Tuesday, October 5, 2021

At Least Robert is on


Valentin is in Drew's cell.  Val tells Drew they are on Crete. Drew tells Valentin that Victor is behind this. Also says Dr O is alive. Valentin tells Drew about Scout; she's a tomboy, likes to climb trees yada yada. The guard comes in and takes Valentin out. 

Anna goes to see Chloe...Robert says "How did you beat me here"!! Yeah Robert! She asks why he's there. He's like Um, MAXIE'S BABY..someone has to find her!! It's about time!! He's not happy Anna is working with Valentin. They go in to talk to Chloe. 

Peter and Victor. Snooze, whatever. Vic wants the mind mapping stuff to 'trigger' Drew that Faison had. 

Dante is in with Dallas and Sam is outside the door with her lock-pick. She comes in. They want Dallas to help them. She tells them she did fake a plane crash for Shiloh. Tells them how. They leave the room. Sam says Drew has been alive this whole time. 

Portia goes to the Savoy to see Curtis. She's looking FINE! They just drink wine and talk. zzzzzzz

SERIOUSLY, if you haven't seen GH in a bit and want a narrative on the whole Drew/Peter/Valentin/ Baby Louise/ Naomi killing... watch today because that's about it. 


Sam misses a phone call from Anna.

Chloe tries to tell Anna and Robert where she was coming from when she got in a car accident

Drew gets "activated by Peter when he shows him a tarot card HAHAHA. OMG Okay. 


  1. My head hurts - so Victor wanted Dr. O back and kept Drew for 3-4 YEARS in a crappy cell - working with PETER and NOW he wants to CONTROL Peter but he couldn't for 3-4 YEARS?
    What the hell DOES he want? I HOPE that Drew is gonna fake it so he can escape.
    NOW is the big question for ALL of us to answer?
    They have already filmed November sweeps shows - WHAT will be the big thing in November? Obviously not the Nurses' Ball.
    and by the way the MB and CW interview is good, but did anyone else feel like MB just cut off the interview? CW was taking and it was vague but good.......then edited and it was over. It wasn't like the other interviews and much shorter I think.
    November sweeps thoughts????????

  2. Did they forget that Patrick removed the chip from Drews brain so that he couldn't be controlled by Helena/Faison.

    1. Obviously. But Dante was triggered without a chip, wasn't he. It was his conditioning that was triggered , with a pen click at the end. If I'm not mistaken. I would hope dDew would be harder to condition.

    2. Honestly, this is all idiotic.

  3. At least Robert was on today.
    Don't care about Drew or this entire weak story.
    There are no more climactic endings to GH story lines. Will Nov. sweeps be any different?

    1. Nothing against CM he seems like a nice guy but I didn't want Drew back if it wasn't Billy in the role, personal opinion. Not invested....love Charles Shaughnessy buy I'm seeing him ad Shane from DAYS...he needs to interact with others beside dumb ass and Liesel and Valentin. Yesterday was really good but today meh.

    2. Michelle L...thought you were calling Dr. O and dumb ass then I realized you meant PLP! Hahahahah!
      Got my booster yesterday, and I will live. 😁 Sore arm, fatigue and achy, but a couple of Tylenol is helping that!

  4. So we get no Port Chuckles today except with Portia and Curtis.. WOW!

    Monaco: Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Sam, her bread, Dante, and Dallas: Will Sam butter her bread? Will Dante butter Sam's bread? Will Dallas butter Dante? All these questions and more on Monaco street.

    Crytan Clark: That's cute that Anna left V.C. a message and asking how are you?! Hahahaha awwwww. :)

    Robert and Anna: ROBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Robert wins the line of the day.

    Robert: Bloody hell. How did you beat me here?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA! Good to see you Robert! Welcome back!!!! :)

    Robert, Anna, and Chloe: Blah blah blah. HI ROBERT!!!!!!! :) Don't be quiet! :)

    Victor and Hiney: Shoot him Victor! Shoot him!!!

    Drew and V.C.: AH HA! V.C. was drugged!!!

    V.C.: If you find Peter, kill him!

    YES PLEASE!!!!!

    Drew and Hiney: Oh brother! Come on Drew just shoot him!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drew activated?!!! I hope Drew is faking, otherwise, to quote Robert, OH BLOODY HELL!

    Port Chuckles:

    Curtis and Portia: Come on you two. Just butter each other's bread!!!!

    1. The onkly way I'll like this sl is if Drew is faking. It would get him out of the prison and then he could kill Peter. Problem solved. Everyone is happy!!

    2. I agree. Otherwise major eyeroll from most of us!

    3. Too much bread on Monaco Street, lol! Is this another Port Chuck spinoff? Again?
      Thank god for Robert!
      Totally agree about Drew faking it. Help me lord, if he isn't.
      Curtis wears a suit extremely well...fanning myself!

    4. "Di says, The onkly way I'll like this sl is if Drew is faking."

      YES!!!! HE BETTER BE!!!!

      "It would get him out of the prison and then he could kill Peter. Problem solved. Everyone is happy!!"

      Yes, but we won't get that.. I bet Drew will be in prison for another year, and Hiney will be running around doing evil things for another year..

      "Julie H says, Too much bread on Monaco Street, lol!"

      ROFL! Yes way too much overwhelming bread!!!

      "Is this another Port Chuck spinoff? Again?"

      Hahahaha YES! :)

      "Thank god for Robert!"

      YAY!!!!!! :)

      "Curtis wears a suit extremely well...fanning myself!"

      YES! He always does. :)

  5. Yay Robert!!!!!!!!! Finally. Surprised he didn't figure out about Anna and Valentin having a thing. Guess that comes later. Robert is very intuitive.

    Drew better be faking

  6. So great to have Robert Scorpio back! Five minutes of him is more enjoyable than anyone else. They need to get rid of Sam's dress and someone needs to kill Peter. Just seeing his face is sickening.


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