Friday, October 8, 2021

BOX of Flannel

 SO I think Wednesday's show was not aired because of the shoot out on it--and there was that shooting in Texas. Which I give ABC credit for. In many areas, there were local news conferences about the incident and having GH on with guns blazing wouldn't be the best bet. I'm not 100% sure but, I do think that's the reason. 

YESTERDAY!! Welp, we all thought it but it was confirmed!! Helena and Mr. Sheffield (Aka Victor) had zex and made Valentin!! WHOOT!! LOL... it's perfect. I can not WAIT until Nikolas and Spencer find out!! 


Trina and Portia they meet once weekly for breakfast. Aww. Portia tells her it's not her fault that Spencer got in trouble. They talk some more. Then Trina feels like she has to go to talk to Ava. 

Cam is working the counter at Kelly's. He and Joss talk about the whole Spencer thing. He thinks that Esme is more innocent than Spencer and Joss is like: NO.  They go back and forth. Then Nina walks in. Joss lays into her.  "You stole Sonny's life" . Nina says she's sorry. Then Joss gives Nina back her journal she got for graduation. First, she goes though all the pages she wrote about Sonny's funeral and the pain she went through. She never wants to see Nina ever again. Oh good scene! 

Esme and Spencer.."Slumming" it at The Metro. He's mad she called Uncle Sonny who could have killed his dad. I hope Esme is using Norplant since they are sleeping together. OH! His credit card was denied --ahahahhaa. He's cut off from Bank and Credit cards. Doesn't Esme have any money of her own?? 

Ava and Nikolas jammies on the parapet. Nikolas tells her they'll never be apart again. He has a track on Spence's credit card and found out he's at the Metro. He doesn't want to talk about him though. Ava tells Spencer that basically, Spencer learned his 'tricks' from growing up with him as a father LOL! Trina comes in and Ava thanks her for saving her marriage. 

Carly and Sonny and PHYLLIS COMES IN!!  YEAH@@ !! Sonny introduces her to Carly as a special person to "MIKE" and himself! Sonny is smiling like Mike used to!! Phyllis brought his stuff from his room at the Tan-O. Carly opens the box. There are cards, his black cowboy hat, flannel shirts and a Nixon Falls book. Phyllis and Sonny hold hands about Lenny's death. Carly looks left out. She leaves to give them time together. They re-introduce themselves. Hug. Phyllis drinks coffee, loves it. Says she left out photos of he and Nina from the box. She also came to PC because she was sure Sonny needed someone to talk to about everything awww. 

Britt and Nina talk about Dr. O. Nina tells Britt about Anna and Robert. Nina leaves. Later, Spencer walks over. He asks if he can have room and board with her in exchange for cooking and business advice? LOL She's like I LIVE AT THE METRO. He says You live in a hotel and your chief of staff??? She asks why he can't live at Wyndemere. He says he got kicked out. She tells him how stupid he's been. Carly comes over and tells him he can't stay at the Metro and he needs to learn how to stand on his own 2 feet. 


Phyllis is going to go find Nina

Carly and Britt are going to "talk"

Spencer walks into Wyndemere and sees Trina 


  1. Wait - he has stuff in a box from the Tan-O? I thought it was destroyed!

    1. His stuff would have benn up in his room. Part of that area may have survived. I can suspend belief for that part.

  2. Also - if Nina lives at the Metro Ct. how long until she kicks nina out?

  3. That scene between Joss and Nina was great. No screaming or yelling like a jr. banshee, just well stated raw emotion. Eden should submit that scene when award time rolls around again.

    I liked the mother/daughter talk between Trina and Portia, as well as Portia's talk with Nicholas.

    I don't think little Miss leach has money at all. She's been living on Spencer's credit card.

    When Spencer first started talking to Esme about what happened he seemed to be a little more demonstative with her and I thought maybe he'd finally grown a pair. But it only lasted seconds before she wrapped him around her broke little finger again. I guess one just dropped a little. lol

    I was so happy to see phyllis. I hope she stays in Port Charles.

    1. "Di says, Eden should submit that scene when award time rolls around again."

      I hope she does!!!!

  4. GOOD MORNING PORT CHUCKLES! The 2nd day.. Actually, yesterday was the 2nd day.

    Carson home:

    Carson: All lovey dovey.. Oh someone is here? I'm thinking is it Phyllis?

    Carson and Phyllis: PHYLLIS!!! :) Nosy Carly looking through the box. Sonny needs to keep those flannel shirts and the cowboy hat!!! :) Is the watch in there?

    Sonny and Phyllis: Phyllis needs to move to Port Chuckles and run a bar! Could be Charlies. Take up on Sonny's offer and stay at the Metrocourt! Man Port Chuckles needs a Brownstone. Bobbie can own it. Then the teenagers can live there along with Phyllis and the Tribbles.

    Metrocourt hotel:

    Chad and Vampira's room: Vampira is nekkid!! Chad is angry with her? Why didn't he talk to her last night, instead of sleeping with her? Or they didn't sleep together and she just likes to sleep nekkid?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Nina and Britch: Nina wins the line of the day.

    Nina: I can't justify paying Carly's inflated prices for eggs and toast.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You two should go to Kelly's for breakfast. :)

    Portia and Trina: Awwwwwwww great scene! Love it! :)

    Chad and Vampira: Oh hate Vampira's dress. Maybe it's the color.. Nah it's both.

    Chad and Britch: Nice try Chad! I guess you and Vampira will have to leave town. Hey you can stay at Nixon Falls. :)

    Carly and Chad: GO CARLY GO CARLY GO! :)

    Carly and Britch: Well, I'm glad Carly is nice to Britch. It's about time.


    Nava: They had Covid sex and we missed it. Rats.

    Ava and Trina: Awwwww love their friendship.


    Jam: Love Joss's shirt. Glad they had a scene together today.

    Vampira and Cam: Oh look. Vampira's crocodile tears. Oh she is very good.

    Joss and Nina: Oh great scene!! Loved how Joss was tearing up her journal. BRAVO!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to the Q home to watch Alan catch Monica* This is the night before her cancer surgery.

    1. Maybe Phyllis can buy Charlies with her insurance money. I wouldn't mind seeing her working part time at the hospital too.

    2. Oh yeh I'd love to see her at Charlie's! Now insert that idea into the writers heads! 😂

  5. "Di says, Maybe Phyllis can buy Charlies with her insurance money."

    Yeah she could...

    "I wouldn't mind seeing her working part time at the hospital too."

    OH! I can see her do that too. :) She can talk to the sick kids to make them feel better.

    1. "Di says, She's a nurse."

      OH! I forgot she's a nurse!! She spent all her time at the Tan-0!

      "She could work the desk when Tiffy isn't there."

      Tiffy? Oh you mean Piffy! :) Yes yes great idea.

    2. lol I didn't even notice. Of course I meant Piffy.

    3. "Di says, lol I didn't even notice. Of course I meant Piffy."


  6. Esme is a piece of work. Cameron is not so smart. Joss does deserve an award for the scene with Nina

  7. Great work today by Eden McCoy. Maybe it is my tv but if I were the Director I would have called for silent tears streaming down Nina's face. Joss' verbal dress down was far more effective than her mother's flailing lunge.

    I liked today's show.

    Esme the onion....many layers yet to unpeel concealing an evil heart, a psychopathic brain, and an empty bank account. I give kudos to Avery Kristen Pohl the actor.

  8. I COMPLETELY forgot to mention the way Maxie was dressed in jeans, etc. Not that ANY OTHER character shouldn't wear what she had on, but MAXIE is all about fashion - she would never dress like that and go to the hospital.

    1. It's actually refreshing to see characters in in real life. With what Maxie is going thru I'm sure fashion is taking a backseat. Nothing wrong with that.

    2. "mufasa says, I COMPLETELY forgot to mention the way Maxie was dressed in jeans, etc. Not that ANY OTHER character shouldn't wear what she had on, but MAXIE is all about fashion - she would never dress like that and go to the hospital."

      My thought was, she isn't in her 20's. She's like what late 30's wearing ripped jeans.. Hahaha. Strange for her.

      "Michelle L says, With what Maxie is going thru I'm sure fashion is taking a backseat."

      Hahaha. Yeah, but this is Maxie we are talking about. She would never put fashion in the back seat. I mean she complained about someone's hair once. It just shows you that Maxie has changed.

  9. I just don’t see how it’s that big of a deal to Carly when she finds out about Mike and Nina. He had amnesia for goodness sake and Nina manipulated the situation by withholding information. I don’t like how it’s a big secret to keep from Carly.

    1. I think it's because Sonny *still* has feelings for Nina, he is just trying to deny them.

    2. Yup Sonny has feelings for Nina and Carly has feelings for Jason. It's a soap. They will most likely cheat on one another is my thoughts

    3. I have to disagree I don't think Jason will never cheat with Carly. Sonny is alive so Jason will be his forever loyal friend. Carly would do it in a heartbeat.

  10. I just read that the young actress who plays Charlotte is back on set. Yay.

  11. Eden McCoy's scene with Nina was the highlight of Friday's episode. Extremely well done. Her on-screen mother could take a few pointers.

    In fact, most of the scenes Friday were good. It was a dialogue-heavy day. I am interested to find out what Carly's "radical honesty" to Britt is all about. Will Carly admit she still loves Jason? Soapy goodness.

  12. You think Esme has money??? Haha! That sparky ass b? She's with Spence for his money, I doubt she'll stay with him much longer now. 😂

  13. As lindie mentioned above, our Charlotte is coming back. here's a link to the article that you can copy. Good reading. And she has definitely grown.

  14. I have to say ---- if Jason left me for Carly cause of business (Britt was told) and then he wanted me back cause Sonny was back, it would take me about 1/2 a second to say OKAY! LOL! TRULY I know that makes me shallow.....

  15. Nicholas Chavez and Avery Kristen Pohl are growing on me. They’ve shaken up the Disney-esque teen scene.


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