Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Upchuck

Upchuck: What we used to call vomit..throw-up, ralphing when I was a kid. (see scene of the week)

It's been since December 18th that Anna/Robert/Duke have even been MENTIONED  on GH. That's just plain weird. Weird and in my mind a shoddy way to end a fabulous run with that story. Even IF it comes back strong, the entire thing is just cheapened by the way it was dismissed. Can you imagine being a viewer that's not on the net? You have to be wondering if you dreamed the whole damn thing.  Even having a scene or two with Mac on the PHONE with Anna about Robert would have helped. nothin'.  *sigh*

Well, get your Bandages and Neosporin because we had another roadside crash to attend to this week

Here we are. Another half-week and GH was a bit uneven again.  We had a shirtless Friday (a staple over  OLTL)-- Dante, Todd-- Spinelli all getting topless. Some observations:

Spinelli discovered the tanning bed backstage

Ellie got dressed from the fugly basket
Milo and Spin could make a good couple
Emma is so adorable, I want to bottle her
Patrick and Nurse Betty are NOT even close to being "cute" or "fun"'s just uncomfortable
Getting engaged doesn't make Steven Lars any less boring.
Post-miscarriage sex is possibly the most cringe-worthy thing I've seen on daytime
Connie's eyeballs were the funniest thing to watch while she was hanging from the cliff. 

Deeper thoughts:  I'm so over car crashes. Yes, I get the irony of Johnny confessing at the scene of where Hope/Cole died, but come on. ugh. Ellie laying there saying "I can't move" and  Trey collapsing just made me yawn.  When you're focusing more on the fact that Johnny's shirt is at LEAST 2 weeks old, you know the show isn't holding your interest. 
Carly and Todd...I kinda like them, but they've had what? Sex once-and started to be fun and the boom's comin' down. Ok. Whatever. 

Deepest thought: The Spixie sex was SO WRONG, I can't even go there. Ugh. Seriously? This is how badly you want some "who's the babydaddymama drama"??!! I don't LIKE IT.  It's offensive. And lord knows,  I don't offend easily. It cheapens surrogacy, infertility AND post miscarriage emotions. It doesn't make for an angst story,  it won't be fun. It will be nine months of just plain crap. I can only HOPE the writers see the error of their ways and have Maxie not carry another kid. Please. Just drop it now. Or I will UPCHUCK!

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Girl pukes down ol' Brit's back.  Heh..nice touch on the fake vomit as well. I bet you knew when this happened that it would be my fave :) 

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK:   Spixie sex..before, during, after name it. While I like this couple, this was just. ;/

FIRST IDIOTS OF 2013: "umm Connie..I think..maybe...huh, well, there MIGHT be something in your trunk". Says Brainiac Xtina as Johnny is kicking the crap out of the interior. Connie actually ALMOST convinces these two numbnuts that it's mice. Instead of thinking that the INSANE woman probably has someone in there and calling 911 immediately, Kristina waits for Trey to come on back to have a listen. "Gee, don't wanna bother you Mom, but do you have someone in your trunk"?? 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Olivia's whopper of an engagement ring. It's a honker! I also loved the joy Lulu had when she told her she was engaged. Just a fun scene.

READY FOR THE GARBAGE BIN: That shirt.  Oh, that stinkin' shirt. 

COMING: Luke in prison... he'll learn the whole truth.  


  1. AJ and Connie have sex- like that was not seen a mile away.

    I wish I lived in Port Upchuck cuz then I'd lay all the women inside a year. VD has to be a problem in that burg- everyone has the same set of lovers, give or take.

  2. I asked earlier, but don't think anyone answered: After a miscarriage, isn't there some sort of procedure to "clean you out," or something? I had thought that, maybe, Maxie had lost the fetus earlier, not when she fell, and just hadn't realized it, as Dr. Britch said that the fall and the miscarriage might not have been connected.

    Other than that medical issue, I felt that, w/Maxie being beyond despair, and Spin being beyond drunk, as well as stood up on New Years, and them still loving/having an attraction for each other, I definitely could see them having sex.

  3. AntJoan,
    Maxie was only pregnant for a few weeks. Ordinarily, in such a brief pregnancy the woman might not even know she was pregnant. I don't think that a d and c would be needed for such a short-lived pregnancy.

  4. What really bugs me about Nurse Betty & Dr Drake is that he's a MAN who would not be intersted in a GIRL. Robin, no matter her age, was never immature (for the most part); she always has an old soul vibe about her. And for them to try to for even a minute to force this characte into a "love triangle" (rhombus, if you add Britch). In fact, Britch comes across as more realistic (though I hate her); she's a manipulative woman (who would never be concerned with sabrina) and is a bit more of who the old patrick woudl go for. It's all very disturbing. As is the Maxie & Spinelli. Sigh... So much was going well and the last few weeks have been a mess.

  5. I was watching EVERY day for awhile there but have just watched the Lucy stuff the last few weeks. They left the Fiason story in a weird place. Hopefully, Tony Geary's return can regain the momentum with Anna and Duke, etc. I think Scorpio is going to be a in a coma for awhile but will return later in the year with some slight amnesia or something and forgetting he saw Robin. If rumors are right, a relative of Fiason will hit PC later on in 2013 and give Anna, Robert, and company something to do...HOPE THAT THIS COMES TO PASS as it could be FUN!

    I too like Maxie and Spin, but their hookup was inappropriate at this time.

    The Lucy stuff has been gold though...Love her mixing it up with the Q's.

  6. Maxi got prego on Xmas Eve and miscarried NY Eve, so not even a week prego- a d7C wd likely not be needed.

    Dr. Linda- I agree. whatever her flaws, Britt is a woman- Sabrina a coed- there's a decade and a half diff in age, and at 20 to 35, that's huge.

    Old School. Britt is Dr. O's and Faison's LOVEBITCH!

  7. The Sabrina story hadn't bothered me until this week. I thought it was harmless fluff. I would have rather seen Liz and Patrick lean on each other and gradually become involved, but I was fine with Sabrina crushing on Patrick and Britt scheming against her. But the NYE stuff on Patrick's couch really came off horribly. Patrick hadn't shown any attraction to Sabrina previously, had he? The near kiss was uncomfortable to watch and just ... I think the word I'm looking for is "icky."

    I was really into the first month or so of the Lulu/Maxie baby drama. There were some nice friendship scenes there, and I loved the brief Dante/Maxie scene while Lulu was getting prepped. But all of the Spin/Maxie stuff this week has soured me on this story, too. It reminds me of the Nat/Jess double pregnancy story on OLTL. You just know Ellie will end up scheming somehow to keep Spin (which sucks because I like Ellie, scratchy voice and all - also she was on a rerun of How I Met Your Mother I caught this week). I could also see Britt using her knowledge of the miscarriage to blackmail Maxie into helping her with Patrick. It's all soapy, but not in a good way. Or at least I don't see how this story can really be redeemed, and that's a shame.

    I ff'd the wreck stuff because I just don't care about any of those characters. I did enjoy the Todd/Carly scenes, and the Johnny/Todd stuff at the end of Friday's show.

    I think if Luke/Anna/Duke are back this week, that will help a great deal. Plus Lucy and the Q story is still fun, and the Todd/Johnny fallout is bound to be good, just because of the actors. So I'm thinking/hoping/fingercrossing it was just an off week. Considering that Guza had entire off years, I think it's OK.

  8. Karen says Connie's eyeballs were the funniest thing to watch while she was hanging from the cliff.
    When they first showed Connie hanging, and she was looking at Starr, her eyesballs were creepy!!!!

  9. Oh and the spoiler about AJ and Connie have sex, WOAH! We get to see AJ shirtless!!!! YESSSSS! :) Finally! :)

  10. I totally love Emma as much as you do. And I also can’t see Patrick with Sabrina; not romantically linked anyway. I see it more as a brother/younger sister relationship. And she’ll be like an Auntie to Emma in the future.
    The near kiss on NTE was just plain uncomfortable for me to watch too. She's just a child compared to him.

    Ron does seem to just drop his characters and forget them, doesn’t he. Sort of like a kid when he sees a new toy. Drops the old one and forgets all about it for ages. He has to start giving us hints, at least, about what is happening with them. A call from Anna to the PCPD, or someone referring to one at least, saying that Robert’s been injured and is in a coma and she won’t be back for a while. After all, she’s the police commissioner and she’s AWOL.

    I agree about the Maxie/Spinelli crap but I don't want to see Maxie get pregnant and lose the baby either. There's been enough dead babies on this show already.

    I'll reserve judgement on the Liz/AJ relationship. I'll see what their chemistry is like and if he's truly reformed.


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