Monday, October 25, 2021

Lunch Bunch

 Sonny tells Carly Ava was arrested, asks if she did it. She says no, someone in law enforcement must have seen how bad Nina is. Sonny's like "Why would they bother. We helped so many people in Nixon Falls" Carly: WE?????? Sonny dodges the question. 

Michael talks to Jax and tells him there are things he can to do help the family.  Then, Jax is interrupted by Scott telling him to get to the courthouse for Nina because she needs friends. Carly and Michael want to go too. Sonny is hesitant. 

Gladys gets the whole Deception team to the PC Grille for a "lunch meeting"..something she wants the company to pay for. The other women are @@. I guess this is comic relief? I think she's recording because Sasha takes Gladys away from the table. So Maxie and Brook can talk about Louise/Bailey. AH HA!! Yep, she says she dreads the day that she has to tell Valentin he's not Bailey's father. 

PCPD: Nina is yelling, Scotty comes in as her lawyer. "I didn't hire you" she says. "I DID" Says Ava. Scott says it's better she's extradited to PA because it would make her case easier. It would get her bail faster too for some reason. After Scott leaves, Ava talks to her about using the "Mike Love" for leverage. Nina isn't sure. Ava says DO IT! 

COURTHOUSE: Ava, Scott..Jax..Nina and then Carly, Sonny and Michael walk in. Carly looks so happy. Nina finds out that Michael had her arrested. 

Crete: Britt and Jason didn't find anything in the compound. Jason gets a call from Dante. Meanwhile, Britt is behind the bar looking for booze and the Aussie Guard that was shot comes out, bleeding to take Britt hostage. She wants to doctor him. He's like NO! Come with me. Jason saves her of course. The guy is wounded badly so Britt is going to try to patch him up. 

Anna comforts Valentin when he has a nightmare. She tells him to visualize killing Peter. They talk about, yada yada. He calls Brook to talk to Bailey and they are at the PC Grille. She says Bailey isn't there. When Gladys and Sasha go to the ladies room, they repeat that Val isn't Bailey's father. At the end of the lunch, Gladys picks up her phone that recorded the whole thing. 


Nina is taken to Pennsylvania. Sonny looks sad

Britt and Jason go off to Cassadine Island...bartender calls Nikolas 

Anna and Val go to Port Charles on a medical flight 

Gladys transcribes the meeting and HEARS THAT VAL ISN'T BAILEY'S FATHER!!? 


  1. All I noticed today was the heavy dye job on Sonny's facial hair. Natural and added.

  2. SO mad that Gladys knowing means we gotta put up with her - guess she will want other things in the company since it is not Sasha who knows?
    I STILL think Nina not telling police about Peter is a REAL reason to be arrested.....stupid stupid....
    SO November sweeps start the 28th-------maybe Peter will be caught and killed (HA!) but we need some more action - anything but Gladys!!!

    1. I really don't think it's a crime keeping your mouth shut, she didn't protect him.......besides, I don't think that's what the charges are, Michael wants her prosecuted for keeping his daddy away. Can't stand Michael........
      This show has gotten so stupid, there was a bomb at the wedding, and NOBODY is being investigated, namely Jason, Carly & Spinelly.
      Can't wait for Willow to leave Michael and sue for custody, and WIN

    2. I don't think it is a crime not to tell Sonny, but Peter was a murderer and on other shows and movies, people who don't turn in what they know are arrested.....just weird......
      and I too am screaming - what about the bomb and Mrs. Wu and Cyrus? Can't Laura come back now that Sonny will handle Cyrus? I thought it odd that Nicholas made a remark about his mother not having time to call him - does PC all think Laura is still in Washington at a conference??????????? WHO is running the city?

  3. Sorry - forgot - did Sonny tell Jason the truth about Nina? cause I am thinking only Ava knows?????

  4. Crete Greece:

    Bad guy and Britch: I was waiting for Superhero Jason to swoop/fly in with his cape and save poor itty bitty Britchy.

    Bad guy, Britch, and Superhero Jason: Oh there ya go! Superhero Jason with his cape to the rescue. Is there nothing he can't do? :)


    Vanna: Try to keep him calm Anna. :) You should just tell him what you would do to him in a hotel room.. Yes yes it will make his heart go haywire sure, but it would be funny. :)

    Anna: I wouldn't have the chance to say,

    Say what Anna? :) I wuv you? That you mean the world to me? :) No no no Anna don't back down and make some excuse! Rats.

    Port Chuckles:

    Port Chuckles Grille:

    Gladys, Maxie, Brooky, and Sasha: Oh come on! Are they all that stupid and blind? That can't see they are being recorded? Didn't they hear the recording noise? I mean Sasha was sitting next to the phone!!!! That pregnancy belly wasn't that bad this time. Did they change pregnancy belly, or maybe it was the shirt.

    Gladys and Sasha: Can Glayds go away now? I mean she isn't in the opening credits. So when is she going to go bye bye?

    Maxie and Brooky:

    Brooky: I dread the day that Valentin finds out Bailey isn't his daughter.


    Metrocourt restaurant: Hey! Chad Duell just got married recently to Courtney Hope! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Congratulations to them both. :)

    Jax and Michael: Oh goodie. Jax finally admitted that he blackmailed Michael.. Now go away Jax and never return.

    Carson: Sonny thought Carly was the one who had Nina arrested! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. Priceless. :) Sonny isn't happy. Then the WE at Nixon Falls! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. *Evil laughter*

    Carson, Jax, and Michael: Yeah Sonny is NOT happy. :) He looks so concerned over Nina. Awwwww. :) Love Sonny's why? When Michael wants to go to the courthouse. :)

    Police station:

    Nina, Ava, and Scotty: Ohhhh boyyyyyy!! Pick the PA choice Nina. :) No Nina and Ava, Sonny didn't do it! :)


    Nina, Ava, Scotty, Jax, Carson, and Michael: Oh look at that. Carly smuggy smuggerson, and Michael who I am sure is loving this. Sonny doesn't look happy and still looks concerned. Oh I can't wait until Carly hears all about Nina and Sonny's wuv and sees the pictures of them, then her smuggy smug face is wiped out. :) *Evil look* Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: Pay no attention to those Hyenas.


    Glady's office: Well, Gladys's brain exploded all over her laptop.

    1. I can't wait for that smug face of Carly's gets wiped by Nina! Grrrrrrrr.

    2. "Paul773 says, I can't wait for that smug face of Carly's gets wiped by Nina! Grrrrrrrr."

      Yeah it will be delicious. :)

    3. Yes Paul, agree 100% as well as the rest of the klan....starting with Michael and ending with Joss........maybe Joss should google her Mom.....

    4. "Carly smuggy smuggerson". HAHAHHAHAHA! Oh Sonya you do make me laugh! :)

      What does it say about Anna and Valentin that thinking about revenge and murder calms a body down? Evil doers! Something else that made me laugh out loud!

    5. Really hate smug Carly and vindictive Michael. Peter threatened little James so that is why Nina didn't call the police. I also can't wait for Carly to have her bubble burst. Love having Scott in the mix with Nina and Ava. Ugh Gladys.

    6. "Julie H says,"Carly smuggy smuggerson". HAHAHHAHAHA! Oh Sonya you do make me laugh! :"

      ROFL! :)

      "What does it say about Anna and Valentin that thinking about revenge and murder calms a body down?"

      Uh they have something in common? :)

      "Evil doers! Something else that made me laugh out loud!"


  5. So How many times did Brookie and Maxie talk out loud about Bailey before today? Let's see.. like 100.

    I can't wait for Carly to find out Sonny cared for Nina (kissed, held, loved). Surprisingly no sex but they bonded which is almost worse. Loved my Ava sticking up for Nina, but she will probably pay for that. Loved Scotts antics as usual.

    1. I like the Ava/Scotty/Nina faction. I wish they would do something to put Carly in her place.

    2. Yes Kevin, the writers must adore Carly, hardly a mention of her horrible past, last week she was HONEST with Sonny, that's not her, she lies, lies, lies........

  6. Val to Anna; "I love my girls but you are my strength" Very sweet!


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