Tuesday, January 29, 2013

:Our Daughter is going to end up in Prison..

Because you're dating a nut case!! Says Alexis. I hope Anna throws Xtina in the pokey. At least my Sexis was on. Alexis has on a groovy leather jacket. 
Star's blouse..1984. They looked weird then, look weird now. I don't "get" the one shoulder look. ESPECIALLY when there's a bra peeking out.
ME....rippin' through tissues!!

Connie and Tracy-- hmmm. Interesting. I guess they are all integrating. And how many times did Connie say "Dresser Drawer"?? Connie's accent is missing today, notice?

Duke with AJ, looking for a job. LOL. "I owned a club and I spent time in a Turkish Prison" ... heh. Yeah, great resume. 

Anna was a good crier: Hysterical grandmother!! And good for Betty outing Britt.  

SORRY SO SHORT. I'm trying to get better. Today's show was too slow and all I want to do is sleep!!

I'm still sick. I tried to work some today but actually, I should have just stayed home. I haven't felt good in about 15 days. UGH. Now the cough is starting!
Oh and I know The Burton started on YR today but I'm done talking about him. Sorry. Other sites will have stuff because they cover that show.  I do hope he has to speak in a Nashville accent the entire time. 
I do hear he had on something other than black.


  1. I hope you're feeling better soon. Best you stay home tomorrow and pamper yourself.

    Best part today was Sabrina and Emma and outing Dr. Britch. But you just know she's going to pay for that.

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Being sick sucks. :(

    I thought today's show was okay and I was really glad that Sabrina found her spine and shut that bitch Brit down.

  3. I'm glad that Dr. Britt got hers, but it felt like such a childish story.

  4. it is childish..and Sabrina still seems about 18 to me

  5. Karen, so sorry you're still sick, 15 days, oh my!!

    I also was glad that Sabrina told the truth and stood up to Dr. Britch, I really wasn't expecting that.

  6. Awww Karen! ROFL! Love the picture of "you" :) You poor thing! Get better soon! :(

    Pier: Emma was feeding the ducks! Huh? Ducks at the pier? And in January?!?!?! And where did Emma get the bread from?

    Kelly's: Come on Britch tell the truth! You know Emma will be found and she will spill!!! Anna is crying! :( Mac is there for her! Great Mac and Anna scene awww! In comes Sabrina carrying Emma! Isn't she a bit heavy Sabrina? Patrick is so happy and relieved! Britch says your father and I were scared. LIAR! Patrick asks Emma why she did it. She is quiet. So, Sabrina spills!!!!! YAY! :) Britch is throwing Emma under the bus when she says Emma is making It up DOH! Emma is taken home, and Britch threatens Sabrina. And Sabrina finds her backbone YAY!!!!!!!! :) WOOT WOOT! GO SABRINA!!! :)

    Police station: Poor depressed Krissy won't shut up about what she did!!! Listen to your mother! Don't say another word!!! Alexis and Sonny scene YAY! Krissy will have to stay the night in jail, and Sonny goes all mob on a cop ROFL!

    Manning Enterprises: Connie and Tracy scene! ROFL! Connie and Tracy talk about Connie cries on Tracy's shoulder! ROFL! Aww are they new BFF's?! :) I will call them ConTrac! :)

  7. Sonya, I've got ducks down the block from me. I live downstate, but NY is cold no matter where you are in January. Maybe ducks are getting hardier and Hollywood is catching on.

  8. OK, Patrick is wonderful, partly because he's very flawed, but if he gives Dr. Britch Westnile another look after this I'm gonna have to start writing angry letters to the editor. COME ON PATRICK! Liz doesn't like her, Sabrina doesn't like her, Emma doesn't like her. Get a clue. Those are all smart ladies who care about you; listen to them! Ugh. I really hope Sabrina mentions to Patrick that Britch said, regarding Emma, "She's not your problem anymore, she's mine." Right then, Sabrina should have said, "She's a little girl, NOT a problem." Glad she seemed to finally grow a pair at the end of the show today. Nobody messes with our little Emma!

    Karen....Feel better soon. Lots of rest and vitamin C.
    The Traditional Medicinal's "seasonal mix" teas are wonderful (Gypsy cold care, throat coat, breathe easy, and echinacea...I can usually find them in a pack all together..one for every symptom!)

  9. Carey LOVE Traditional Medicinals. I even called them when they stopped making St. John's Wort!

  10. Elizabeth Gunther said...
    Sonya, I've got ducks down the block from me. I live downstate, but NY is cold no matter where you are in January. Maybe ducks are getting hardier and Hollywood is catching on.
    Really?! The ducks are stronger now in the cold? I didn't know that! Awesome! Go Duckies!!! :) Yeah NY is cold no matter where you are in January! BRRRR! :)

  11. feel better soon. my only hope is that Kristina could just go away for a very long time.



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