand daughter. She has never been on screen but Franco has mentioned her when giving some of his backstory. He was married, with a daughter, Lauren. Franco and his wife split and his child is living with her mother. What is to stop Lauren from coming back to claim her Quartermaine inheritance /ELQ shares? Was there not just a casting call for a young female?

  14. Franco's daughter by an unnamed wife. It was shown in the '09 Xmas clip where Carly and Franco argue over a Xmas tree. Google it on Youtube.

  15. Thanks, Frisco and Cosmo. I can't believe I don't remember this. I will google it. I do remember the Carly/Franco tree thing, just not this detail.

  16. The hospital: Ellie says it's been 6 and a half days and she still can't move. Maxie is pregnant!!! So let me get this straight. Maxie got pregnant, had a miscarriage, had sex with Spinny, then got pregnant, ALL IN 6 IN A HALF DAYS!!!! Come on writers really!!!!!

    Turkey: Oh where oh where is Luke?!!? Oh where oh where can be be!?!?! Oh look blood on the wall! The guard said to Lante that the blood is Luke's and he has been shot! Oh oh did the Indians shoot him!?!?!!

    Court: Todd pleas guilty of reason of insanity! Blair er I mean Carly tells him NOT TO DO THIS! He isn't listening to her and tells her that he is in love with her. Why does McBain have a cane? ROFL! He should be wearing a sling!!!! :) Gee McBain! Did Lucy actually drove a stake through your leg? :)

    Q home: AJ has to go talk to Lucy! AJ wants Michael to lie to Tracy, but Michael says he is a bad liar! AJ says between his mother and him, it's in his DNA ROFL! Tracy comes in.

    Tracy: Where is AJ?

    Michael: Who?

    ROFL! And wow Michael is right! He lucks at lying! Come on Michael!!! Your parents are both liars and you can't even lie? WOW! :) Pathetic! ROFL!

    Firncliff: Lucy and Heather meet!!! When Lucy finds out it's Heather, she says you are Heather ewww! ROFL! Heather calls McBain, Detective McVampire! ROFL!

  17. Maxie getting pregnant a day after a miscarriage is absurd beyond words!

    Todd, oh Todd. Can't get enough.

    I hope they get past the vampire stuff quickly. Love vampire stuff in general, but not loving this at all.

    Lucy and Heather - comedy gold. AJ and Carly, intense.

    Laura - have to figure out why I am 'Unknown' Ha!

  18. After Todd disclosed his two murders and imprisonment in the past, why wouldn't any normal person head for the hills? And he was a rapist, too. Yet Carly doesn't see anything wrong with this and seems to have forgotten she has a daughter.

  19. I didn't even recognize him as the judge. Loved that show

  20. I don't remember anything about Lauren Frank either, and I watch every minute of the show.

  21. Thanks Ant Joan! LOL Now I don't feel so bad. I did watch the clip and I remember that scene, just didn't remember any mention of the wife and Lauren.

    Re: Maxie being pregnant. Utterly stupid. Miscarriage, sex and conception all in the same 24 hour span. Casey the Alien is a tad more believable.



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