Wednesday, October 6, 2021

YOU Weren't Seeing Things!


Yes, That was a rerun today!! Did you do a double-take?? LOL...Seeing Cyrus, Franco and Julian Jerome just walking around? GH Tweeted that the show would be a rerun today due to a news conference but I didn't see one at 2pm/est so not sure what's happening. 

There was a lot of shaky cam on today's show. Didn't like it. 

OK! Well, tomorrow I have a hair appointment so..I'll get a filler in for you.

OH! Alex was on this show too. 


  1. I was wondering what happened. Thought it might have been something to do with a strike that the members of the union voted for. Usually if there's a news interruption, we see the news.

    1. The White House may hav scheduled a presser, then cancelled it last minute

  2. This made no sense! It wasn't even interrupted. So showing a repeat was a waste of time! Well this episode was from November 3rd 2020. I'll copy and paste what I said at that time.

    "The hospital:

    Friz: Come on Bobtodd! Tell Liz your tumor is back!!!!!!

    Portia and Cyrus: Cyrus trying to be intimidating! It's working! When he got in that elevator with Portia, the look on her face! Hahaha!

    TJ and Jordan: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Okay. Boy Jordan people are going to start being very suspicious of you!

    Portia and Jordan: Oh Portia knows what Jordan and Cyrus are up to. Oh? Do you think they are sleeping together? :)

    Cyrus, TJ, and Jordan: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cyrus is YELLING!!!! His yelling is scary and creepy! I wanted him to yell more!!!!

    Doc's office:

    Doc and BobTodd: Doc paints? Did I miss something? ROFL! Oh Doc please help BobTodd!!!! :(

    Carson home:

    Ava and Sonny: Ava trying to be calm cool and collected. :) Not bad of a poker face, could have been better.

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Ava and Jules: Poor Jules is skeered!!!! Who will kill him? :( Will it be Jules's ex honey Sonny?! :(

    V.C. and Hiney: V.C. is so smart and Hiney is so dumb!!! The look on V.C.'s face when Hiney said that Helena called him! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now we just need to find out who V.C.'s bio daddy is. :)

    Hiney and Spinny: You put 2 and 2 together.. Hahaha. No you didn't Hiney! Shut up! Oh I hope Spinny taped Hiney's threats!!!! By the look on Spinny's face, it looks like he did hmmmmmmm.

    Cyrus and Jules: Oh oh Jules is skeered that's why he wants to make a deal with Cyrus!! OH BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

    Jail talk area:

    Sonny and Ryan: Oh oh. Let the truth spill out!!!!

    Chandler Mansion:


    Anna and Alex:

    Alex: He left a message some drivel about having to save peoples lives.

    ROFL! She would have won the line of the day, but Anna wins it.. Right.... About..... Now.

    Alex: You expecting someone?

    Anna: Yes. The army, the navy, and the marines they are all coming for afternoon tea.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHA! Oh OUCH that duct tape around Anna's hair! OUCH OUCH OUCH! Well, when Anna took it off it didn't seem like it hurt. She is one tough cookie. :)


    "Anna" and V.C.: Come on V.C.!!! Can't you see that "Anna" is acting very strange? Come on come on!!!

    "Anna": I always do what's best for my son.

    BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Yes yes ask for water yes!!! :) Now let's see if Alex can find the kitchen! ROFL!

    Basement door: V.C.!!! What the hella re you doing?!!?! Don't just stand there!! Open the door and go in!!! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! COME ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Oh oh! The needle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did he just stand there?!?!! It would have made more sense if he would try to open the door, and THEN the needle comes at him."
    Comments for today: I miss Julian! I miss his flannel shirts! I miss BobTodd (Sorry Di ROFL) And I miss Cyrus!!!!

  3. What a waste! I hate ABC! If this were NBC they'd have aired the episode anyway or aired it tonight!

    1. Most likely it's GH who decides, not ABC.

  4. Funny that they chose one with Val knocked out again. Same old.

    1. When exactly did Alex turn evil and decide to kill Anna? The last time I saw her was on AMC when she left with Dimitri for Europe...Whenever GH decides to bring a character out from the storage closet they usually make the character completely unrecognizable.

    2. "GM says, When exactly did Alex turn evil and decide to kill Anna?"

      I have no freakin idea!

      "The last time I saw her was on AMC when she left with Dimitri for Europe..."

      Yeah she did!!! I was so glad she left, because I hated that Anna had a twin!

      "Whenever GH decides to bring a character out from the storage closet they usually make the character completely unrecognizable."

      Yeah.. It's crazy. No pun intended.

    3. Any Canadian viewers today's episode is on citytv ondemand now.

    4. Strange. They showed the repeat on City here and it's not up on demand. Just checked again. Only yesterday's ep.

    5. Lol maybe they took it down. From memory opening scene dante talks to Rocco, sam comes and talks abt talking to her kids. Why wld I make this up?

  5. Recap: Sam & Dante wanna date. Maxi realizes BLQ is her new BFF. Chase makes Brooke play nice w Austin.Anna & Robert go to bar, get lied to, Anna realizes guy is on Casadine payroll, gunman comes along & opens fire. Victor & Val have trust issues till Victor claims to be his daddy. Gunman is revealed as Drew.

    1. Thank you!!!! :)

      "Victor claims to be his daddy."

      AH HA!!!!!!!!! :) But is it true? :)

    2. Maybe we're being played.

    3. I hope Valentin doesn't fall for Victor's crap. Maybe he's the Daddy, but probably he is just saying that. Valentin would do anything to make sure Anna is ok and take down Peter, but please don't turn Valentin into some gullible person now. Also, the Tarot card programming is even more stupid than the pen clicking. So stupid.

    4. Have we heard him say that? Wasn't on any episode I saw.

    5. This is speculation from Soap Dirt with a lot of they "believe" this might happen , maybe and "they suspect" added in. It's not anything that has happened or been verified.

    6. I am in Canada and have seen the epi u will see today. Trust me it happened, which is why I recapped it.

    7. Can you post the link here, please? When I bring up my city tv site there is no video and there was the same repeat as the Boston announcement or word from the station when I messaged either.

    8. Yesterday's episode is on now and Victor just told Val.

    9. Same here. On both Boston channel and Citi tv. I won't say anything else till other people have seen it.


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