Thursday, January 17, 2013

Felicia! Lucy! Mac!

I missed this yesterday!! EEK! the same scene!! the UNDEAD fun..sorry!!!
Tracy pulls the "Nurses Ball" card with Lucy. OMG You have no idea how I loved McBain's look at Lucy when she turned around in court! and HE HAS A CANE!!! EEEEEEEEEEE! GEESH. Thud. 
Todd totally mocked out McBain with his cross-fingers :) 

AJ using it to his advantage! Nice... Michael is going to help him, you wait!! 

Felix and Carly "you're trying to make a statement"  .."or over a man" about her hair. I like these two. Carly's hair didn't look that bad actually heh. Felix worked at FOXY ROXY's!! Which was a place on OLTL. He got the Metro  Court ballroom donated for the Nurses' Ball. 

EPIPHANY!! Yelling again. Todd wants her to give McBain a sponge bath. hee hee She's pissed Sabrina didn't tell her about it! LOL
"I am FUN"! she yells..and sets out to prove it. 

Britt--Patrick. ewwwwwwww.. She's Veronica and Sabrina is Betty. Got it. 
Steven Lars is jughead hee hee


  1. question: am i remembering correctly that luke and lucy became good friends around the time of the puerto rico adventure- if so, it will be fun to see them together.
    As far as the undead stuff, i like it because i realize it is a nod to the past and i can assure you that vampires will not be running around pc again so those people freaking out can just stop-It's a fun way to acknowledge the PC peolple in new roles since the old regime just said "screw port Charles" and gave that whole cast the shaft

  2. Craig THANK YOU, you know I love to stir the Crazy pot..and the Caleb thing gives me thrills but I know they are not BACK BACK. It's also a way to bring on Doc Kevin again.
    I don't remember exactly when Luke/Lucy became pals, but Puerto Rico sounds right.

  3. Last few shows have been so much fun. I never watched "Port Charles" but I'm aware of the vampire stuff that went on, and I've really enjoyed how it has played out this week. Lynn Herring has played it just perfectly, too.

    I liked the reminder of the Alexis/Kevin connection. I had forgotten that's why she came to town. Nice use of history.

  4. Was that Alan Rachins from L.A. Law playing Todd's judge?!
    Loved Carly's new hair and dress, lived Todd's reaction even more :)

  5. *loved* Todd's reaction even more :)

  6. I'm liking the PC/Vampire references, and I'm hoping it goes someplace...moving current stories and characters together, but not having anyone actually become a vampire. It was cute to see McBam kind of bond over it, and Todd and Diane snickering about it, and how it's affecting the ELQ story, and *whoa* a Mac and Flea scene! So I'll take it. But Heather? Really. I have to say I haven't missed her. She is crazy and just down right malicious. I was really irritated to see her at the end of the show. Blech.

    And looks like Todd's gonna try the old fake DID routine to get out of these charges. Heck, it's worked for him before. Honestly...he was held prisoner and tortured for 8 years by some bizarre covert gov't organization, you'd think he'd have a free pass on PTSD for life.

  7. Todd's place: Oh! Foxie Roxie's!!!! :) Really Felix? You worked at Foxie Roxie's? When? I never saw you! :)Wait, there is a salon at the metrocourt? Who knew!!! :)

    Courthouse: Wow Lucy! SHUT UP ROFL! Oh great and then McBain shows up! That wasn't very smart of you to show up!!!! Then Carly shows up for Todd's arraignment. Carly's hair is cute!!! Altho, it was a very fast haircut. :)

    The hospital: Piffy is looking all over for Felix. ROFL! Piffy is no fun? ROFL! Piffy hits Sabrina ROFL! she hits Sabrina ROFL! Meanwhile Dr. WestBitch is still after Patrick and wants to get in his pants again! The next time I hope Patrick uses a condom! Unless you use birth control pills! She wants to get to know Emma so she could get used to her so that she can sleep over! UGH!



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