Friday, October 29, 2021

Who will play Jeff? (speculation post)


The show had a Jeff Webber mention. You all know what that means, right? That he is destined to return to the show. They don't mention him for 30 years and when they do, speculation begins to run rampant. Who are we not to jump on that bandwagon? Karen and I are going to give our suggestions as to who we think might covet the role. This is speculation only, not rumors, inuendos or outuendos. It's all in good fun and we hope that in the comments you chime in and let us know who you think has a chance at this role. 

Fingers crossed that they bring Robin Mattson back for a guest spot and the characters interact. That would be epic. 

My first suggestion is Robert Newman. A soap vet from Santa Barbara and Guiding Light, he will be instantly recognizable among the viewers. He has acted as recently as 2021, so he is still in the game. He was a leading man throughout his soap career. He did guest on GH in 1985, but who remembers that, right? After all, Kevin Bernhardt guest starred on GH for a day as Frisco and went on to be Kevin O'Connor. 

My next suggestion is Grant Aleksander. He is another soap vet having been on Capitol, All My Children and Guiding Light. We know he has the acting chops. And knows how daytime soaps work. Plus I am sure he will have some familiarity with some of the cast. NOTE: This is hugely popular on Twitter!! 

Off-the-wall guess. How about Gregory Harrison? I know, I know, he recently played Gregory Chase. But that was for about 3 minutes. Why not bring him back in the role of Jeff? It wouldn't be the first time any soap did this. 

Wild Card. Here is an absolute Wild Card. Mark Harmon recently ended his decades long stint on NCIS. If he isn't looking to slow down or retire, he can come on the show for awhile. This can be a long-term role or a glorified guest spot. Oh, and please bring Pam along for a few episodes.  I can see her as a Hospital Administrator from a rival company trying to take over the place. Love her!

Why not bring back the original? Richard Dead Anderson? Tell him it is a 3-day gig and he can come on the show, spend time with Elizabeth, meet his grandchildren for the first time, and then have a little pow-wow with Heather. And vanish. Because this is probably what is going to happen anyway.

I agree with RDA reprising his role... :) KCM


James Depavia could also be a contender. He's 64, so could be SORA a bit! I know he was on GH briefly but who cares!? 

Robert S Woods from OLTL. I loved Bo..I'd be happy with him as Jeff! Who would be your pick? I don't think Jeff will come right away--maybe like Feb Sweeps or later?? I hope it's sooner 

Good Old Walt Wiley! Recently on Tainted Dreams, he might just fit the bill! Tall, handsome and the right age. 

SOME TWITTER PICKS: People have said: Brian Kerwin, James Kiberd, William Russ, Marc Singer  and Lane Davies to name just a few! 

PS. In case you were wondering, Danny Devito had prior commitments.


  1. Okay, I'll start. I am a BIG fan of Richard Dean Anderson so he'd be my first choice. My thoughts are he's not interested but maybe for a brief stay. That would be great!
    Next for me would be Robert S. Woods or James DePaiva. Although James Kiberd, Uncle Porkchop, would be a hoot. Marc Singer is a good one because he always reminded me a bit of RDA.
    We shall see.

  2. Robert Newman would be my favorite choice IF RDA doesn’t do it. Rober S Woods a close second.

  3. I would live Richard Dean Anderson back. I don't see that happening though

    1. I mean love. He should only be back briefly. Too many unused characters already

  4. I would love it if Susan Lucci played Elizabeth's never-mentioned mother.

    As for Jeff, I think maybe Randolph Mantooth or Justin Deas.

    1. Beloved Native actor and director Randy Mantooth, well-known for his role as the handsome long brown-haired paramedic on Emergency! Or Clay Alden in Loving or other characters on General Hospital, One Life to Live, or As the World Turns has recently announced on Facebook that he is currently battling cancer.:(

  5. The Bo would be my first pick and just to have him on GH in any role but I want want him on for good. RDA would obviously be a win for any of us watching this show for so long.

    Man Finn's hair was just dyed... I'm sure Sonny's will be next.

    I always remember that Halloween is Maxie's bday. No mention. I was such a big frisco & Felicia fan back in the day.

  6. Okay let's see if I can do this..

    Q Breakfast nook:

    Brooky and Charlie: What is with Charlie's facial expressions when she was eating her breakfast? Hahahahahahaha.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Gladys, Brasha, and Maxie: Gladys's spa day! I can't believe she walked into the metrocourt restaurant in her white robe hahahahha. Yeah Maxie you tell her! GO BACK TO WORK GLADYS! Oh look Sasha looks good in that dress with her pregnancy bump.

    Gladys and Brasha: Okay when Gladys said that the mother of the child needs a DNA test, she wasn't talking about you! She was talking about Brooky! :) Wait when Gladys heard that V.C. got shot she said, my Valentin.. MY? He isn't your anything Gladys. You only had 1 scene with him in a restaurant drinking..

    The hospital:

    Anna and Finchy: They are talking wayyyy too close. Talkin about Hiney Hiney Hiney.

    Liz and Finchy: Yes yes where is the picture of your dad Liz? Oh oh Liz is lying! No come on don't let her start lying to him when they haven't even went on one date! Wait did they go on that Trivia date? How was it? Did they kiss? Did they win the trivia game?

    Anna and Nava: Hmmm The way Nik looked when Anna was talking about his uncle Victor being alive.. Nik did you know that your uncle Victor is alive?

    Nava: OH HE DID KNOW HIS UNCLE VICTOR WAS ALIVE! After he got shot and everyone thought he died, his Uncle Victor nursed him back to health!!!!!!! WOW!

    Anna and Ava: Oh that's nice of Ava to tell Anna if she needs anything that her and Nik are there to help. :)

    V.C. and Charlie: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Pawtucket Holtster and Gladys: WOW!! What a huge teddy bear for V.C.! Does the Teddy bear know where the Tribbles are?

    V.C. and Gladys: Okay you are so annoying Gladys. Just spill the truth to him. V.C. really really wanted her to leave hahahahaha. And what is with the pillow case? It's stained with the pen ink. Can't they have given him a better pillow case? That was so distracting.

    Maxie and Pawtucket Holtster: Nobody asking anybody on a date yet? Geez.

    Maxie, Pawtucket Holtster, and Brooky: Oh don't be giving him attitude Brooky. You are the one who started this mess. just give him his job back. Oh my Pawtucket Holtster told Brooky where Gladys is hahaha.


    Nava and Chad: Chad wins the line of the day.

    Chad: You already had 4 cups. The 5th one might kill you. Comin right up.


    Chad and Shaun: Oh Shaun very nice.. Telling Chad about Nik having someone shoot RayRay. Uh Chad? You have to work. You can't just leave!


    Chad and Nik: Chad confronting the huge elephant in the room! :)

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go watch Anna and Duke* Anna is hurt in the elevator.

    1. Wait. Why do we call Spencer Chad?

    2. "Kathy M says, Wait. Why do we call Spencer Chad?"

      He doesn't feel like Spencer to me. It feels like Nik had another child. Chad just popped in my head.

  7. sonya said..."What is with Charlie's facial expressions when she was eating her breakfast? Hahahahahahaha."

    *** Charlie didn't want to eat the sweet cereal caues Papa didn't allow it. But when she gave in to Brooklyn and tried some, it was a spoonful of sugary goodness. You could see the "OMG This is delicious" look of shock on her face. Then she started shovelling it in. I was LMAO

    Loved the line of the day too.

  8. "Di says, Charlie didn't want to eat the sweet cereal caues Papa didn't allow it. But when she gave in to Brooklyn and tried some, it was a spoonful of sugary goodness. You could see the "OMG This is delicious" look of shock on her face. Then she started shovelling it in. I was LMAO"

    Hahahahaha. That was a really good scene hahahaha.

    "Loved the line of the day too."

    Hahaha. Yeah that was good too. :) I tried putting my comments from yesterday on this side, but it still won't work.. How odd.

  9. Maybe you said something that they didn't take as a joke. Read it over and maybe make a few changes and see what happens.

  10. River ridge jail:

    Alexis and Shaun: Oh come on Alexis. Since you say that Nik is a bad guy, just agree to his term so you can get out, and then go behind Nik's back and find out the truth! That is soapy. :) Helena would be so proud of Nik for turning to the dark side. :)

    Carson kitchen:

    Sonny on the phone with Cyrus: Awwww Cyrus calling his ex honey Sonny. :) Oh didn't mean to rhyme! :) Sonny ask him if he kidnapped the Tribbles!


    Nik and Chad: This scene reminds me of a scene with teenage Nik and Stephan. :)

    Nava: It really sounded like Nik said that Alexis is e ro tic. That would have won him the line of the day, but I heard it again, and he said neurotic. Damn. :)

    Vampira and Ava: Ohhhh Vampira turning on her crocodile tears. I'm thinking come on Ava you are not falling for this are you? Oooooo Ava gave her a warning!! One last chance! YESSSSSSSSSSS! :)

    Q Breakfast nook: Or wherever the hell they are. Frank said on twitter that it's a Q's breakfast nook. I. What? Where is the breakfast nook? Behind the Q mansion? Or behind the gatehouse??

    Mildew: Going back and forth.

    Michael: Marry me.

    Willow: Not just yet.

    Michael: Marry me.

    Willow: Not just yet.

    Oh? When? Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carly and Nina: This was fun. :) Go Nina! :) #Team Nina! :) Love when Nina sticks it to Carly. :) Come on Nina tell Carly about you and Sonny's wuv. :) Oh hi Sonny. :)

    Carson: Carly whining to Sonny about Nina.

    The gym:

    Curtis and Portia: Who is that masked man? Does he have the Tribbles? Maybe they are under his hat. Oh hi Sonny. Oh yes let's talk about your ex love Cyrus. :)

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to the hospital* Watching Tony, Bobbie and Damion together in a scene. :) You can tell that Bobbie wants Damian. :) I don't blame her really.. He is hot and mysterious. :)

  11. Aha. Was it the word you skipped the spaces in? Most of the time you respell the iffy words and they slip by.

    Glad it worked.

    1. "Di says, Aha. Was it the word you skipped the spaces in?"

      Haha yeah. :)

      "Most of the time you respell the iffy words and they slip by."

      Sometimes the words does the spaces on it's own. I don't do it. Hmmm maybe THAT'S why it does that on it's own. Hmmmm.

      "Glad it worked."

      Thanks me too. :)


  12. Well with a screenname like Diana Taylor, I can’t resist commenting on this lol.
    I’d hold out for Richard Dean Anderson but I think he’s said in the past he has no interest in returning. Of the other choices, I’d lean toward Robert Newman. I’d also consider who might be able to play opposite Leslie Charleson – after all, their characters were married when they were introduced on the show in 1976. It’s sad the show never tried to bring the character back before John Beradino passed or before Rachel Ames retired. Or even when Steven Lars was re-introduced. It’s probably incomprehensible to fans today how Steven Lars was so central to the show in 1978-1979, probably 10 times more than Wiley is mentioned today. It’s a shame that history has never been truly capitalized on.

    I have mixed feelings about Robin Mattson. I love her, but I thought her recent reprisals of the role were too cartoony (the Luke obsession was out of the blue). I don’t think you can bring Jeff back without at least revisiting his relationship with Heather, again another story that rivaled Luke and Laura back in the day and some say this was the story that catapulted GH from ratings oblivion to the top in the late 70s. I’d prefer to see Mary O’Brien back. A much more nuanced version of Heather.


  13. Sean bullying Spencer is plain disgusting. He is acting like a thug. What are they (GH) thinking. I just think it is so wrong.
    Gladys in a robe at Metro Court arguing with Brando/Sasha. Next scene she is all dressed up bearing gift for Valentine in hospital. Sloppiness personified.
    Once in a while they present a good show but mostly we get this. I too feel the writers think we are stupid and don't care what they throw at us. Or they just don't care at all. That is sad.
    So I read on FB that there will be no SS. If that be true...Happy Halloween to one and all.
    Today is the day of my birth so I'm chilling on a rainy autumn day in New England.

  14. I love for RDA to come back as Jeff, but I don't think he will ever reprise his roll, so, Grant Aleksander is a good choice. James Depavia I can see that. Danny Devito? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Jeff Webber is tall. :) Danny Devito no no no ROFL!

    1. Danny Devito. Lol. Maybe for some comic relief.

    2. "lindie says, Danny Devito. Lol. Maybe for some comic relief."

      ROFL! If he was a different character sure! :) Oh NOW I want him on the show! :)

  15. Just read that JJ York is back taping as Mac. Yay. About time. Let's hope it more than one episode.

    1. I want less Sonny, Carly and Jason and more of our favorites.



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