Friday, January 25, 2013


woot! I guess he had it on yesterday..but since I haven't watched Yesterday's show yet... I didn't know!! 

Ned!! Hello Gatekeeper #1
Carly with short hair.!
DAMN IT, GH should get back on 3pm because I can't make it home by 2 to live tweet and I HATE IT!!

EMMA with her P-U face to Britt.  LMAO..that was so fun. Emma ran away...

And Krissy was having BATTING PRACTICE in Cawnie's office!!


  1. Regarding the possible Q heir - any chance it could a child from a relationship between Jason & Maya Ward? Didn't the accident happen shortly after they consummated their relationship? So is it possible she has the baby and kept it a secret. But I don't get how Carly would know anything. I don't think it would be a Franco thing wind Steve Burton & James Franco are buddy buddy over at Y & R.

  2. Connie

    Loved Carly and AJ together. Not so sold on the short hair though, the back needs some help.

    Britt made Emma run away - way to win the dad.

    Connie comes in singing, She got over Trey pretty quick.

    I'm liking a Sonny and Tracy alliance.

    Xtina taking a bat to Connie's computer was priceless.

  3. Kelly's:

    Emma: I don't like you!

    Britch looks outside to make sure Patrick doesn't hear what she is going to tell Emma.

    Britch: I don't like you either!!

    Emma: I want Sabrina!

    Me: Good girl Emma!!

    Emma is about to cry! :( Hey westnile virus, YOU LEAVE EMMA ALONE!!!!!!!! Britch comes back. and Patrick is done with his phone call, and Emma is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The hospital: Sabrina is whining to Liz about Patrick. It's basically oh woah is me. Patrick hates me and wants nothing to do with me. Blah blah blah. Oh and Sabrina tells Liz, that she is in love with Patrick!!!!!!!!!!! Say what?!?!! You hardly know him!!!!!!!!!! And I can't believe Sabrina tells Liz she is too hard on Britt!! WHAT?!?!?!!?!?

    Metrocourt: AJ and Carly scene!!!! Hot chemistry. :) Carly! Who is the Q Heir?!!?!! WHO?!!?!! :) Spill!!!!!

    Jail: Yes Karen! Johnny has anew shirt on YAY! :)

    ELQ office: Michael has the proof! HA! :) Michael has the proof! HA! :) The look on Tracy's face ROFL!

    Alexis's home: Krissy is on the couch depressed watching mob princess on her laptop. Starr and Molly are trying to help her. Yeah I mean cus Krissy and Joe Jr Jr Jr have been together for years right? :) Starr convinced Krissy to go take a shower and change clothes. Oh I guess that means that Krissy smells like rotten fish? ROFL! Starr goes to help Krissy, but Krissy vanished!!!! Oh oh!

    Manning Enterprises: Connie and her new huge ta ta's show up dancing and singing, when she sees TJ (who I thought was Felix at first) He thinks since she lost her son, that she would give Molly's book to him ROFL! Krissy shows up with a baseball bat hitting Connie's stuff!! ROFL! Wow go Krissy! :) Like father like daughter! :)

  4. I think you meant Keesha who was a cousin of Maya's via the Ward side (she wasn't a Q). She dated Jason before his accident and then dated AJ after. It's possible but it's more likely this heir is Franco's daughter. Apparently he told Carly he had a daughter (I don't know I was on a GH break then).
    I think that the whole Britt's Dr. O's is pretty much confirmed by her actions. She's being told to seduce Patrick. She's trying way to hard to catch him. A woman of Britt's type would have given up long ago if she wasn't ordered to do so. Makes you wonder if she's even a doctor. And that's another thing, what is the deal? She's stitching up patients and implanting embryos? Don't you go to a fertility expert for something like that?

  5. I was also wondering why a fertility specialist would be out stitching someone up.

  6. Could it be Liz because of Jake?

  7. Diva..caused me to remember that while I was watching today, I was wondering why a girl as good looking as Brit would be so committed to winning over Patrick. Brit is also a somewhat unsentimental type who would have no problem finding someone else quick enough after she was more or less rejected or if a guy was slow on the uptake. She has too much ego for the waiting game.

    So while I first thought the rumor of Brit's connection to The Swiss doctor was too far out, I am coming around to wondering...
    Her pursuit of Patrick does seem as if she is on a mission...

  8. Yes to both claims:

    1) Britt is likely Faison's and Dr. O's love child on a mission to make Patrick forget Robin and

    2) Franco has a daughter named Lauren Frank he told Carly of, in 2009, when they argued over a Xmas tree, Only Carly knows. The clip is on Youtube.

  9. i personally think jimmy lee holt is an heir.

    does anyone else thing that little emma is a better actress than starr, molly and kristina all rolled up in one?

  10. wonder if Jerry Jaxs has something to do with Dr. Britt.

    Also in the scoops you said Sabrina finds Molly-did you mean Emma?? Didn't know Molly was lost.

  11. wonder if Jerry Jaxs has something to do with Dr. Britt.

    Also in the scoops you said Sabrina finds Molly-did you mean Emma?? Didn't know Molly was lost.

  12. I thought of Jimmy Lee Holt too. I wish Kristina would get arrested for doing something, anything and get put away forever. The little girl that plays Emma is adorable



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