Thursday, October 21, 2021

The PC Grille Breakfast

 Spencer's court appearance isn't going well. He has a public defender who's not doing a good job and even grabbed the wrong folder. Sonny comes in to "help". Esme leaves. Sonny tells Nikolas you don't use children in plans and NOT HIS CHILDREN ESPECIALLY. Yada yada.. he said Spencer messed up by getting caught LOL OKAY? He says he can't bail him out. Tells him Nik is addicted to Ava like his dad was to gambling. Hard to come second to that. Sonny leaves as Nik walks in. Spencer says he won't take the deal that if he accepts Ava and his father's marriage she won't testify against him. Esme is like: YOU crazy? JUST DO IT! 

Carly and Willow talking about Nina. Willow is afraid Michael is doing something stupid. Boring. Carly can yell about nina to Willow now. 

Austin is at GH checking on a patient and Monica tells him to get lost because he's on suspension. They talk in her office. He says Brook set him up and Monica is the only Sane Quartermain. She agrees. 

Maxie goes to the Qs to talk to Brook Lynn. Brook tells everyone her plan for Austin. People argue. Olivia overhears people talking about autism. She's mad, might want a divorce from Ned. Austin comes to the door. He says after his talk with Monica he's going to drop the whole thing and sign the papers to give up his portion. 

The PA DA guy comes to the Q door to talk to Michael and the donation he wants to make. 

Phyllis and Nina talking over breakfast. Phyllis doesn't want to rebuild the Tan-O without Lenny. Nina wants her to move to PC. 

Nikolas and Nina talking over breakfast. Same old Spencer BS. He leaves. Ava goes and sits with Nina and Phyllis. They talk about "Mike" a bit and Ava invites her to see Charlie's (oh I wonder why!!?) AND SONNY WALKS IN! 

Sonny and Ava talk about Avery. She wants partial custody, he says no. He says that Ava can see her more under HIS terms. Not the courts. 


Austin tells Brook that "this is not over"... 

The PA DA and Michael make a deal (off camera)


  1. Makes me crazy that Sonny controls Ava's time with Avery. He treats Avery like a possession.
    Of Course Ava is no saint but she's not only my favorite but she already lost a daughter so I have a soft spot for her. Ugh Carly... They should probably have Maxie act a bit sad about not having her "baby"

  2. Ava, the scared woman who wanted the best for Avery and was nice to everyone
    Ava JEROME is back - barking out orders and demanding things...
    I like the other Ava better - she had a tenderness/not scheming - I thought SHE would change....
    Phyllis and Charlie's - we all saw that coming.....
    I like Michael with an attitude...
    Olivia and BLQ sound like spoiled brats - Olivia had some sense before she is angry at everyone in the Q house...
    another day - another no mention of finding Louise - does no one think that is weird that Maxie moves on to other things?
    Maybe something about Elijah and Nina is why Michael is going to get small town law on the payroll.....

    1. I think Michael is going after Austin maybe. Or maybe Nina but Nina wasn't in Nixon Falls that long

    2. Michael is getting the Pennsylvania DA to file criminal charges against Nina. Probably some variation on perpetuating a fraud.

    3. I think Ava can be both. Kind and vulnerable but not taking anymore $hit from Spencer or even Sonny delegating when and where she will see her child.

  3. That courtroom was like a wedding receiving line. Everyone just come in and carry on as you please… in a courtroom 😂

  4. Ava is getting nasty witch again.

  5. Maxie is going to fall for another guy who delivered her baby.

    1. LOL! You may be right. I thought it was printed some where they were redoing a Spin/Maxie romance?

  6. Replies
    1. So I shouldn't bother watching tonight tonight????? I am a day behind you guys. Hulu never aired it (I guess the big breaking news about Brian being dead was more important). Hope he's rotting in Hell. Although I'd rather have seen him in court for killing Gabi....

  7. Add Olivia to a long list of characters that the writers have ruined. I am tired of her crapping all over Ned. I was supportive of putting them together. I had high hopes that with Edward and Lila gone, that Ned and Olivia could become the new heads of the Q's. But, alas that did not happen. The storyline of the drunken one night stand that Ned had with Alexis didn't help. But Olivia's self rightheness has gotten out of control. If divorce is the next step in their relationship, I am more than fine with it. Ned deserves better, and so does the audience.

  8. Carly "Nina doesn't respect boundaries" HA!

  9. Courtroom: BREAKING NEWS! THEY GOT A NEW SET! It looks so real. You can even hear their echos. :) Where the hell did Chad get his lawyer? She sucks. ROFL! She isn't very professional. Vampira is all what will happen to me? Not what will happen to us.. No no.. What will happen to me. :) ME ME ME ME. And Sonny is basically do as I say and not as I do. ROFL! Chad did yell which I liked. :)

    The hospital:

    Pawtucket Holtser and Monica: You're the sane one! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. Monica? The sane one? :) I guess he hasn't seen videos of her. :) If you think about it, the sane one is really Lila. He would have won the line of the day, but well, he did win it, but not with this line.

    Carson kitchen:

    Carly and Willow: Oh who cares about this conversation. I want the Tribbles back! This stupid frou frou recast isn't working. Karen said on twitter that they should add a little toy frog in it.. Hahahaha YES! :) They should. We could name the little frog. Hmm maybe Betsy. :)

    Port Chuckles Grille:

    Phyllis, Ava, and Nina: OHHHH! Ava planting seeds.. :) Come on Phyllis buy Charlie's bar and restaurant! You could name it The Tan-o or Lenny's! I'm glad Phyllis doesn't want to be a nurse and wants to be her own boss. Oh hi Sonny.. Sonny's smile to Phyllis.. He is Mike! :) Oh my Sonny didn't say hi to Nina.. He is avoiding her so he can avoid his feelings for her.. :)

    Ava and Nina: Oh now now queen Ava.. No blackmailing Sonny for Nina.. :) You behave! :)

    Ava and Sonny: Sonny keeps digging his heels in! Come on Sonny let her have joint custody. Ava looking at Nina. No no Ava don't do it. Oh wait.. More time for Ava and Avery? MIKE SHOWED UP! :) Sonny is NEVER reasonable.

    Q mansion:

    Nedlia: NO MOM! NO DIVORCE! *Crying* Olivia is so scared and in so much denial.

    Pawtucket Holtser, Michael, Nedlia, Brooky, and Maxie: I'm glad Pawtucket Holtser signed the papers.. Enough is enough with this storyline. And I HATE Brooky's smug smile. Someone slap her please. And Michael! He agreed with Brooky's tactic? Michael has changed.

    Pawtucket Holtster and Brooky: Pawtucket Holtser wins the line of the day here.

    Pawtucket Holtser: If you are thinking this is over, you'd be wrong about that. This is just the beginning.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! He just wiped that smug smile off of Brooky's face! :) Thank you! :)

    Michael and PA DA guy: I forgot his name. He looks familiar. He is very handsome. :)

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to watch Robert and Anna working undercover*

    Sidenote: They didn't show Fincy and Liz today? When are we going to see them again next? Another month? And then when they show them again she will be looking at the trivia flyer again talking to Finchy about going? Will we see Britch talk to someone about how Liz is longing for Jason and that there are more rumors?

    1. Yes, Brooklyn really was smug! I was glad when Austin put her in her place. But I’m not sure what he meant. This is just the beginning of what?

    2. "Kathy M says, Yes, Brooklyn really was smug!"

      Hate that smug smile of hers. I hate it!

      "I was glad when Austin put her in her place."

      It was a thing of beauty. :)

      "But I’m not sure what he meant. This is just the beginning of what?"

      I don't know. Maybe he did hear Maxie and Brooky talking in the woods after all when he was knocked out.

    3. I think you might be right, sonya. And maybe he'll want to ruin her life now although I'm hoping he's not that evil.

    4. "Di says, maybe he'll want to ruin her life now although I'm hoping he's not that evil."

      Yeah I don't want him to be evil either. :(

    5. I must have been in a bad mood yesterday because everyone irritated me except Monica!
      I wanted to slap that look off of BLQ's face.
      I wanted to slap Sonny because Ava started out reasonable about shared custody and he became the same old arrogant SOB.
      I wanted to slap Oliva because she was so nasty to our Ned.
      And I wanted to slap Carly, just because she's Carly.

      Maybe I need to go to Sonny's gym and beat up the sparring bag.
      Have a good day! :)

  10. So I guess Sonny convinces Ava to let Phyllis run Charlie’s Pub? Perfect way to keep her around, but they definitely need to change the name of the pub to Lenny’s!

  11. Am I the only one who didn't get Thurs show? Or is Hulu seriously late this time? 🙄

  12. They have kind of been playing Brooklyn and Ava a little different now. Bringing out both of their evil sides of their personalities. Also I don't want Maxie falling for another guy who delivered her baby. Ughh

  13. If you are able to DVR the show and skip through the Carly and Willow scenes it’s a pretty decent show. Also, Michael’s character has hit a brick wall. Now making a bad guy? We’ve been down this road.


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