Sunday, October 24, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Brain Games


Well, another week where I can say I was entertained and surprised!! Seems to be on a roll for me lately. When you like the stories and the dialog is flying, it's a good day. Production stepped it up as well. I think they must have had some money hidden somewhere for last quarter. 

Get a big breakfast or giant coffee ready. SO much happened, this will be another novel in the making. 

Monday started out with a literal B-A-N-G! Why was it so awesome? Because it was actually a Friday show that was moved because GH was a rerun one day the week before. Monday cliff hangers? I'll take it!! We will start in Greece again... on a foggy bridge with Anna and Robert!! RnA doing what they do best. 

SET OF THE WEEK: HooWEE!! The whole bridge set looked so real to me. The fog.. the marsh grasses, everything. Music was on point. Anna and Robert going over with the flashlights like the were Mulder and Scully. Anna tending to a wounded Valentin. Even the dang rock looked real! 

SEQUENCE OF THE WEEK:  To dovetail on the set awesomeness, wasn't it refreshing to not think a shooting was done so badly that it looked fake? This was just a great directorial choice. Robert, seeing Drew and Valentin is like "Damn it"!! He expected Peter to walk across. BUT!! Guess what! Peter is behind them.. Drew steps back, Valentin is shot in the back and then when Drew raises his gun, Peter unloads into his chest. Drew falls from the bridge and we are left seeing his body in the water. Bravo to all involved. And as we know, using guns on any set is dangerous in it's own right. This was really seamless. 

BAIT AND SWITCH OF THE WEEK: I need to mention how the twist went down. We see Drew seemingly overpowering Peter in his cell and not being mind controlled. He comes in and appears to help Valentin by shooting a guard. Next time we see him, he's leading Val out on the bridge. He's shot by Peter. Now I thought maybe he had on a bullet proof vest and wouldn't be "dead" (we knew he wasn't dead-dead) but I didn't know he'd show up with Peter putting Obrect in the trunk! I didn't see spoilers so I was honestly shocked. Which I WUB!! Squee!! 

ACCENTS OF THE WEEK: Just want to say I loved hearing Anna and Victor doing some British banter. Throw in Scorpio's Aussie-Greatness and welp. I was in heaven!! All we needed was a spot of tea or some Fosters! I do like these 3. Charles Shaughnessy is a great addition to the cast. He's a more charming Victor. If it builds up my Cassadines, I'm here for it! 

PHONE CALL OF THE WEEK: Out of the blue, Terry gets a call from Elizabeth's father, Jeff. Those of us that are old enough remember a time when his character was quite important to the show. In the past... 30 years however? Not so much. Liz doesn't even seem to have a mother! Anyway, he left a message for her when Franco died and she never returned the call. He calls Terry who he heard was COS (and must have known when Elizabeth was younger) to check on her. You could have knocked me over with a feather. What? Why now? Then it hit me: FINN! Yes..Finn who was estranged from HIS father can help Liz not be estranged from HER father. Got it. Here's hoping Jeff comes back before I hit the nursing home. 

PURCHASE OF THE WEEK: Who will buy the bar from Ava for Phyllis? Looks like Sonny wins that bid. Ava just wants all the cash she can get. Heh. Gotta love our Ava. 

MYSTERY MAN OF THE WEEK: I've named him "Guy". He stalks Curtis.. then goes to GH to get medical advice from TJ. Curtis keeps talking about his past and how he's left it behind. Well, I think your past is coming knocking. Do we NEED another character? Hell no... but let's see where it goes. 

NEW SET OF THE WEEK: Another set? Maybe they refurbished the Bridge? Anyway, this is outside of the Port Charles Grille. See that plaza looking thing back there? I actually thought it looked real. By the way, Austin and Maxie go in, Olivia hears the word "autistic" freaks out and chaos ensues. I will say her reaction to "Leo being Leo" is believable and parents sometimes don't want their children 'labeled". The only part that's dangling is Leo's age. If he was 4-5? Maybe. BUT!! I am liking the story. So I'll save my gripes for a later date. 

PLEA OF THE WEEK: Even though Ava is controlling his money, Spencer won't allow her to control his life. He pleads not guilty at his hearing. Kevin bails him out but tells him he needs to get a JOB. Will he work the coffee docks? Will Cam make him a bus-boy at Kelly's? 

ARREST OF THE WEEK: In a baffling choice, Nina is arrested for identity fraud? What? Michael gets some ballios and decides to teach her a lesson. He essentially bribes the district attorney from Pennsylvania who needs a high-profile case to get him over the election hump. Michael gives him money. Problem is... um.. it doesn't work. Lawyers in the Twitter timeline went insane over this. LOL. I could absolutely see a civil suit against her from the family but-- identity theft? Who's IDENTITY DID SHE STEAL?  The only hope I have is this leads to a trial where Nina is forced to tell everyone about she and "Mike"..and show photos as proof. That will shut Carly up for a day or two!! 

MONICA SAVES THE DAY OF THE WEEK: Good ol' Monica! She convinces Austin to drop the ELQ share claim. He goes to the house, signs the papers but as he's leaving tells Brook Lynn: This isn't over. As far as I'm concerned it is. By the way, too bad Brook and he are related. I'm kinda over Austin. That's all. 

WEAK LINK OF THE WEEK: Um.. why? I mean. The didn't find Drew. I guess they "found" Victor and brought him in but...seems like Sante is there to just spin wheels. Give Dominic a good part; get him back at the PCPD and if JJY isn't coming in, make him chief. He can be our Bo Buchannan. We just need to find his Nora. 



Valentin is shot trying to escape the compound

Drew goes into the water, seemingly shot but has on a bullet-proof vest

Dr. O is in the trunk of Peter's car and Drew is under his control

Victor is questioned by Anna and Robert, tries to make a deal 

Valentin recovers in the embassy hospital

Sonny and Carly say goodbye to Jason who's on his way to Greece with Britt

Sonny has an Uncle-to-Nephew talk with Spencer

Spencer pleads not guilty; Kevin bails him out with conditions. Trial in a few weeks

Mysterious Guy follows Curtis and reaches out to TJ

Ava is selling the bar to Sonny who wants to buy it for Phyllis 

Ava tries to bargain for more time with Avery

Nikolas gives Ava control over Spencer's trusts 

Nina is arrested after Michael gives the PA DA money for his re-election

Olivia freaks out after everyone talks about Leo maybe being autistic 

Austin drops the claim on ELQ after talking to Monica 

Elizabeth hears that her father is checking up on her; she and Finn are going to Trivia Night

Jason and Britt go to Greece to find Liesl and possibly Peter 


SPOILERS:  We will get a Brook Lynn Gladys scene (I'm hoping she decks her lol), Alexis is offered a deal, Britt and Jason search for Obrect and lots of Michael/Willow drama. yawn. GET all your Scoops on Diagnosis Daytime!! 

That's a wrap! Did you make it to the end?? I'm hearing love/hate for the show just like it always is--BUT I'm not hearing boring. That's a good sign. Yes, we hit boring patches now and again but that's the way a 5 day, 5 hours of a program goes. I'm loving Nicholas Chavez as Spencer. He's just bringing it. I'm not really happy about Jason and Britt going to Greece because..really? Jason saving the day again? We do not need this. Scotty and Britta should have gone on their own. New guy in town? Good actor but again, wow... why not get the Aunt Stella angle going more? Another character at this juncture when you already have Ms. Wu in the wings? Why is Alexis still in jail. Cassadines are running all over the place. Get our Natasha in the mix. 

By the way, Maxie's baby is still supposedly missing but.. ?? 

Have a great Sunday. I hope it's Sunny where you are. We have pumpkins galore all over the area and fall is in full swing. Next week Friday-Sunday I will be in Philly so relish this Sunday Surgery while you can! 


  1. Thanks, Karen, for another great recap of the week!

  2. Karen, our views of the past week are mostly in agreement. The new "Guy" will be Curtis' father and an eventual love interest for Phyllis.

    Elizabeth has been a character on "GH" since 1996 or '97, so I have always been surprised that we've never seen Jeff or Carolyn in all of those years.

    I like NuSpencer, NuDrew and NuViktor. Keep them all, but shed a few other players starting with Brando and Jax.

    I *do* think Michael's charges against Nina will backfire on Carly. And I love it.

    1. Two other random thoughts...

      As a reminder, Terry went to high school with Elizabeth and they were buddies. She knows Liz' family.

      Just like when Roger Howarth assumed the role of Franco, it evolved in the first few months as producers decided what was working and what wasn't. (Remember the blond hair?) I think we're still at that point with Austin. I love RoHo, though, and am glad we have another Quartermaine. Now, let's add Drew to that mix.

    2. Yes, that's how I figured Jeff 'knew' Terry. Although Liz came to live with Audrey after being with Jeff and Mom in Africa, right? He was never on the show then, but I'm overlooking that!! I know they are fleshing out Austin but.. it's still hard. I miss todd still!

    3. No, Liz was left in CO with friends when her parents left to doctor abroad. So Jeff for sure knows Terry

    4. The character of Franco didn’t work until he was paired with Liz.

  3. Great job. I enjoyed reading it as much as I did watching it!!

  4. I am starting to like NuSpencer, like NuDrew, very much like NuVictor. Cast is way too big though and they still never show so many, many of the characters. Where is Greg, Jackie, Chase, Mac, Felicia, Molly, Kristina etc etc etc?

    Thank you Karen for all your hard work on this blog. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks Karen. that was another great SS.

    "Give Dominic a good part; get him back at the PCPD" I so agree with this. The poor man's livelihood shouldn't depend on having to play kissy facw with sam every day. Have her stay home and play with her kids. Willow can show her how to pick up blocks.

    I'm finding new Guy a little smarmy. I'm weary of his motives.

    I definitely want to see Alexis out of jail. She needs more to do, and in a completely sober state and no more problems for a while. Tired of them dragging the bottom with her character.

    I really want to see Esme out on her own having to wait tables at Kelly's too. And I hope Michael's plan backfires. Nina need to face consequences but this is not an indictable offence.

    I also loved all the action on the bridge. It was so well done and Drew 's exit with an unconscious Ava was totally unexpected.

  6. Chris and Dan are terrible writers. They write bad stories and then they try to fix it. Instead of writing a story for Liz grieving her husband with Finn’s support, the show shoved Becky on the back burner and later had Liz help Finn with Chase. So now they’re trying to fix it by writing a story of Finn helping her with her estranged father. This should have been a Friz story.

  7. Thanks for another great SS! You are the GH hero...making it all sound so good.
    I still miss Todd too. And all of OLTL. TPTB seem to understand RoHo's worth but this character is so weak. He hasn't had one patient yet except Leo's little cut.
    Yes, the new Guy will probably be for Phyllis. Why did they kill Len?
    We have sun and a beautiful autumn day!

  8. Charlotte is back this week I read

  9. WHY didn't Michael have Nina arrested for 'aiding and abedding" SP???? a prisoner - PETER? THOSE charges would stick! Does he not know? Is NO ONE GONNA realize that is a main story too? at least Michael has some personality....
    speaking of--------ruining Olivia's character - a mother WOULD want to know if her son has autism.......
    Screaming again - NO MAC and Felicia!! and Maxie hasn't mentioned her baby in two weeks!!
    and she dressing down - which I would be okay with IF she mentioned her baby - she is just wrapped up in Austin (not feeling Austin either)....
    No Taggart -------------- so I guess Daddy of Curtis is the new storyline since Trina is in college????
    I don't mind a Jeff appearance IF he stays and has a GOOD reason - and we can eliminate
    Sasha, Brando, Gladys, Austin, Peter, Willow, Chase and Michael....
    we have NO clue about Finn's parents - WHERE are they?

  10. Austin looks like he is just beginning to let his hair down this week. I truly think the adjustments in his character are coming. Agree with Kevin’s comments. Maybe somehow Austin trained to be a doctor under Jeff Webber?

  11. The Leo story makes no sense since helicopter mom Olivia would have had Leo checked the minute she noticed something was off and she definitely knows since she mentioned he's in "his Leo world". Also Leo lives with Monica, a world-renowned doctor. She would notice something in a minute.

    Austin's character is terrible. (in addition to Roger's really stupid hair). He's had about 3 different personalities in 3 months and has ZERO chem with Maxie.

    If they want Dante & Sam to work they need to recast Sam. Dom deserves better than a pairing with a sleep-acting (and inducing) actor.

    If they want me to care about Liz & Finn (and I'm a Liz FF) they need to be on more than once every 3 weeks.

    The pacing of this show is terrible. The writing is awful. The best we got in weeks is Anna/Robert/Victor. Just wonderful.

  12. As always, a spot-on Sunday Surgery column, Karen! I actually look forward to coming home from work and unwinding with GH these days. I do have one question, though. I'm not sure if I missed it, but has there ever been a scene where someone tells Alexis that Sonny is alive? I don't recall ever seeing her reaction to that news. Did I miss it? They really do need to get her out of prison.

    1. still waitin on Diane and Sonny in person - hug hug hug

  13. Didn’t Victor NOT have a British accent day one when Charles spoke to Leisel? I’m so confused there!


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