Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Halloween Morning


HUMP DAY!! Here we GO GO. 

Mystery Guy runs into Portia outside of Kelly's. He has a map, says he's a throwback tourist. In town to see Family. Asks her about the music venue: The Savory. He asks too many questions about the owner. Portia gets suspicious and leaves. 

Nina is back from PA already. Bailed out and they took her passport. Ava tells her to hang in there. 

New KITCHEN SET for Millow!! Gate house!! WOW, they got some money at GH~~They are arguing about Michael not telling Willow he was having Nina arrested. He says he did it for his family. She says "I thought I was your family" . This is so boring. they are SO BORING

Alexis yells at Nikolas about Hayden..."Did you hire a hitman"? He says I can't believe you asked that. She says that's not an answer. He says leave it be...then says he secured her release! OH Alexis getting out?! HE saw the governor at some fund raiser and asked for a pardon because she exposed that racist judge. Alexis is like "Quid Pro Quo"?? If I drop the Hayden thing, I can get out! She's not having it. 

Molly and Shawn come in Kelly's and see Spencer working. Molly says she had to excuse herself from his case (she works at the DA Office). Molly and her father in law talk about law reform. Molly also goes through the Nikolas/Spencer stalking thing. 

Gym: Curtis and...TJ. Curtis says that they miss Jordan. Talk about Shawn a bit. Portia comes in. TJ mentions the guy that left the exam room. HE says he asked a lot about Curtis. Portia realizes it's the same guy she ran into. 

Sonny gives Avery pancakes. Carly is so happy for moments like these. They say it's Halloween. Avery says someone eats all the Kit Kats. Ava comes in to give Sonny the papers to sign for Charlie's. She drops that Nina bid too. "But I'm sure Carly knows that, you tell her everything" AHAHAHA. Surprisingly Carly doesn't say anything. She's probably saving it all to bitch at Nina. 

Jax and Joss talking at the Metro. Joss says it must be hard to watch Nina go through that. Then Jax calls Nina over and Joss yells at her. She leaves. Jax and Nina talk more. He gets on the elevator and Nina turns. Carly is behind her. 


Cyrus calls Sonny collect from jail

Michael proposes to Willow 


  1. Wedding was September 17th and now it's October 31 - I never saw that many days go by!
    Plenty of time for Sonny to have told Carly---------and the car bombing was dropped - still no Mac -------at LEAST Cyrus is calling Sonny.....I think Laura can come back now to PC.....Wish Kristina would be Phyllis 2nd in command when she begins to run Charlie's....
    We all know Michael only proposed cause of guilt....
    OOOOO Alexis and Shawn in the same house! I read that Harmony makes Alexis realize she needs to take the deal and get out of spa jail for the holidays......

    1. I think Kristina is fine as bar tender. She's never run a bar. She needs to stay there and work her way up.

      I hope Harmony succeeds in getting Alexis to agree. She needs to get out. She can help Shawn more on the outside.If Nicholas comes back at her later and says she agreed. She can say," I lied. What do you expect? I'm a Cassadine!" lol

      I also wasnt Laura back soon.

    2. Michael needs to go away, he's a terrible actor, no chemistry with Willow, this story line is awful, maybe Wiley isn't his? hope he loses custody for this made up "crime" for keeping your mouth shut...... I hate the writers when they think we're all so stupid.....

  2. Gatehouse: NEW SET NEW SET YAY! :) I was searching for the Tribbles, but it's not there. :(

    Mildew: Let's just get the most boring scene out of the way. Whiny Willow.. You should have just talked to Michael instead of Sasha. Just break up with Michael please!

    Michael: Starting now.

    As soon as he said that, I had a feeling he was going to propose to her. Yup he did UGH!


    Chad and Joss: Hmmm. She isn't angry with him and she doesn't hate him.. BESTIES! :)

    Chad and Molly: WOW! They haven't had a scene in for like ions and ions!

    Molly and Shaun: Soooo the word husband makes Molly allergic, and break out in hives, but yet saying father in law, is okay? *Facepalm*

    Portia and mystery man: Hmmm she didn't seem uncomfortable. She just had to go. With that hat, he looks like he owns a blues club. Can he own one please? It would be nice to see a blues club. :)

    The River edge jail: I keep forgetting what the name of this places is.. I'll just call it The ridge edge jail.

    Alexis and Nik: UGH! Can we just get Vampira talking to Ryan please?


    Curtis and TJ: Awwwwwww great scene. :) Family love.. #Family. :) Hmmm TJ can't stop thinking about the guy in the hat. TJ you are so sweet worrying about him. :) Oh hello Portia.. Yeah who is the mystery guy hmmmm? :)

    Carson home:

    Carson and Avery: Awwwwwww so adorable. :) Isn't Avery going to ask where the Tribbles are?

    Carson, Avery, and Queen Ava: Great scene! :)

    Carson and queen Ava: Oh yes Ava manipulate Carly.. :) *Evil laughter*

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Nina and Ava: Wait I'm confused about Nina. Is the storyline over? Was Nina found innocent?

    Nina and Jax:

    Nina: I am a lost cause.

    No you are not Nina!! :( But yes Jax should stop trying to protect you. Oh no Jax won't say anything about you and Sonny.. But maybe Carly overheard! DOH!

    Sidenote: What is Gladys doing now? Is she back to making out with her phone?

    1. lol Sonya. Did you doze off during the Nina/Ava scene? She said she was arraigned and let out on bail, so she's home waiting for now.

      Maybe the tribbles have moved into the Q's attic to keep the lost children company.

    2. "Di says, lol Sonya. Did you doze off during the Nina/Ava scene?"

      ROFL! I must have.

      "She said she was arraigned and let out on bail, so she's home waiting for now."

      Oh okay. Duh. :)

      "Maybe the tribbles have moved into the Q's attic to keep the lost children company."

      ROFL! And the lost Roxy. :)

    3. I hate those flowers. They really need to put the Tribbles back where they belong. TPTB just removed them out of spite!

    4. "Julie H says, I hate those flowers."

      Me too!

      "They really need to put the Tribbles back where they belong."

      YES THEY DO!

      "TPTB just removed them out of spite!"

      Spite? What do you mean? What happened?

  3. Why is it so important to find out again that Nik hired someone to shoot Hayden. Hasn't he been exonerated?
    Molly looked lovely.
    Today was a yawn.

  4. Hat guy/Curtis' dad - should have had Lucy Coe's Guide to Port Charles book! Come on, writers!!! LOL

    1. Hahahaha. Yeah he should have that book! :)

  5. They actually said Kit-Kats. 3 times! Do they get product placement money for that?
    Loved the kitchen in the gatehouse. I like new sets. :)
    Not liking the friction between Nik and Alexis. They both need to be embracing their Cassadine selves! She needs to get off her high pony and take the deal. And I'm seriously annoyed about all this Nik hired someone to shoot Hayden thing. They cleared him, they didn't clear him. Move on already. (Mostly because I never liked Hayden, and I don't care, especially since they missed, lol!)


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