Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thursday Good Day


Yesterday ended up being a pretty darn good show. I almost fell asleep getting there but... I perked up

Maxie and Brook taking Kick Boxing lessons they talk about Austin. Brook says that She has something else in store for Austin. BTW, Brook has on a hoodie and LOOKS GREAT!! wow.  OH Austin is coming to the gym after taking to Britt (see below!) 

Britt talking to Austin. He says he never told Ned was on the spectrum. Then it dawns on him it was Brook Lyn that said something.  He says all he wanted to do was help Leo and Brook is using the kid to keep him from the ELQ table. She suspends him from practicing until the investigation is over. 

Esme barges into the PCPD yelling about Spencer being handcuffed and staying in jail. "YOU'RE A CASSADINE"!! She tried to call Scotty's 800 number LOL but he laughed and hung up on her. She can't access her "Trust Fund" (I call BS on that). Chase wants to question her. He asks where she was the night of the Wyndemere party, did she know about the car fire "I heard about it she says"

Ava to Nina: Um, what about MIKE?? HUH? HUH? She calls Nixon Falls WHOVILLE ahahahaa. Says she knows Sonny was "Mike" and does Carly know that they fell for each other. Nina says they never 'GOT IT ON" in Nixon Falls. LMAO. Ava so wants to get Nina and Sonny together. ahahah She says how happy Mike was and how miserable Sonny is "He's married to CAAARLY" ahahhahaa. 

Sonny and Jason. Sonny asks what was going on when he walked in on them on their wedding night. Jason says well, we left the reception early-- and WAS our wedding night. Sonny's like: Carly always did love you. Jason : we are best friends. Sonny asks what would have happened if he hadn't walked in. Jason admits they would have slept together. Sonny growls. They go over Jarly's history. "That door was closed when you and Carly got married" says Jason. "And now it's opened" says Sonny.  Sonny asks about them being in a real marriage. Jason said they decided that they didn't just want to be in a business arrangement their whole lives. But it doesn't matter because Sonny's alive now. 

Carly barges in on Trina and Joss' talk and asks what Joss said to Nina. She tells them Spencer is all over social media getting arrested. Says Ava did it. Then Cam comes in with SONNY'S COWBOY HAT ON!! ahahahah Carly's like @@ . She takes it off him. Trina and he go to the jail to see Spencer. Joss stays to talk to Carly and tell her she went off on Nina in Kelly's. 


Britt texts Jason for help...Jason leaves Sonny's and goes to see her

Sonny comes home and Carly greets him with "Howdy Stranger"

Nina looks at her photos of she and Smike and puts them between her files


  1. I know I repeating myself, but in fairness we haven't seen Greece action in days - so I can't pine for Valentin and Robert and hate Peter today.....
    Ava + Nina = HATED each other and now are friends....bizarre world but it works.......I think cause of CW and MS are two different Nina portrayers?
    But Nixon Falls wasn't real------nope, it wasn' kids, no mob talk, no police, no Cyrus, no Crimson (come on, you know that is true), no worries AT ALL except for that Elijah debacle - I wonder if Elijah shows up down the road (after he is released from jail?
    so I just can't get into Mike/Sonny and Nina - wasn't Carly or Jason's fault that they had to move on........
    Brook Lynn is changing too - lying about Bailey/Valentin gonna killl her and making trouble for Austin when it is not against the law in the house with FAMLIY that you mention something, is it????? I dunno......November sweeps coming in 2 weeks.........

  2. I will repeat myself also. A doctor giving an opinion is not breaking the Hippa rules. It was not a diagnosis in any way.
    No mention of Hiney being involved in the Tan-O fire. He is the one responsible for Sonny's return.

    1. THAT was the other thing, zazu----------is NO ONE gonna mention Peter tying up Phyllis and Nina and burning down the Tan-O?
      Carly still knows NOTHING about that? Jason??? Ava didn't care?!

  3. Call me crazy but I see chemistry with Nina and Sonny.. do I want them together? I'm not sure. But I enjoy what I see. I also know that Jason would never consider revisiting the Carly romance as long as Sonny is alive so that makes me happy. Who knows, maybe TBTB will try and put Carly & Peter together. As long as they leave in the sunset, I am on board.

    Good show today. Love my Ava in every scene, same with Brooklynn.

  4. I guess tomorrow Sonny will be the one "having a little 'splaining to do." At least I hpe so. If we have to go over and over what happened we better hear about him and Nina while he thought he was a free man.

    1. Again, I just don’t see why Carly would be upset with him. He had no memories. But angry at Nina-yes!

    2. And I don't understand why Sonny was mad at Jason because they thought he'd been dead for almost a year.

    3. I dont know about you but I would not want my best friend with my husband even after my death. Any other woman sure. Not a sister or bff.

    4. Me either but he was "dead" so why was he digging for information he really didn't want. I simply said I'd like to see carly dig at him for info now so that he sees why that wasn't a good idea. Then they can all move on.

      And I don't want to join "the side' wars. I was simply stating my point of view.

    5. I think Sonny is now always gonna wonder "are they still in love" and "where are they now" I DID like Carly saying this week, "I don't want things to change between the 3 of us."
      NO WAY Nina is gonna like mob life.....

  5. Nina's office:

    Nina and Ava: Great scene.. :) Ava wins the lines of the day.

    Ava: When we last spoke, after you found Shangri-La in whoville. Carly has no idea that you and Sonny were getting in on in Hixville.


    Carson kitchen: I don't like the Carson kitchen anymore. The Tribbles are gone.

    Jam and Trina: The only person that is missing in that group is Chad.. I love Jam and Sprina..

    Carly and Joss: Of course Joss had to stay behind to tell Carly all about her scene with Nina. Cam with Sonny's cowbow hat hahahaha. Carly hates that hat. :)

    *Carly shoves the cowboy hat*

    Yeah Carly REALLY hates the hat. Hahahahaha.

    Sonny's office: BADGER BOB! :)

    Sason: Great scene. Sonny pounding on his desk hahahaha. Love it.. Sonny getting angry of the Jarly wuv. :)

    The hospital:

    Pawtucket Holtser and Britch: I don't want him to get in trouble.. This is nuts.

    Jason and Britch: It was funny when Britch was trying to figure out how to text Jason.. Hey Jase. WAS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAP! Come help me find my mama. :) She could have texted that hahaha. Seriously though. Get Spinny or Sam, or maybe Shaun..

    The gym:

    Maxie and Brooky: Besties.. :) I love how Brooky was dressed. She looked great..

    Maxie, Brooky, and Pawtucket Holtser: Okay enough of the arguments. Stop this storyline. Just sign the damn papers Pawtucket Holtser. I know Brooky is blackmailing you.. She isn't going to give in or give up, so you do it. I want this game to stop.

    Police station: Vampira flies in screaming. She wants to hypnotize Chase with her charms. Love that Chase is back at work. :) Vampira playing games with Chase. She wants to bite him so bad. :) But she has patience. Vampira wants to make sure that Chad didn't tell the cops that she was in on it. If he did, Vampira will have to change everyone at the police station into vampires. Oh this is hysterical, Scotty has a 1-800 number and laughed and hung up on Vampira? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love Scotty, but it has grown more now hahahahaha. I didn't know he has a 1-800 number. Laughing and hanging up on her. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1992* Dominique and Scotty.

  6. OMG! That Cam scene had me in stitches! I almost spit my ice cream out! 😄
    Well it took Sonny long enough to "get there" and figure it out 🤣
    I hope Chase sees thru "Es" act. I just want to slap her....

    1. I now want to see him in a cowboy hat singing a country song. lol

  7. Lots to snicker at yesterday. Cam in the hat, Ava's line mentioned by Sonya. I don't know how Maura kept a straight face. I was howling!! :) Scotty advertising on the side of bus. HAHAHAHAH! Britt practicing what she would say to Jason. All good stuff!

    Sonny slapping the desk was definitely the old Sonny. And I'm absolutely shocked, shocked I tell ya, that Jason told all. He is the king of omission.

    Missing the Greece version of Port Chuck, and I'm with Sonya, again! The Tribble replacement ruins the Corintho's kitchen. Boo-Hiss!

    1. "Julie H says, Cam in the hat,"

      Hahahaha. YEEHAWWWW little doggy.. :)

      "Ava's line mentioned by Sonya."


      "I don't know how Maura kept a straight face. I was howling!! :)"

      Hahahahaha it was hysterical.

      "Scotty advertising on the side of bus. HAHAHAHAH!"

      Hahahaha too bad we didn't watch Vampira calling Scotty, and him laughing and hanging up. Hahahahaha.

      "And I'm absolutely shocked, shocked I tell ya, that Jason told all. He is the king of omission."

      Hahahaha. Jason doesn't lie to the love of his life Sonny. :) He even told Carly that if Sonny asks then he will tell him. :)

      "Missing the Greece version of Port Chuck,"

      Yeah where has it been? Well, they will show it today. YAY! :)

      "and I'm with Sonya, again! The Tribble replacement ruins the Corintho's kitchen. Boo-Hiss!"

      Yeah I hate the recast.. Yuck.


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